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A tool set exclusively for motorcycles that is best for riders who are about to begin maintenance of motorcycles by themselves!?Contents of 40pcs carefully selected types for 2 wheels!?Reasonable and happy tool!

Unit Thang máy thang máy

it is small and light. but it makes chain cleaning and lubrication easy.
also easy to store better than maintenence stand

Unit Thang máy thang máy

Just hanging on the Swingarm on the other side and lowering the Lever will float the rear wheel. Since we do not need the power to do so, we can handle it easily, the weight is not so heavy, and becau...

Unit Loại điều chỉnh 5 giai đoạn Wide

Other than this, Maintenace Stand is called Quantity : 2pc. I owned it but I bought it because the car height of SEROW is low. I use it at the second height from the bottom. Gurtsuki is a Level I do n...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

It is as the title is, I feel I saw it cheap, so I am worried but I can see that Cost performance is high if I use it. You can float the Tire even in a narrow place and clean up Chain and Wheel. I use...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

ChainMaintenance was troublesome because there was no Main stand, but thanks to this STAND it got dramatically improved. Cleaning Wheel will also be easier.Before purchasing I was worried whether it w...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

When I used it for the first time I purchased it, I felt that I could not successfully Lift and failed.As a result of trying after that, I found that using it on slippery ground can not be done well.O...

Unit Mặt đứng khẩn cấp

De Chile; el envío llego en una semana, si una semana, por el correo normal; el artículo es excelente, solo falto la cinta para asegurar el freno, para poder levantar la moto
From Chile; the shipmen...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

At the time of Lift the vehicle turns around Side Stand, RWheel can idle for a moment but Tire immediately grounds. If you change over and over again the vehicle will move forward and pay Side Stand. ...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

Used to Lift up front wheel of CRF 1000L. Using Center Stand will raise the rear wheelsThere is not surprisingly no way to raise the front wheels well, it is also handy to let the car body lie down wi...

Unit Thang máy thang máy

I thought about making a simple STAND which can be used for Puncture repair etc. at forest road Touring I knew this item to the arrow head and immediately purchased it. It is 3000 yen a little, so if ...

Unit Xử lý vòng bi

I had been wearing wood at the first Rubber hammer, but it is not quite rightWhen I tried it with a Gold mallet, it was disliked in two or three timesBe careful as the Spacer will be hurt if there is ...

Unit PivotPointBead BREAKER

Although it can be used as a Bead Breaker for a while, since the part hooked on the Ring part of TireSTAND will inevitably move, there is hang to use.Also, use this part to hang Ring Spec. So, of cour...

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A201

Since similar items were broken, they purchased with ease, because the batteries of the enclosed batteries were out, so it could not be used immediately, but as long as you could exchange it, you coul...

Unit Phía sau Bánh răng Kéo 3 / 8 DR

I switched a few Ritter Sports, but the narrow space of the Sports type motorbike and the steplessly adjustable suspension of the general DoubleRing Nut are very difficult to work with the regular Hoo...

Unit P 6010 ShockPunch

Because it is shaped like a barb at the tip, there is some degree of freedom in the angle of hitting.In the past, I had used the crushed tip of Slotted screwdriver,By the way, this one is easier to ad...

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A201

Because the battery has run out suddenly since opening, at star 3.Did the inventory period be long?For others performance, it is easy to use and no complaints.

Unit Xe nâng Lốp Xe

Through Valve of Tube, Inserting Bead stopper laterWith this, the difficulty of exchanging Tire is considerably reduced.Benefits will be liberated from the Large Kitchen pain as thin Tire.Why was ther...

Unit Lưỡi curoa

Yin 125's 19in. From Wheel to 17in. If for MOTARD you can not immobilize perfectly with Spoke or Tire in commercially available glasses Wrench with RSprocket exchange. I thought that it was from t...

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A201

There is no needle swing like Analog (Naturally as it is Digital) It's pleasant to use because it's a bit crowded.It is a pity that if you have a conversion Valve, you can use it for a bicycle...

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A201

There is no needle shake like Analog, it is pleasant to get numerical values.With this, you can use bike if you have conversion Valve - - -Also, there is no air leakage and it is easy to apply.

Unit Mousse Changer

Until now I used my own wooden tableBecause the height is low and the back hurts in posture and Tire tries to rise when turning Tire with LeverIn order to suppress it, I have to exchange it while step...

Unit Tiêu chuẩn Breaker Bead

I tried to exchange Tire by myself and purchased it.Assembly can be easily done in 10 minutes according to the Instruction Manual.There is only one thing you can do with this tool, you can easily drop...

Unit Mousse Changer

BigOff used for Tube tire exchange. Although not Mousse, BigOff's Tire is also strongAlso, if there is no Tire exchange table, Double disk's Front seems to distort the disc.I got lost as E1210...

Unit Bánh xe chock cho ROAD

From around 20 years ago this product (For shape offroad) I knew there was, but I went to Transporter MotorcycleI did not feel the necessity of this product because I fixed the car body by putting fro...

Unit Móc treo Helmet

Purchase Helmet you've put in the Color box so far, trying to hang it on the wall.Although it was okay to DIY it selling to Home center,In trying not to damage Helmet's interior, it takes time...

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