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ZETA is one of the most loved off road custom parts brand in Japan operated by Dirt Freak Corp. ZETA creates high quality racing parts, with colorful drilled aluminum parts

ZETA Bảo vệ X2

It is a product that is always needed off road. In addition, motorcycles seem to be tougher.
Because it is a consumable, it is also necessary and satisfied to order.

ZETA Heel Guard

Since we installed Bolt also in the product, just replace with NORMAL's Chain case.Although I was removing NORMAL for cleaning and lubricating Chain after running through the forest road, it was e...

ZETA Bộ bảo vệ khung Z-CARBON

It is light and sturdy, most of all Cool! It was good to buy! The product of ZETA is nice after allI would like to recommend it to a friend

ZETA Cắm máy

I bought it at the same time with Zita's Brake hose clamp.It has nothing to do with performance, but if there are Parts that can be exchanged, it will be the same color as before!

ZETA Khung bảo vệ

It seemed that the position of the Screw hole was slightly misaligned as other people were reviewed..Some sharpen etc.. I think that it will be necessary to devise such ingenuity.Protection performanc...

ZETA Drain Bolt từ

I got lost as to where Drain bolt, but I thought that beautiful Blue is good and bought it. It is Exactly to D Tracker 125. After that, I'm going to see how much fade it is.

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

Even though 19 mm, the effect is amazing.It is easy to ride.I installed it in the GSR 750, but the pain in my wrist has run out.It became hard to get tired even over long distances.Large I'm satis...

ZETA Tay lái phanh

Although it is attached to XSR 900, Brake master has been replaced with Semi-radial master of YZF - R1, purchased the corresponding ZS 61 - 1615,Before using this Lever we used an inexpensive Retracta...

ZETA Phanh sau Clevis

I was hoping for the backlash of Rear brake and play, but the thickness of Pin was the same as OEM and nothing changed. I think that it would be nice if you change your appearance.

ZETA Bảo vệ X2

I installed it in the company's Guard. Of course, there is no problem with regard to mounting as it fits into the existing Bolt hole and it fits perfectly.I bought a white color, but I feel the co...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

It is made of vinyl thick [ like a working-level month rain jacket ] currently sold at the home center. It is the rain jacket which it is doubled by the button in consideration of rain water invasion,...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

First, if common since the size is quite more smallish, we recommend you L. Construction material is heavy at touch like vinyl which carried out the stiff considerably. A poncho is a little... It is d...

ZETA Thảm sàn đua

Green Light matched Kawasaki carI purchased thought that Motorcycle will stand outIt is expensive compared to Matte of ZETA whose price is beforeThat's the reason I dropped KOSPASince it is in the...

ZETA Cuộc đua Sàn nhà Chiếu ZETA

Purchasing at MFJ's TRIAL Large Meeting.Design is very safe, but Mark is attached to the center and there is somewhat functionality, price is also reasonable and reasonable.I bought it because it ...

ZETA Cuộc đua Sàn nhà Chiếu ZETA

I mimicked looking at FACTORY Machine's spreading Matte, so I purchased it. Surface is hard to slip and moderate thickness. I always put Maintenace Stand on, but there is no particular problem. If...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

[Webike Monitor] It Stood and け was carried out, and since the crack had been given on that occasion, it purchased as a Repair parts.
exchange is the easy work which removes a Bolt.
Since the Repai...

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

Although the Key ring of the same DRC by a Dirt Freak was used before, since the color was white, there were the circumstances which have become fairly dirty, and since the Key ring had also broken, b...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

Although the Flight perch is put into RZ250R, influence became light and is large-satisfied.
It was careless, the Motorcycle was toppled the other day [ ], and the Lever has bent.
I think it conscie...

ZETA Biểu ngữ ZETA

It is a Banner of good touch.
It merely winds too much quite small like a Poster, comes out, and bends for a while, and is worrisome.
Only whether it being unavoidable and it are regrettable in re...

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

Since also damaging a motorcycle since it is a rubber commodity, or a price is handy, it is recommendation!

ZETA ZETA LOGO chủ chính

It attached to the key of WR250R. Although the key ring of an off vehicle will riot if metal parts are attached, and it will damage the circumference of a key cylinder, since this product is a product...

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