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Yamashiro Windproof quần bên trong căng

Because it is a Type to be hooked on the heel, it is cold at the malleoli while riding in Motorcycle - It's no longer cold air coming in from the feet. Just under ordinary jeans, it will be easier...

Yamashiro Windproof áo khoác căng trong

Purchase to block cold wind when riding Motorcycle. S Size was perfect. If you wear various underneath, I recommend 1 Size Large texture.

Yamashiro YAMASHIRO YK-013 Shift Guard

It does not play the role of Cushion and it is hard.. It depends on people 's taste, but often with Zipper with selling to Motorcycle supplies stores etc. I disappoint you if you expect something ...

Yamashiro Áo khoác bên trong siêu nhẹ chống thấm Y...

【What made you decide the purchase?】Anyway, if you search Compact Windproof Inner Jacket with WebSite, blog, etc. "Yamashiro Ultra lightWindproof Inner Jacket" Is the industry's smallest...

Yamashiro Windproof quần bên trong căng

◇ terms of useMiddle bootsThis product (L Size)StretchJeans◇ BodySpec.About 170 cm tallBody type is normal (My stomach is slightly pokori)It is about 20 minutes driving at ambient temperature 4 ℃, but...

Yamashiro Windproof áo khoác căng trong

◇ Clothes conditionsShort-sleeved Mesh T-ShirtThis productThick leather jacket◇ BodySpec. ~About 170 cm tallBody type is normal (My stomach is slightly pokori)With an outside temperature of around 4 d...

Yamashiro Windproof áo khoác căng trong

I ordered L Size at 175 cm tall but it was quite Large and it was a Dubbo DivoYou might as well ask that you order one size Small things better than usual

Yamashiro TaffetaMotorcycle Che

Since the color is attached to the front, confirmation before and after is good.Rain in full use outdoors will get wet. I can not say it at all with this conscientious price.

Yamashiro Tấm vải giữ độ ẩm mũ bảo hiểm

From the forehead sweaty day,If you insert it into a moist interior it will dry almost as long as 30 minutes.The smell also disappears cleanly.As expected, perfect drying is severe even if left for 1 ...

Yamashiro Xe đạp bánh xe "KAGEMARU KUN"

It is used for VFR 800 RC 46-2.I am doing Fit to such an extent as an OEM.Due to the thinness of the material, it is unknown what the durability is like.So far, I am satisfied..

Yamashiro Xe đạp bánh xe "KAGEMARU KUN"

It is thinner than the thick product of LEAD Industry which I used to date.Light, easy to carry and store.Feeling that the molding fits RC 46 of VFR, it fits better to the car body than any Cover I us...

Yamashiro Khóa Giấy phép G-LOCK

Since it does not bend in the horizontal direction, it is difficult to wrap around a pillar like Chain or Wire lock.If Tire Lock only purpose.There is not enough length to lock the two previous Tires ...

Yamashiro G-LOCK Steel Link

Purchase Red color. It is just right Large.Because the keyhole part has a lid, sand etc. The point that it is hard to enter is good!Blue LED Light was attached to Master key.Gap it because the outer R...

Yamashiro Xịt Flo mạnh chống nước bảo vệ

Rain Coat's water repellency has declined so I bought it, but it's quite water repellent. I am glad I bought it. Why do you spray it from nearby so I think you should spray it a little away. I...

Yamashiro Xịt Flo mạnh chống nước bảo vệ

I purchased it expecting Waterproof effect of Rain Wear and leather Boots. Although I first used it for Rain Wear, I did not waterproof at all, I thought that it is useless because it is medieval. I t...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Kiểu mô-men xoắn cho mô...

The "Yamashiro YK-004 Motorcycle & Automobile Torque Wrench #1" will torque up most nuts and bolts on GROMs with a torque range of 5-25 Nm. It (the YK-004) has large clear numerals and increments hi...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Cờ lê mô tô & mô tô...

added another key to the Taiwan car manufacturing. the error percentage is not specified-but compared with the other key shows the correct values* good products

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Kiểu mô-men xoắn cho mô...

The key to a good torque wrench! for Moto and not only the time* now the bolts are not poryvay/and will to use them-as I rabotal without it +EA a good choice? I think Yes!

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Kiểu mô-men xoắn cho mô...

After Bore up, I purchased it because I was concerned about noise.I was tightening with the feeling of the hand, but it seems that I was too tired and loosely tightened,In the retightening state, it r...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Cờ lê mô tô & mô tô...

Brand There is no accuracy or texture of the thing, but I am not Motorcycle shop or Racer, so I just bought it because it only has to play its role as it is. It should be better at all than tightening...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Cờ lê mô tô & mô tô...

Try it as usual before using it. Weight is moderate and good feelingWound, the Head part of the delivered commodity is aging or not, so dirt has become conspicuous, so we reduced one star

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-004 Kiểu mô-men xoắn cho mô...

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】I am looking for Torque wrench for SmallTorque,Because it was an inexpensive product.? 【How was it actually used?】The GEAR part of Head, the Torque adjustment par...

Yamashiro Bộ dụng cụ sửa xe YAMASHIRO

XR tool bag made in 2007 has become frustratingIf you think to buy only a bag, it is cheaper than thatI found a Tools Set.Contents, OEM and Yamashiro Tool good thingsThe contents have expanded a bit,I...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-003 Cắm cờ lê bằng nam châm

It was smooth until I removed the plug, but after removing it, Magnet also got out and just turned into a plug wrench.Magnet is strong, and once it goes out, it is a treasure trouble to return it to i...

Yamashiro Yamashiro YK-003 Cắm cờ lê bằng nam châm

Purchase 16 mm.The first condition is that you can catch Plug with with Magnet,Second condition to be removed and used as Socket,With SpringGuide with bonus,So I chose this product.But,The diameter of...

Yamashiro Tay cầm YAMASHIRO YK-012

This product is in the Lever insertion part before use and defective at the time of molding (Rubber's poor running) There isI will rip at the same time I put it in.. I did return processing earlie...

Yamashiro Neoprene Handlebar Cover

Once you start using it, it is equipment that you can not stop.Because there is no core, in CUB without Clutch lever, because it is recessed by wind pressure, it is used with Handlebar Guard.

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