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KAWASAKI Accessory offers products such as customization parts or goods with playful spirit for KAWASAKI models which satisfies KAWASAKI motorcycle riders' requirements.

KAWASAKI Hướng dẫn Dịch vụ (Bản cơ bản)

As we continue to use it for a long time, Material : We felt it essential for safely managing the body and customizing it for ourselves, such as desorption of PlasticCowls and capacity of electricity.

KAWASAKI Túi thông minh

I use it in combination with Carbon Style 's Panel ASSY, but it is surprisingly simple and it feels good.Large is almost no storage.If storage is also a souvenir in two stages, there is no problem...

KAWASAKI Giữ chủ chốt

Until now I used the Carbon Key Holder under the image, but it seems that it has been used as a trainee for seven years.Looking for Key Holder that tastes real leather will be this.It will turn cool t...

KAWASAKI Một hệ thống khóa (Rotor Kit)

It is sad that there is no manual, but you can find an explanation on the Internet. If you watch a video and assemble it, you can easily assemble it.

KAWASAKI Trường hợp Pannier


KAWASAKI Hướng dẫn Dịch vụ (Phiên bản Cơ sở) [Tiến...

TTExhaust System replacement, Side BackGuard around SuspensionIt is uneasy if you do not fit in this many cars you mess with.The price was cheap as well as Yahoo! Auction.


Eight-sided chopsticks. Large densities of one side are incomplete.Surface coating also has traces of dripping and miscellaneous.With this quality. Daiso's chopsticks are better.I do not know this...

KAWASAKI Người giữ chìa khóa Carabiner

This is a no brainer purchase for a Kawasaki rider. Nothing speaks more than the famous line green. The carabiners is bigger than expected. And the spring reaction is strong. Great item to show off to...


KAWASAKI Hand Towel ผ้าขนหนูเนื้อดีจาก Team Kawasaki Racing Spirit ผืนเล็กกะทัดรัด พลพรรคคาวาซากิน่าสะสมมากๆครับ
KAWASAKI Hand Towel A good towel from Team Kawasaki Racing Spirit. The Kawasaki massac...

KAWASAKI Chủ chìa khóa vuông

I like the product very much.
However, I was a little worried that it would be better if I could put in a phone number.
Still, I like the product very much....

KAWASAKI Hội đồng hội đồng

Blackninja looks good with SMARTBack.OEM's SMARTBack is variously Kawasaki Universal so setting? Is Large strangeYou can satisfactorily satisfy it.There are several types of PanelASSY so you can c...


With Normal seat, I felt hurting my ass in 1 hour, but it did not hurt even for a long time Touring. Whether you have Landung Position or not, you can easily ride.


가와사키 순정 프레임슬라이더 추천합니다.
가격은 역시 저령 합니다 20만원정도면 배송비 포함 살수있어요
사제품 쓰다가 순정품쓰니 마음의 안정이 오긴하는데...

KAWASAKI Bảo vệ động cơ

Slider circulating from many PartsManufacturer to avoid Damage to Engine in the unlikely event as Aftermarket parts.Looks good with Stylish. However, when falling in earnest, Slider who has only one p...


I went to Touring and checked the performance (^^)Ride feeling is soft compared to Normal seat I think that Ron Two is also Large durable.I also feel that it feels soft, I feel that it is also good fo...

KAWASAKI Nắp chỉ thị

Perfect fitment as its a genuine Kawasaki item, installation is very simple, has been on the bike for over 8 months at time of writing review, no fading no signs of peeling. Still perfect.

KAWASAKI Miếng dán thương hiệu Kawasaki cho xe Z90...

Comes flat and requires you to manually bend too shape but is not a difficult task at all. Has been on the bike for 5 months now, no signs of peeling or flaking. Is still in perfect condition.


Installation is very easy.You can remove the Normal seat and replace it as is.After that, it seems that the angle of the leg at the time of Riding will change, so I actually want to check the state of...

KAWASAKI Bộ Ghế Một Ghép Ghế

Because it is OEMOption, there was no problem in everything. After installing with Snap I am satisfied that it is SS-like Style. I am happy that it is inexpensive.

