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A tool set exclusively for motorcycles that is best for riders who are about to begin maintenance of motorcycles by themselves!?Contents of 40pcs carefully selected types for 2 wheels!?Reasonable and happy tool!

Unit Con đội gắp sau Unit (tiêu chuẩn Nhật)

I bought it because some Moto b Logger was praised solidly. I make solid even the details. Although it may be severe for full-fledged maintenance, it can be used enough for washing cars and a little C...

Unit Giá đỡ khung

Although it is an assembly type, I think that it is unsuitable for use in disassembling and storing it once assembled.I think that it was even better if you could adjust the width and height.It is con...

Unit Bánh lăn E4010

If you do not put the Tire in the Center, the Tire becomes obliquely formed when you turn the Tire and you can not turn it. It is troublesome to rotate while correcting each time. Call Maintenance Sta...

Unit Con đội gắp sau Unit (tiêu chuẩn Nhật)

Considering ChainMaintenance, it is Maintenance Stand, but as I was watching Net, I found this item.The price is also cheap and it can be tried easily, so Maintenance changes dramatically.

Unit Con đội gắp sau Unit (tiêu chuẩn Nhật)

Used model z125pro yzf-r15 (2017)The first thing I thought was that the box was terrible Small, when I opened it it was stored in Compact.When using, remove Screw with anti-skid, just straighten Body ...

Unit Đứng sau

There is no height Adjust, but it was just right for XSR 700.There are distorted feelings, Slip in Pipe, or it carries a chill chill while carrying it, but there is no functional problem.

Unit Trụ đứng phía trước

I was looking for a STAND that can raise the Front of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA. I thought that it could be used, I bought a can interfere with Cowl and it was Out. jTrip (Things look good, but prices are h...

Unit Con đội gắp sau Unit (tiêu chuẩn Nhật)

It can not be used for work that removes the rear wheels, but it is ideal for Chain - Maintenance and rear wheel cleaning.Z900RS (215kg) Although it is used, the rear wheel floats very lightly with on...

Unit Con đội gắp sau Unit (tiêu chuẩn Nhật)

I recommend you to do Chain cleaning.Until now I used Maintenance Stand and Roller, but there were Merit and Demerit.Maintenance Stand has to be careful in picking up the car body but it was hard work...

Unit Phía sau Chân đế Có thể điều chỉnh được

When I received Swing Arm, because there was a backlash there was an oblique appearance and looks uneasy, I used a separate steel plate to eliminate the gap, but it is preferable to increase the thick...

Unit Máy nén khí L

We were able to replace Spring of Mono Suspension of fzs 1000. However, reservoir Tank integral type suspension (Especially Tank's sideways sideways) However, with regular usage it was not possibl...

Unit Thay đổi lốp chuyên nghiệp

Previously it was replaced with old Tire as a workbench. Working time has been shortened to the Large width, work of removing Tire from Wheel which had been struggling in the past became possible in a...

Unit Thanh kéo dây kéo phía trước

It is recommended for those who want to do regular maintenance of Fork to some extent on their own.Useful when servicing Cartridge TypeFork.The price is also Reasonable, the essential functional aspec...

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A201

As I mentioned in your review, it was out of batteries, so I replaced it with a battery that I was holding. The battery "3032" is. There is no dissatisfaction since it will be a battery for ...

Unit Máy tính xách tay Changer

My first few tyre changes have always been a chore. Having to work with the tyre on the floor, but this tyre changer makes the job so much easier to do. It makes the job more enjoyable and with less s...

Unit Thanh kéo dây kéo phía trước

It is convenient and it is cheaper than other Brand and OEM Product, so it can be worked without Recommendation, but it would be easier if there were but the hands were not dirty.

Unit Thanh kéo dây kéo phía trước

Even if you can work it is convenient, work is fast, good thing, it is cheaper than OEM Product and other Brand's items are also expensive, this is recommended.

Unit Máy đo không khí kỹ thuật số A101

I used to buy what I used until now because it will become unusable when the battery runs out.Air pressure is a little in the past but there are also sides that are hard to use, but a field and a bota...

Unit Xử lý vòng bi

I had been wearing wood at the first Rubber hammer, but it is not quite rightWhen I tried it with a Gold mallet, it was disliked in two or three timesBe careful as the Spacer will be hurt if there is ...

Unit PivotPointBead BREAKER

Although it can be used as a Bead Breaker for a while, since the part hooked on the Ring part of TireSTAND will inevitably move, there is hang to use.Also, use this part to hang Ring Spec. So, of cour...

Unit Mousse Changer

Until now I used my own wooden tableBecause the height is low and the back hurts in posture and Tire tries to rise when turning Tire with LeverIn order to suppress it, I have to exchange it while step...

Unit Tiêu chuẩn Breaker Bead

I tried to exchange Tire by myself and purchased it.Assembly can be easily done in 10 minutes according to the Instruction Manual.There is only one thing you can do with this tool, you can easily drop...

Unit Mousse Changer

BigOff used for Tube tire exchange. Although not Mousse, BigOff's Tire is also strongAlso, if there is no Tire exchange table, Double disk's Front seems to distort the disc.I got lost as E1210...

Unit Bánh xe chock cho ROAD

From around 20 years ago this product (For shape offroad) I knew there was, but I went to Transporter MotorcycleI did not feel the necessity of this product because I fixed the car body by putting fro...

Unit Móc treo Helmet

Purchase Helmet you've put in the Color box so far, trying to hang it on the wall.Although it was okay to DIY it selling to Home center,In trying not to damage Helmet's interior, it takes time...

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