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603 Đánh giá Xem dạng:
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA TMAX500 17-
    Bởi Boblu (1)TừSingapore
    Received goods on time and the parcel was well package and protected. It came with japanese instruction manual and easy to install. This product is amazing, it improve the handling of the bike. Going ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA FTR223 (With side number) * Required switch hole drilling/* Clutch cable · Choke cable change handling change required.
    • HONDA APE 50 -07|08 (Carburetor car) *APE100 (09-) Only
    • required switch hole drilling
    • SUZUKI GRASS TRACKER Big Boy -08 (Carburetor car) * Required switch hole drilling/* Normal can be used for side cap// Throttle cable/clutch cable/brake hose handling change required// Change of direction of brake/banjo is necessary.
    • SUZUKI GRASS TRACKER 09-12 43355 (FI car) * Required switch hole drilling/* Normal can be used for side cap.
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Feb 6, 2019Hurricane bar
    Bởi Nadzir (2)TừSingapore
    Excellent low profile bars if you're looking for low rise. Beautiful finishing and good quality, solid handling. I truly like the lookĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • Others Universal
    đăng Feb 6, 2019Kijima euro rounf mirrors
    Bởi Nadzir (2)TừSingapore
    Well built, good quality and looks really good however its more for cosmetic and not practical at high speed as vibration makes image very blur for my cb1100exĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Bởi Cheryl (1)TừSingapore
    I didn't expect the Degner Adjust Seat Bag to be as roomy as it turned out to be. In its regular size (with the extension zips closed), it comfortably holds a rainsuit, rain gloves, a small first aid ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SF [NC42] 2014 [Frame No.] NC 42-1600001 or later
    • HONDA CB400SF SB [NC42] 2014 [Frame No.] NC 42-1600001 or later
    đăng Jan 23, 2019Daytona Multi Wing Rack
    Bởi Bittersweet (1)TừSingapore
    Very stable after installation. Box sits well on the Daytona rack. Less vibration. Better siting space for pillion compare to others cnc racks. Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Bởi Bennytxs (1)TừSingapore
    Received the mirrors in good condition and is very well packaged. The product also comes with different adapters to suit different mounts. Joints and stems are all very robust and I can't wait to inst...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Bởi Hairunizam (4)TừSingapore
    I bought the lock recently because I removed the rack and topobox from my Yamaha MT-03 motorcycle. The box was previously used mainly to store my Shoei GT Air helmet for convenience purposes when I am...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Dec 18, 2018Good quality sticker!!
    Bởi Izar Shazly (4)TừSingapore
    Webike will ensure that the stickers be securely packed so that no damages will be done to the stickers!! Delta heat resistant stickers are made very good quality & is a good replacement for your worn...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Dec 18, 2018Carbon fiber tail piece!!
    Bởi Izar Shazly (4)TừSingapore
    Item arrived safety and securely packed in a box!This carbon fiber tail will look even more awesome than the standard metal tail piece.And it comes with a heat shield!!Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400 S 00-09
    • SUZUKI DR-Z400 SM 00-09
    Bởi Izar Shazly (4)TừSingapore
    Item is very easy to install, just remove the old sprocket cover & bolt on the Zeta cover. Zeta quality is awesome & looks cool with the open sprocket cover!!Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI DRZ400 S 00-09
    • SUZUKI DRZ400 SM 00-09
    • SUZUKI DRZ400 R 00-09
    • SUZUKI DR250 R 92-04
    • SUZUKI DR250 S 92-04
    đăng Dec 18, 2018Easy modification!
    Bởi NO NAME (4)TừSingapore
    Item is easy to install, worth the modification for this your bike!! High quality with kashima coat for long lasting...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    Bởi Dragbat (1)TừSingapore
    I wanted to change the look of my harley davidson dyna superglide. Looking through the catalogue, this seat looks great. It fits like stock seat. No modifications needed. Very easy and comfortable.goo...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CRF250L 12-13
    • HONDA XR230 05-10
    • HONDA XR230MOTARD 05-10
    • HONDA CRM80 88-97
    • HONDA CRM50 88-97
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Dec 6, 2018ZETA Stem Nut
    Bởi NO NAME (5)TừSingapore
    Have been using this for a month now. The fit is just right, no issues with the thread and finish. Screws on readily and with the stem cap it looks great in dual colour.Đọc thêm
  • Bởi NO NAME (5)TừSingapore
    A compliment item. Colour and finish is very nice. It is a two piece item. One is the fixed end to the bike. The other is the footrest which can be adjusted in terms of angle with the bolt as seen in ...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Nov 15, 2018Low noise restrictor
    Bởi Krusty (1)TừSingapore
    The restrictor noise level when down from 30%.Its a good buy n value for money after discount.shipping was fast and affordable for standard ems.was surveying other website. Webike still is affordable....Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA MONKEY 09-12 (AB27-1900001-) (FI car) * Top bridge with H30 holder or MONKEY handle holder | * Required switch hole drilling
    • HONDA CB750 04 - RC 42 * Required switch hole drilling | * Required side cap (For inner diameter φ 18mm)
    • HONDA VTR250 03-07 MC33 (1020001-) * Required switch hole drilling | * Required side cap (For inner diameter φ 18mm)
    • HONDA NC700X 12 (Excluding DCT car) * Required switch hole drilling | * Required side cap (For inner diameter φ 18mm)
    • HONDA FTR223 (With side number) * Required switch hole drilling operation * Change of clutch cable/choke cable handling change is required.
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Bởi NO NAME (5)TừSingapore
    Been using this handlebar for a few months and it is much better than my previous wide handlebar. The sweep back angle and height brings the handlebar closer to my body and easier for maneuvering. The...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SF Version S
    • HONDA CB400SF
    • HONDA FTR223
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Bởi NO NAME (5)TừSingapore
    This throttle kit separates from the original integrated throttle and saves space on the handlebar. The finishing is very good all throughout. The plus point about this kit is that it allows you to ad...Đọc thêm
  • đăng Oct 16, 2018Good screwdriver
    Bởi Anonymous (4)TừSingapore
    I was actually very pleased the first time I used them, (as opposed to just a standard straight-slot screwdriver). They held very well, and I was able to EASILY and properly tighten the connections in...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SUPER BOLDOR 05 - NC 39 05.3 - Required number:1 set (4 pieces)
    • HONDA CB400SUPER BOLDOR 05 - NC 42 05.3 - Required number:1 set (4 pieces)
    • HONDA CB400SF 99 - NC 39 99.2 - Required number:1 set (4 pieces)
    • HONDA CB400SF 99 - NC 42 99.2 - Required number:1 set (4 pieces)
    • HONDA CB400SF 00-07 NC39 00.2-07.12 Required number:1 set (4 pieces)
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Bởi NO NAME (5)TừSingapore
    Have been using this power cable for the last 3 months and no problem so far. Along with iridium plugs the spark provided has been very good. No missed firing has occurred. It also feels like the spar...Đọc thêm
  • Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA XSR900 18-
    • YAMAHA MT-09 Tracer (2SCS-) 17-
    đăng Oct 13, 20186th qs installed
    Bởi Nicmonds (5)TừSingapore
    as previous review I have status plug n play and just 30-45min to complete installation. And u r ready to roll thank u webike Đọc thêm
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