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To you who love Z.?Greater than the quality of genuine parts, excess and high-performance also true.?Unnecessarily so as not to disturb the balance of the vehicle, a design that has been repeatedly examined in the review.?The introduction to the old car of modern technology by Takumi of hand.?Just to work in order to make the finest cars of eternity "PLUS ALPHA MECHATRONICS SERVICE".

PAMS Gasket CG Base

I use it for a while..With CarbonGraphite, oil leakage is fully shut down. Cleaning is easy without sticking at the time of replacement.As a measure against Heat, also for Head cover METALSpec. I want...

PAMS Gói đệm (1 bộ 4pcs. )

Very reliable gasket kit. Reinforced viton center o-ring seal last longer. The base gasket with metal core prevents gasket from tearing in case over-torqued and seals well. The H-cover gasket may stil...

PAMS T Handlebar Loại 3

I like the shape, but my wrist may be painful if I run for a long distance.I like this from YB Type.Feel like Large in Onihan.

PAMS Bộ điều chỉnh bộ khuếch đại MOSFET

OEM Regulator is in the 10th year for Puncture,In the meantime I will turn on the MOSFET type.For machining diversion purposes to other types of vehicles, if Wa Big's photos are as street photos a...

PAMS Gasket CG Base

I wanted to try this gasket because it has a steel core in the middle and fiber coating on the outside. This way when you torque the head the gasket will not crush and the piston does isnt too proud. ...

PAMS Chân đế

It was Rigid mount at Bracket of KIJIMA, but because the position of Headlight was not good, I installed it.Under bracket can also be used as it is in the same position as NORMAL.I think that it is ge...

PAMS SP 2 cuộn dây cho bộ dây cắm (Chỉ có mã)

This attracted! Stress gathering for installation and assembly.The reason is that Rubber's Boots of Connection with Coil - - It is tight. Even using the attached Grease is pretty tight..If the cod...

PAMS Relay Blinker đáp ứng cao

Since Pams electro-products are quality equivalent to OEM, any one can exchange with confidence.Response is good for singing. This neighborhood is as expected.Durability is also OEM Quality, so I'...

PAMS Swingarm Pivot Bearing Kit

People who use Z OEMSwingarm and who have tried Maintenance must have noticed that Shaft and Color here are certainly becoming ragged.We have finished supplying OEM Parts Number and we should look for...

PAMS Gasket CG Base

It is a firmer product than OEM.Heat conduction is also good with METAL and it prevents rise of oil sound even in continuous running.Although I was worried about the adhesion between the Block and the...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

Mounting on GSX 400 during Restore.With the new registration, I was concerned about the light intensity of Light, I decided to install and purchased.Just looking at the items, as far as the installati...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

V-max 1200 User's Inspection has been re-examined in Headlight for the third time and it is that each inspector is an add ViseI learned that there is something head lamp booster and immediately se...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

I am satisfied because it got so bright.If you are still dissatisfied with this, I think Valve should be changed to somewhat high watt.It is a solid product, reliable product.

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

Although HID was looked for to the deficiency of light quantity of the Head lamp, the Items which can raise the quantity of light easily is got to know, and it purchases.
I think that how to attach c...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

[Webike Monitor] It is attachment to '92 model GSX1100S.
When attached as if the necessity for HID was not felt when the price was considered, since there was no opportunity of the Night run not much...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

[webike Monitor] It is used for Heisei 3 model XANTHUS.
Although sung with attachment being easy, it attaches and starts, throbbing simply really.
... If it is those who can remove the really eas...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

[Webike Monitor] It attached to CB400 SF H/V.
If attachment is those who can remove a Tank, it can be simply done with .
The time concerning > attachment was about 10 minutes....

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

It attached to the CB1300SB2007 model. Although HID was attached, in order that a noise might go into the FM radio of an amateur walkie-talkie, this headlight booster was got to know and attached. An ...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

Doesn't the old vehicle have many directions where Wright feels uneasy to the automobile inspection darkly, either? It is direct from a battery, and since it lets the electrical and electric equipment...

PAMS Tăng cường đèn pha

it is certain that a remarkable effect is expectable -- it is . It became quite bright when actually attaching. It is direct from a battery, and since the headlight is wired, it is natural if it says ...

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