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ZETA is one of the most loved off road custom parts brand in Japan operated by Dirt Freak Corp. ZETA creates high quality racing parts, with colorful drilled aluminum parts

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

REBEL (Manufactured by 1996) Mounting on.When the handlebar was cut to full, my arms stretched out, so I attached them and pulled Handlebar further..You can go without changing Cable classes.It's ...

ZETA Ống thông khí nhôm

When I said that I felt High Solo, I wonder if I got a little better Response when I wanted to do it last time. It seems that strength is Gold genus. Would not it be popular if the price is cheaper?.

ZETA Bộ bảo vệ khung Z-CARBON

When I wear Leser Boots, since the Frame of Black rubs and peels off, I applied a scratch prevention Tape, but because it peels immediately, Material : I bought it with my thought on Carbon. Installat...

ZETA Thay thế Guard Bumper cho Armour Hand Guard

It was very hard to find this bumper in Sri Lanka and the Pro armor hand guard was getting scratched because of exposed part. The bumper is perfect to protect it and also it adds more looks and feels ...

ZETA Drain Bolt từ

After installation, the first Oil change. DrainPorto's head is round, Black, I wonder if it was like this. I tried to wipe it with iron powder. Iron powder of acicular mountain, attached to the ma...

ZETA Đòn bẩy bay / phanh

Because Mr. Miyazaki K16 is ZZr 1100 and the brake lever is pushed back by the wind pressure at the time of the highest speed Attack, we saw the article that attacked while holding down Lever As a cou...

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

Used in KSR 110.I have installed a low handlebar outside the company, but I thought that I wanted a little more height.Bought this product because it is cheaper than the new purchase of Handlebar and ...

ZETA Bộ đòn bẩy đường phố

ZETA is recommended for the Brake & Clutch lever set for the new CBR 250 RR. In my case it was NORMALLERE 's Position that grips the grip and has a feeling of strangeness. Since ZETA can fine-...

ZETA Bộ tăng thanh

I did not expect much on 30 mm Handlebar high up, but both Sitting and Standing made Position easier.

ZETA Cần trục xoay CP / Ly hợp 4 ngón tay cho loại...

2 Finger OEM 4 Finger and changedIn 2 Finger, the Clutch operation of WR 250 R is heavy and severe to me, so it is heavy and tough, so change to OEM's long Lever OEMLever is far for my clutch fing...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

It is made of vinyl thick [ like a working-level month rain jacket ] currently sold at the home center. It is the rain jacket which it is doubled by the button in consideration of rain water invasion,...

ZETA Áo mưa Zeta

First, if common since the size is quite more smallish, we recommend you L. Construction material is heavy at touch like vinyl which carried out the stiff considerably. A poncho is a little... It is d...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

[Webike Monitor] It Stood and け was carried out, and since the crack had been given on that occasion, it purchased as a Repair parts.
exchange is the easy work which removes a Bolt.
Since the Repai...

ZETA Thay thế cho Lever Flight / Tay đòn ly hợp

Although the Flight perch is put into RZ250R, influence became light and is large-satisfied.
It was careless, the Motorcycle was toppled the other day [ ], and the Lever has bent.
I think it conscie...

ZETA Biểu ngữ ZETA

It is a Banner of good touch.
It merely winds too much quite small like a Poster, comes out, and bends for a while, and is worrisome.
Only whether it being unavoidable and it are regrettable in re...

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