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ZETA is one of the most loved off road custom parts brand in Japan operated by Dirt Freak Corp. ZETA creates high quality racing parts, with colorful drilled aluminum parts

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

ZETA Tay lái ly hợp

그동안 중국산 레버를 사용했었는데 너무 질이 떨어지더라구요
큰맘먹고 고민고민 끝에 지인들의 추천으로 제타레버 선택하였는데 정말 좋아요
위바이크에서 구매한지 얼마되지는 않았지만 구매하는 것마다 정말 만족스럽네요...

ZETA Zeta XC Flasher

Love it! Fixed with Z-Carbon XC handguards. Superb looking and extremely unique. Saves battery life and bright. Visible at day time without any issues. Would recommend to anyone! Thank you webike!

ZETA Armor Handguard Bend

If I had stopped at an unstable position on the slope of a riverbed, I could go down to Balance and stand up... But the Guard firmly protected his hands and Lever, so the Guard was only slightly scrat...

ZETA Lái xe

I use it with WR 250 R. Regardless of the OEM, it is different from other companies' products, so it will stop two points so it's only a mud clogging different.And Color - do not fall, it'...

ZETA Armor Handguard Bend

The reason I bought it "because it's cool" It is a simple reason, but it seems that it is well protected, so you can drive with confidence. I think that it would be nice if it was a bit ...

ZETA Bộ phận bảo vệ bộ tản nhiệt

I bought it because it is famous Manufacturer and there are no other choices. It does not fit smoothly that it is supposed to be the vehicle type Exclusive Design. Although there is no need for proces...

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

Change to 19 mm → 30 mm of same product.It changed dramatically. It is easier to operate even with standing, as well as Sitting. This way you can run through the forest with Standing. It has become mo...

ZETA Cần gạt đòn bẩy

I get a good impression when color comes in at your feet and I like it myself. Although it is a beginner, it was easy to install. It's been two months since I started using it, but no problem has ...

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

Easy to install and very convenient as you can change the bar position ready. Although the texture is also good-looking Items, I think that the price is somewhat expensive. Is it okay even if it is 10...

ZETA Cao su Killer

In the case of klx125, since Handlebar struggles to adjust and reposit many times to bend from the Rubber part from the attachment part due to overturning, we purchased it to solve with this product, ...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

It is made of vinyl thick [ like a working-level month rain jacket ] currently sold at the home center. It is the rain jacket which it is doubled by the button in consideration of rain water invasion,...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

First, if common since the size is quite more smallish, we recommend you L. Construction material is heavy at touch like vinyl which carried out the stiff considerably. A poncho is a little... It is d...

ZETA Cuộc đua Sàn nhà Chiếu ZETA

I mimicked looking at FACTORY Machine's spreading Matte, so I purchased it. Surface is hard to slip and moderate thickness. I always put Maintenace Stand on, but there is no particular problem. If...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

[Webike Monitor] It Stood and け was carried out, and since the crack had been given on that occasion, it purchased as a Repair parts.
exchange is the easy work which removes a Bolt.
Since the Repai...

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

Although the Key ring of the same DRC by a Dirt Freak was used before, since the color was white, there were the circumstances which have become fairly dirty, and since the Key ring had also broken, b...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

Although the Flight perch is put into RZ250R, influence became light and is large-satisfied.
It was careless, the Motorcycle was toppled the other day [ ], and the Lever has bent.
I think it conscie...

ZETA Biểu ngữ ZETA

It is a Banner of good touch.
It merely winds too much quite small like a Poster, comes out, and bends for a while, and is worrisome.
Only whether it being unavoidable and it are regrettable in re...

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

Since also damaging a motorcycle since it is a rubber commodity, or a price is handy, it is recommendation!

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

It attached to the key of WR250R. Although the key ring of an off vehicle will riot if metal parts are attached, and it will damage the circumference of a key cylinder, since this product is a product...

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