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TSR is a manufacturer which is famous for parts and succeeds not only in races held in Japan but in world championships. It has superior technique and facilities. Mainly manufacture mufflers and rear set kit fitting HONDA.

TSR Titanium Exhaust E01 (Bộ phận giảm thanh bằng ...

About 5 years, I changed at OEM this time.I think that there is not much problem at the time of Idling, but it seems to be noisy if it is a quiet residential area (It's natural because it's ou...

TSR Chuỗi ổ khóa màu đỏ

When removing Wheel, multiply Swingarm with DustclothIt will cure by preventing scratches by ChainIt is convenient to be hooked by this hook.But I wonder if I will put Dustcloth in front of Hook.Insta...

TSR Loại Giấy phép Cấp quyền Loại 1

Although it looks nice and the texture is not bad, if you run for a while, the trail of mushy comes with Small stones rolled up by the rear wheels. It gradually becomes anxious. Originally Seat Cowl &...

TSR Tay Uốn Titanium toàn Hệ thống xả NOJIMA Hợp t...

Impremented the other day, I did not like the SB's Exhaust System angle, so I changed to SF Tandem Footpeg and upgraded the angle.Just under Silencer, we need to change O 2 Sensor 's Pipe for ...

TSR Bộ nắp đậy đặt cố định

Durable Rear cowl's secondhand item was in a certain Blue Io shop so I painted and installed it.SC59 Since the Seat rail is the same as the previous term and the latter term, it can be installed.F...

TSR Tay Uốn Titanium toàn Hệ thống xả NOJIMA Hợp t...

We are wearing this Exhaust System at 1300 SB of MODEL limited to 2016. Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence's BEET Full Exhaust System, Earls Gear, TSR - NOJIMA collaboration, resulting in ...

TSR Tay Uốn Titanium toàn Hệ thống xả NOJIMA Hợp t...

Because I am a Collaboration model, I have never seen vehicles wearing others, but I am satisfied personally. I think that it is sometimes converted to the full power using the power commander, but ac...

TSR Spark Advance Rotor

I bought in second hand, installed in 05 SB.We have already converted to Full Exhaust System, Full Power.Installation was relatively easy if there was a tool. (I studied variously with Net)Acceleratio...

TSR Xi lanh nắp đậy nắp ly hợp

Only Release was changed before MASTER change. It was easy to install and even an amateur could do without problems. And the change of Clutch is wonderful? Lever and Pedal are lighter. I am looking fo...

TSR Carbon Fear Fender

The CBR 400 R 13 year old is not attached to Reu Fender in the brothers, and OHLINSRear suspension which was replaced greatly was replaced with muddy wounds so it was replaced.Quantity : Pair (for Lef...

TSR 2015 JSB SZUKA 8h Kính ngựa đua Độ bền Enduran...

I bought it for daily use with Motorcycle or a car. It is lightweight and has a good feeling of Fit so it is not easy to get tired at the moment. Since many plastic lenses are easily scratched, we wil...

TSR Work Cap

Helmet usually makes use of L Size of SHOEI, but head bowl is slightly large texture. So, this product is Free Size, but I think that people who are Exactly and can not afford to wear it loose and hav...

TSR 2015 JSB SZUKA 8h Kính ngựa đua Độ bền Enduran...

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】It is purchased for the weekend's running. Shamefully and hopefully it will deter the inner disability of Green? 【How was it actually used?】Did it rain? Becau...

TSR 2015 JSB SZUKA 8h Kính thời trang chịu lực SL

100 crappy Frame that seems to sell it evenly. Pokkiri seems to be breaking up for something. Unevenness in appearance of Lens. It's going to be choking if it takes a long time.

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay

Speaking of Tank Separated Type! - - - Wrist band! Wrist band is attached to Brake tank in Motorcycle when I am a teens again. I thought that it was a thing to wear on the Brake tank, not thinking of ...

TSR Đế hậu

Purchased for CBR 600 RR. Only for exclusive use, adjustment etc etc. No need at all. There is no sense of anxiety with Super Smooth when hanging or dropping. Parts attached to Swingarm are also inclu...

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay màu s đỏ

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】Because it is an old Motorcycle, Brake master cylinder is cloudy so I purchased it with deterrent suppression.In Race, I imitate to prevent bleeding and scatterin...

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay

I tried to use it normally as a Wrist band, but Quantity : 1pc. What is it?.Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. I misunderstood.Well Design is good as it is good.

TSR Ban nhạc Blue

I purchased TSR's Wrist band this time, I am satisfied with both Cost performance and performance.I will recommend !!!!!Please try using everyone !!!!!

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay

This does not improve the performance of Motorcycle, you can expect the effect of the rider's feelings to increase.Since various colors are prepared, it is kind that you can enjoy Coordinates with...

TSR Ban nhạc Blue

The Brake Reserver tank of CBR600RR was attached and used.As a One point, it became a Fashion. It fits exactly, and structure of goods is also good and very satisfactory. Since it became smart also at...

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay

[Webike Monitor] It purchases to HONDA VTR1000 SP1.
This price has the very profitable color by Toyotomi and a two-piece Set.

TSR Ban nhạc Blue

I am using it as an One point who covers the Master cylinder of a Front.
Although it might be thing sufficient also with the cheap Wrist band currently sold at the neighborhood, the Motorcycle was ...

TSR Dây đeo cổ tay

An order was placed together with blue.
It is ♪ with foppish gold to a black material.

TSR Bộ giữ một chìa khóa của Helmet

I attached One Key system to Bracket of Helmet lock of KIJIMA.As the predecessor said, the crimp part is particularly difficult to do. I feel like I do not have to crimp it....After that some extra Pa...

TSR Bộ giữ một chìa khóa của Helmet

I bought it as a less carry key is better as possible.The handling Instruction Manual is unexpectedly rough and it may be better to refrain from those who have never disassembled and repaired much.As ...

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