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RS Taichi

Xếp hạng 17 trên 1,892 thương hiệu  trong Găng tay biker
(1,160 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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RS TAICHI is the leading apparel manufacturer in Japan. Their high quality in racing suits is loved by worldwide riders and is succeeded to riding jackets. Its smart shape and design is tremendously popular.

RS Taichi RSS009 Outdry BOA Riding Shoes

흰색이라 걱정을했는데 가죽도 짱짱하고 디테일이 다른색상과 좀더 달라서 더 마음에 듭니다 한국에서 흰색신으면 인싸 되겠네요.ㅎㅎ 배송도 빨리온편이고 깔끔해서 만족합니다 저희동네 우체국택배는 친절하시네요. 다만 사전에 헬멧을구매하다 제고가 없어 자동환불이 됬는데 환불처리가 좀늦어서 아쉽습니다.I am worried that it is white, but it ...

RS Taichi RSS009 OutDry BOA Giày dép

Very comfortable shoes. Suggested sizing is for a confortable fit, nothing thicker socks can not fix. But if you prefer a snug fit i suggest going a size down from whats recommended.

RS Taichi RSY551 Windproof Stretch Denim

Riding pants felt comfortable and overall fitment around the legs was nice and not baggy like most other pants. Though i do suggest going a size or two down for better waist fitting but a belt can fix...

RS Taichi Túi đeo vai RSB267 (L)

용량 큰 가방을 찾고 있었는데, 매우 만족 합니다.
장지갑, 대용량 보조배터리, 극세사 타올, 여행용 물티슈, 담배, 액션캠 세트 까지 넣고도
용량은 넉넉 합니다....

RS Taichi RST634 E-nhiệt [Eheat] Găng tay

I liked Cicero's Cicero, but since the switch broke again, I replaced it.If you enjoy the comfort of electrotherapy Gloves, you can not return to just Winter Gloves anymore.The part of the sleeve ...

RS Taichi Cáp kết nối xe RSP041 12V

I use it with the best + Gloves, but I'm worried about the BodyBattery climb. If you do not have Cell on your journey, it's Large strange, so bring an optional Battery.Also, we prepared Waterp...

RS Taichi Găng tay điện tử RST622 e-HEAT

Even without e-Heating, it is considerably cold-weathering and almost no ventilation. The wrist is also deep in Battery's relationship, there is no sleeve draft. It was really nice..However, even ...

RS Taichi RSJ717 MOTOREK Winterparka

It is very warm.Even around 10 degrees, brushed Lon TQuantity : 1pc. With this you can ride.It looks like Motorcycle too, it looks like OutdoorWear.However, there are fatal shortcomings.I have a verti...

RS Taichi Tấm giáp ngực TRV067 TECCELL Màu đen (Lo...

It's a Separate type so do not get in the way when taking off Jacket.When wearing I will chew from the upper teeth will fit.Separate type is better for Stress-free.I would recommend it to those we...

RS Taichi RST633 E-nhiệt [Eheat] Găng tay bảo hộ

On RSThailand's HP, it means that it takes 8 hours by Battery drive at Economy MODE.Actually, I only had less than 4 hours at Economy MODE.Although I bought it with expectation, it was only usable...

RS Taichi Chân đế nhanh RSP104

Tentatively good!This product is the first time to purchase Maintenance Stand, but for now there are no problems.Off If you are a car rider, I think that you understand, but after all I thought that M...

RS Taichi RSB303 Bản đồ Tank Porch. 3

I was looking for a thin Tank Bag that included Touring mapple R, storage was the best only for Touring mapple R.Thin type is for other companies' for Touring mapple, but R does not enter, finally...

RS Taichi Chân đế nhanh RSP104

It is a replacement from the STAND with a common hydraulic damper of about five thousand yen.In the above STAND I tried to change it to make Thailand Chi due to the fact that it was somewhat shaky whe...