KAWASAKI Bộ Ghế Một Ghép Ghế

OEM shape design, from the beginning Single SeatSpec. I was satisfied with the finish as if it was.However, although I will install the Cushion Sponge, since it interferes with the Rear cowl of the OE...

KAWASAKI Áo khoác KAWASAKIxBates Air Mesh 2 WAY

The black and green design is really good. I feel cool then I wear it in summer. it will be the best choice if you have a KAWASAKI motor : )

KAWASAKI Áo thun ấm trong

If you like Kawasaki you can buy it?However, there is Kawasaki logo, but the price will be more than doubled.Original made of mumps bag.It is a product called BODY TOUGHNESS JW-170.I am selling for 63...

KAWASAKI Kawasaki Racing Team World Super Bike Cap

It is ReplicaCap of kawasaki racing team which is letting me say Eve in wsbk. Cap itself is an Orthodox Snap-style Mesh cap, but the decoration in place is a good feeling. If I get over this feeling J...

KAWASAKI Áo thun hoa anh đào phiên bản

中国的朋友们,千万别用fedex,速度不如EMS,贵200RMB,而且单单都要主动报税,。。170KG 1.8M感觉大小比较合适,前面后面的图案好评,衣服材料比较透气,穿起来很凉快,本来要打三星的,有一星扣的是webike的服务,实在太混乱了
Chinese friends, don't use fedex, the speed is not as good as EMS, expensive ...

KAWASAKI Áo thun fuku-sho

中国的朋友们,千万别用fedex,速度不如EMS,贵200RMB,而且单单都要主动报税,。。170KG 1.8M感觉稍微有点小,后面的图案好评,但是前面的字写反了,铁马,你只能在照镜子的时候看见是正确的,圆领纯棉比较厚
Chinese friends, don't use fedex, the speed is not as good as EMS, expensive 200RMB, and ...

KAWASAKI KAWASAKIxRS Taichi Gloves Mesh Gloves 17

It is well ordinary GlovesIt is cool because it is MeshTo greedManufacturer More Manufacturer of Fashion DesignI want you to issue ThailandUp items

KAWASAKI Z Cap công suất nhỏ gọn

There are a few of these water cooled caps on webike. And in our opinion, I think this one looks best because it's not too flashy with those Kawi lime green patterns. It's very subtle and looks a bit ...

KAWASAKI KAWASAKI Các tay đua Khí cổ điển

I am 176 cm / At 56 kg, long-sleeved clothes often choose L Size from the length of the hem and the length of the sleeve, but it was a drawback that it would be for people with large thickness even if...


It's the worstIn the product details, although it is written as 56 to 62, originally Size XL itself is quite Small., Or say, Level at all not rash.Regular Size : Smaller than Free.Small It might f...

KAWASAKI KEWASAKI Light Touring Mesh Blouson W

Removing inside is cool and ventilated.It is 176 centimeters 68 kilometers, but in L, Just fit.Design is as shown in the picture and Parenthesis is nice..However, it is better to change only Protector

KAWASAKI Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

although a fairly good price carries out -- honesty -- delicate - -- it is hard to use it anyhow.
It becomes so inevitably regarding the place.
Although the > Style does not need to break down, the ...

KAWASAKI Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

although the product attached to the place of a Cowl is often seen -- this -- Kawasaki -- it is pure and attaches to the place of a Tandem step.
There is no fear of damaging a Cowl and it is easy-to-...

KAWASAKI Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

It does not become precocious, although Ninja250R was attached simultaneously with purchase and it is honestly user-friendly. A helmet lock is opened and a helmet is hung, and a key must be put also i...


I bought it together according to what I needed but already attached.If it is supposed to be attached to Option in Motorcycle, there seems to be something already attached so let's check it.

KAWASAKI Bộ quần áo Machanic công cộng 14

It shrinks considerably when washing it.If you do not buy One size Large eyes, you will not be able to wear it immediately - - -I made hemming an ordinary length, it became quite ugly. (Tears)Sewing w...


Although it was impression of actually wearing the product after it arrived, it was a fairly slim body making. He is 169 cm tall and 52 kg in weight and is a body type of slim body, but it was exactly...


He thinks that a Maintenance and gardening can also be used and it purchases.Although M could be sufficient as the Size, L could be sufficient or the difference came out by the Manufacturer etc. from ...

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