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ROUGH & ROAD is the leading motorcycle gear brand in Japan. Their sincere attitude towards product development from the riders point of view is well accepted by motorcycle fans. They handle various lineup of products such as motorcycle gears or bags.


Purchase model: F-Holster, the color is black / gray, I prefer low-key color, shipped from Japan to HK, received goods in 3 days, very convenient!

ROUGH&ROAD Đấm găng tay ngón tay da

This pair of half-finger gloves is bought for girlfriend to open Harley. She is riding ...

ROUGH&ROAD Quần jean đi xe căng quần cotton lf

I purchased it this spring.. 166? 90? Size is LWShort. Short leg ? It is a fat.I bought Mesh Pants of RSThailand chi for summer, but because the circumference of the thigh is thickWhen I crossed the M...

ROUGH&ROAD Gai xương sống

I usually use items from Soft pad,I picked a hard thing for the occasional high-speed tourism place.I attached it to the light summer jacket of Goldwin,I do not feel a sense of incongruity much.

ROUGH&ROAD Multi-Găng tay Wiper

I didn't know that there were such innovative tools for sale. After I bought it, I tried it ou...

ROUGH&ROAD Stealth Fit Knee Protector

Sewing peels off by Magic tape on 4th in 1 month. Since it is not possible to exchange goods, it is better to check sewing after purchasing. That's too bad.

ROUGH&ROAD Rough Riding Sneakers

Look at other reviews before purchase "Large texture" Although it was written, I think that it is better than Small, I usually think about 25. Because I am wearing 5 cm 26. I bought 0 cm, bu...

ROUGH&ROAD Air Through Pad Set

Temporarily buying this kindToo bad I'm sweaty and Pad on my back sticks to my skin and I feel impaired Air throughSince the surface that comes into contact with your skin is Flat, you want Knurl ...

ROUGH&ROAD Hàng rào qua lưới quần

Height is 172 ?, weight is 63 kg and it is standard (?) However, I purchased M Size. Because Pad is included, there is nothing I can not wear, feeling Waist around is feeling Tight.

ROUGH&ROAD Stealth Fit Knee Protector

First, the feeling of Fit is flexion of the knee and if Belt tightens with the knee back, it hurts. Relaxing when loosened but shifting downward. Let's do it well. The quality texture is perfect

ROUGH&ROAD Bộ đòn bẩy ngắn RALLY490

In the case of the carburetorD tiger on which I am riding, I adopt the famous place because there are few Lever choices.I have just started using it, but I do not have any problem in using it.I feel I...

ROUGH&ROAD Throttle Assist

It is used for zx - 14r. High speed, but of course Touring also Large active! Inexpensive Chinese made (It will not be used in LePera.) We definitely recommend this item than buying!

ROUGH&ROAD Bộ đòn bẩy ngắn RALLY490

XTZ125 (CHINA) Mounting onBrake master cylinder Press Piston Screw and Nut purchase separately for SEROW (About 200 yen) Both Clutch and Brake are attached. The length of Lever is Ball 1 pc. It is an ...

ROUGH&ROAD RALLY 690 Gương (Trái)

Installed in Transporter, thanks to being able to collapse when applying Motorcycle Cover.Movement will stabilize if the coating of the ball of the moving part peels off.I am using it with KLX and KDX...

ROUGH&ROAD Bộ đòn bẩy ngắn RALLY490

I used it for DJEBEL.As the other person wrote, the position where Mistress Cylinder's Piston is pressed,I am out of alignment..I am pushing towards the edge of Piston.Lever ratio also changed, an...

ROUGH&ROAD Tàu chở nhôm RALLY591

The mounting part on the back side is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because it is GapAttach the mounting bracket to the frameEven if you try to tighten with Bolt, you can only enter One SideIt ...

ROUGH&ROAD Nắp van điện tử với van lốp

Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. However, it was still good if you lower the price and make it one piece. Or I think I should have bought it with a friend and share it.I am satisfied with the use. Tire Valve...

ROUGH&ROAD Tàu chở nhôm RALLY591

This is a good lightweight Rally 591 rack that fitted my K7 DRZ 250cc no problems. It seems to be quite well made, although have had the aluminum start to crack and lift away (on the support bar with ...

ROUGH&ROAD RALLY591 Super Light Carrier

Attached to CRF 250 L.- Large It is easy to load, but considering the largest Large load as Manufacturer, big large does not need loading area.- Large I think that preference is divided because it see...


I can not compare it because I never used any other CreamCream is stiff. It's about a little soft soap.I'd like you to soften if the request passes.

ROUGH&ROAD Túi xe tăng kép f. C

It is my subjectivity to the last.It's rough AndRoad making, but usability is ? ? ?.If there was anything in the state of opening the photo of the item description, I did not buy it..First of all,...

ROUGH&ROAD RALLY 591 Giường đôi Tam giác hỗ trợ

The product itself is nice, but anyway ...If you use hanging so much, I guess it's pretty anxious if you consider it as horizontal.


Very creative products, can be a good improvement in security, whether it is with a school bag or a single use is perfect, easy to use, compact and space-free!

ROUGH&ROAD Oval Carabiner

The texture of this metal keychain is not as good as it should be, and the workmanship is a bit rough. It is not practical for me.


Rough&Road saddle bag กระเป๋าข้างสำหรับนักเดินทาง วัสดุมีความแข็งแรงคงทน กันน้ำได้เป็นอย่างดี ขนาดกำลังดี ไม่ใหญ่หรือเล็กเกินไป ใส่ของได้มากมาย ตรงความต้องการ และที่สำคัญการสั่งสินค้าทาง Webike มีระบบ...