RS Taichi Chân đế nhanh RSP104

I bought it for Tire exchange and ChainMaintenance.From the result it is very easy to use.D ○ Even compared with C's, it is making it sturdier and there is a sense of security. Although hydraulic ...

RS Taichi RSB303 Bản đồ Tank Porch. 3

Although I also use Navigation for a long distance, the map is perfect for grasping the overall sense of distance and directionIt is a Touring mapple that I always put in SeatBack, but the one on Tank...

RS Taichi Chuỗi khóa RSA020

Nice key chain from RS Taichi, made from rubber so it wong scratch on your motorcycle dashboard or any metal part such as gasoline tank.

RS Taichi Chân đế nhanh RSP104

Purchase Maintenance work of WR 250 R.I also thought of other Manufacturers, but took a sense of stability and made it Thailand.For Tire exchanges and car wash, there is nothing with Lift Stand and it...

RS Taichi Móc treo quần

Purchased for Leather pants. With ordinary Hanger you can not endure weight and it will bend. There is cheap, but RSThailand Ji has RSThailandchi. It is strong because it is SteelHanger.Because it is ...

RS Taichi RSB303 Bản đồ Tank Porch. 3

Tank Bag with too high height can not be used for Sports type motorbike that is in a leaning posture so purchase this productIn the GSX - R 600, the compatibility with the Tank shape is bad, and the p...

RS Taichi Túi thể thao RSB306. 40

I used a 12L Seat bag for day trips but it became full and I thought about the size up of the Seat bag, but I wanted to avoid having too much center of gravity, so I bought Side bag We considered the ...

RS Taichi RSW001 T. Nhãn dán nhãn

I think that it was good to order. I am thinking to put this on when the weather is good from now on.I did not write about Large, I was worried, but it was exactly Large Kimono.

RS Taichi RSW012 T. Nhãn hiệu huỳnh quang huỳnh qu...

I can not say much because the price is price, but Size is Small according to other reviews.Since things are well done, only Size notation is surprising. (Only here is whether improvement is required)

RS Taichi RSW001 T. Nhãn dán nhãn

I've been using a single colored helmet, so I chose size S2 to decorate it.Since it was a set of two pieces, I could paste it on both sides of my helmet.I have always liked this TAICHI design, but I w...

RS Taichi RSW001 T. Nhãn dán nhãn

When written as Taichi Yoshimura instead of RS TAICHI, he likes the Design of this Sticker [ from ]. It considers and depends, and I am that (42 mm in width) small, and want you to indicate a Size.The...

RS Taichi RSW001 T. Nhãn dán nhãn

It is a Size exactly good for sticking on the back of the head of a Helmet nonchalantly.There is likely to be durability.

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

I use it when I run Circuit.It is supposed to be easy to remove from others, such as when it can not move due to falling etc..Circuit I think that you should buy it if you run.There is nothing better ...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

I purchased it because it is necessary for Mini bike race. I do not compare it with other things, but it seems that there is no big difference in the gap, so I feel satisfied with the good touch and c...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

I was addicted to Circuit driving and purchased properly in preparation for falling down..I touch it with a thin Mesh Material and it is smooth..Although I used it in the summer, Helmet's interior...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

For emergency, I use it by daily commuting.Since the number of washing the interior of Helmet decreasesIt is also active outside the original purpose.Even with a hand wash, I will dry in the evening w...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

I think that it is Items I would like to have if I run Circuit. Protector is also Large Off, but Remover is also about Large Off.Fit feeling is not so bad. It is impression that there is neither good ...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

Regulation in the Mini bike race is also often strongly recommended.Because it is not expensive goods, let's use it if possible.I think that it stands quite well in the hot season.Because it's...

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

It purchases for Race participation in the war. I think that the thing of other Manufacturers may be sufficient as long as it is cheap.

RS Taichi RSC001 Mũ bảo hiểm Remover

Since it was required for the race, he bought it. Since it is protective gear, when it wears, it is like [ water polo ] a player, but is it unavoidable? This product was adjustable, and although I had...

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