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MORIWAKI is a motorcycle parts manufacturer representing Japan, winning Moto2 class Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Exhaust is developed in-house. Their high quality is evaluated as being designated of HONDA optional parts

MORIWAKI Hệ thống xả hoàn toàn TITAN MONSTER

Manufacturer 2017 to be ordered / 10 / It will be 5. Because I will not receive it soon, so if you are hurry, please be careful.

MORIWAKI Bộ phận âm thanh trượt MX

Relatively light compared to OEMI think that it is the best for town ride because I feel medium speed power upIn the case of Circuit traveling, it is said that what will happen when the extension of t...

MORIWAKI Hệ thống xả hoàn toàn TOURER

I installed it immediately! Normal muffler It's a favorite sound that bass sounds.I have not yet tried running but I felt like wanting to get on the sunny day quickly!As for installation, it is a ...

MORIWAKI Trượt trượt máy trượt

Forced to GSX 1300R. However, this unprecedented green colored discreetly Slider is awesome. Moreover, it becomes the shape as long type and this is also the best.

MORIWAKI Cắm ống nước mát

I bought it as if I could blow air efficiently even a little. As for installation, since it was changed to Oil cooler of Other Company Product, it became a slightly different mounting method from the ...

MORIWAKI Bộ phận âm thanh trượt MX

I ran PowerBox first and ran for about two weeks, as I was feeling lacking on the top, I ordered moriwaki's Slip-on Silencer and left the installation to Shop, so installation precision etc etc. I...

MORIWAKI Hệ thống xả hoàn toàn ZERO

First of all it is beautiful !! The color is calm and the texture is good! Because the car body is Silver, Balance highest with similar colors so it's not installed, so we do not know the sound bu...

MORIWAKI Trượt trượt máy trượt

I knew that the Engine Guard made of iron is more durable but I bought it with emphasis on appearance. Jack-up and install Engine part by yourself. I recently heard it when I visited, but it seems tha...

MORIWAKI Trượt trượt máy trượt

I bought it for standstill measures.I have purchased Slider of this Manufacturer for a long time and have a sense of trust, but it is troublesome because it is necessary to boring Cowl drilling. Becau...

MORIWAKI Trượt trượt máy trượt

Installation work of MORIWAKIs KitPadInstallation time is about 10 and easy.14 mm Double-end Wrench × Quantity : 2pcSocket wrench+Deep socket (14mm)You can do it if it is there.Easy to read Handling I...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

I did not own any Moriwaki exhaust but the look and design of this key chain interest me. The quality is superb and because of its cover is made from leather, it did not scratch the motorbike key area...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

I attached MORIWAKI's Exhaust System, so I made a choice.Because it is made of leather, it seems that it will not be scratched near the Top Bridge.I am looking forward to changing the color of the...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

It is a Key ring.He wanted to attach to the key of a Motorcycle and it purchased.Since a raw material is also leather and a crack is not easily attached to the circumference of a key, it is recommende...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

[a Webike Monitor] -- also making the Logo of the Katakana called bear a close resemblance to Saki's youth in about 30 years -- although -- it is and makes me who reach his 40's and will ride on a Mo...

MORIWAKI Nhãn hiệu

Although it thought which it would be made [ direction of a trademark ] the direction of a RACING, since it was not so high, he bought both.The direction of a trademark regards only a few as a high gr...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

It attached to the key fitted with a motor.
although the somewhat large kana ? was thought when it saw at the beginning -- -- I thought that this was an ant now since it is very well conspicuous whe...

MORIWAKI Đua Đai Chuông

Although it is budget prices, there may be a high grade feeling. The size was also good exactly!

MORIWAKI Nhãn hiệu

The logo of middle separated. When attached with the adhesive bond, it stopped separating, but I consider that it is better to have been more powerful at the time of shipment and to stick.

MORIWAKI Nhãn hiệu

It united with the trademark sticker and purchased. Although mono-[ itself ] is good, what the middle portion (trademark) of goods is likely to separate in is worrying... paste -- although he has a fe...

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