ROUGH&ROAD Power II chân

I bought a TRIAL car to load it in the Transporter.I use it fixed on Concrete panel.I am concerned about the strength in the horizontal direction a little, but I am loading straight, so there is no ef...


Since I did not want a leather saddle bag or a box that protrudes a lot as it is inconvenient to ride around the city traffic, I consider fabric bag instead. This one is perfect as it is also waterpro...

ROUGH&ROAD HB đơn Saddlebag

There is a Pocket inside and outside, there is also an extended function with Option.It is useful in many ways.Capacity ,,,Changing Inner, Warm Gloves, Uniqlo's Ultra light,Rain gear, vehicle Cove...


It is worrisome how long it will last long, but it is very helpful to load it without complaint on the function side. I do not think that Design is so cool, but is not it good because it is a practica...

ROUGH&ROAD RALLY 591 Giường đôi Tam giác hỗ trợ

I bought it for using Side bag with SEROW 225we. Although it is a simple Side bag support, the effect as a Side bag support is Small but it is absolutely Large, there is a difference between Large and...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm điện kỹ thuật số III

For off-road motorcycle and bicycle (MTB&Road motorcycle) And it is a big success with 3 roles in 1 unit, Valve also performs both American style and Buddha style, Air can also be managed with Digital...

ROUGH&ROAD Máy bơm sàn điện MINI

I used the foot stepping DRU of DRC before, but after about 10 years of purchasing it finally broke the other day and purchased this Pump.I searched for a stepped pump, but I could not find it but I p...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm điện kỹ thuật số III

It is troublesome to carry a pressure gauge separately to adjust the air pressure in the forest road so I made it here.It is caution that the unit setting can not be fixed as the display is a bit smal...

ROUGH&ROAD Power Digital Air Gauge PRO

I bought it attracted by the selling complaints of Digital display and high precision.Air bleed Button is attached to the Zipper, but in this position it pushes the air bleed Button while pushing the ...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm cấp điện EVO

Since I use it for nearly six years, I think that there is a durability, if you read other impres, was it simply hit or was it handled by others?Switching between high pressure and low pressure seems ...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm điện kỹ thuật số III

Whether it is necessities for traveling on the forest road. Puncture repair, because it happens well Trouble So I will definitely bring it. It's really light and compact so it will not bother you ...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm điện kỹ thuật số III

I pull out the air before the forest road and use it for air adjustment after the forest road and for air adjustment at Gymkhana Gokko.I carry it in the A4Tank Bag, but it is smaller than the 500 ml p...

ROUGH&ROAD Power Digital Air Gauge PRO

【What made you decide the purchase?】I used an air pressure Gauge of anaaa until now but since all the needles have been pulled out due to vibrations during running or it has become impossible to adjus...

ROUGH&ROAD Power Digital Air Gauge PRO

I used Analog's Gauge until now, but the needle finally broke with repeated shaking. All Analog formula Gauge that I had until now can not remove Gauge needle or adjust 0. As this is the first Dig...

ROUGH&ROAD Bơm điện kỹ thuật số III

I punctured in the mountains and it was Large strange so Tubeetc. I bought Inflator because I have it. I was looking for Compact, Powerful, I understand the pressure. This item was suitable for the co...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm di động Cover

Because of us rainy guy I often get rained at the touring destination so purchase.As a Helmet Bag it is a pretty solid making and Material.In addition to measures against rain, it may be good for prev...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm di động Cover

When you go to Long touring like 10 days or 2 weeks, there will always be a rainy day.I thought that this product with Waterproof function will be useful for parking on a rainy day, I bought it.If it ...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm di động Cover

I switched from Scooter to MOTARD so I bought it with Blue sky parking measures.Cover The back side is fluffy and Helmet seems to be hard to get hurt.Because I am conscious of OffHelmet, I feel Size a...

ROUGH&ROAD Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

Holder itself is not dissatisfied, but installing Screw (4?×25?) Is Theft Prevention Type, once installed it can not be removed with the Driver. I tried to replace it with a commercially availab...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm mặt nạ toàn bộ mặt nạ

The Size notation is too vague.I've gotten to Helmet TOUR-CROSS 3's L (59-60cm) I usually use it, but this is too small.There are also a lot of my hair and a lot of quantity, but it does not l...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm Spacer

SHOEI's Off-Road Helmet "VFX-W" I used this product for M Size.When I was continuously running long in the off-road, I noticed that Helmet's interior paddle was getting wet with swea...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm mặt nạ toàn bộ mặt nạ

I bought a dedicated mask product for riding in the season of hay fever, but I can not use it well for full face Helmet, I bought this product for various comparisons.It was perfect if I put on this p...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm Spacer

Purchase Helmet's Size fine adjustment.You can fine-tune Size if you get a little Large.The price is reasonable and texture is satisfactory.There are also two types of thickness Please purchase ac...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm dưới nắp

Because I am old, I have reduced hair and Kosi, when I take off Helmet, my hair will be shaped into Helmet's Inner shape.If you wear this, you can prevent it from being formed into Inner shape. Ho...

ROUGH&ROAD Mũ bảo hiểm di động Cover

Because it has a Pocket on the inside, it can be easily stored and ◎ to be hung on the Helmet holder through DRing, but the mouth can not be tightly closed.It might be possible to prevent it if it is ...

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