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ODAX offers careers of RENNTEC which is a brand with history in Europe where is the home of long touring. They provide well balanced product line-ups with functionality, loading property and design.

ODAX Tail LED Light Bulb

When I pulled the Brake lever with IgnitionOn, the brake light glows and at the same time Flicker was interested in the LED of the Front's LED. Although it is the one electric bulb, although I loo...

ODAX Vị trí chớp / Bộ ánh sáng ban ngày

The installation was troublesome, so I had you install it at SEA BASSWorld.It seems that installation was easy enough to discount wages after installation.I bought White but it was pretty brightly sat...

ODAX Bảng EL Meter

I wanted to customize around Handlebar, so if I was looking for Meter's Custom that was the most visible first, I found ODAX's El Meter Panel ??Purchased this item because it was a product tha...

ODAX Nhà cung cấp thể thao RENNTEC

Although there was also an instruction manual, it did not become attached, it became a fight at Plastic hammer. Other than that, I'm almost satisfied.. Is not it sufficient texture and strength.

ODAX Keiti Tank Pad

Since Tank Pad which was attached before was deteriorated,I replaced it here.Is it somewhat Large eyes?Since Pad is not divided,I think that it is easy to stick.

ODAX Xóa bộ chớp mắt Blinker

It is Recommendation because it seems definitely fearless if it is Body color of DARK type. (Orange colored Blinker floated with Gray's V St 650) I also thought that it might be OK even if WhiteLe...

ODAX POWER BRONZE Màn hình lật trang thể thao

Since OEMScreen of RC 90 has been extended LengthIs Manufacturer judged to be sufficient? There is no indication that Long Screen will appear.But still the wind that blows on the body is fine, so from...

ODAX Xóa bộ chớp mắt Blinker

I put in Amber balls, can you see it a little?. Even if it is not a Plating ball, it does not matter. After replacement the car body looks tight.

ODAX Màn hình dòng khí POWER BRONZE

The white spots often found in OEM Screen appeared, so I exchanged it.Since MRA's Screen does not like shape, I searched for a material that seems to be good for Material in a shape close to OEM P...

ODAX HUGGER Meshed Inner Fender

Fitting is awesome at best.It looks good, but the sense of Plastic is amazing. With this, Material : Carbon would be the best product.

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

When making it LED, when high flasher measures to prevent purchase without using purchase installation, you can remove the Cover and attach it. Although it is using about one year after installation, ...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

Because I changed the Blinker lens of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA to SmokeTogether, we introduced this product to try to convert it to LED to increase the stealth property of Valve.Left Side of Relay's ph...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

I bought it for LEDization of Blinker. I only had to replace the installation with the OEM Product. I had given up thinking about it until then, but I solved it without any problems.

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

Although it was not stated in conformity model, it can be used without problem for BOULEVARDM 109 R. Replaced with front and rear LEDs and blinking boiled away and satisfied ( - ∀ - )

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

Purchased with the introduction of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA into Blinker LED.Because it is the same shape as OEM, it easily prevents high flasher simply by replacing with OEMRelay.Manufacturer I bought it,...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

Purchased along with making the GinkX 1400 Blinker an LED.Since it becomes High flasher unless you exchange the Relay, I chose this item as a countermeasure against High flasher.If you are familiar wi...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

If it is 7 pin relay for SUZUKI, it attaches only by removing a Normal relay and inserting in this relay made from ODAX with a Snap, and is completion.It is thought that the number of blinks increased...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

The purchase of general-purpose IC relay also has resistance in Turning off the Harness by the portion which does not have a margin in wire length, and purchased here.
The Blinker and a Hazard have n...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

It exchanges simultaneously with the Valve of the company.
The number of times of lighting is satisfactory.
It seems that a Blinker display stops however, functioning on an Instrument panel as one t...

ODAX tôi. C Blinker Relay

After front and back wrote the Blinker of the GSX1300R HAYABUSA to LED and considered it variously as a measure against a High flasher, Colet was chosen by the easiest method.
Since it will only chan...

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