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MINIMOTO offers a wide variety of customization parts for off-road motorcycle mainly for MONKEY, GORILLA, and others such as DAX, CHALY and CUB. The reasonable price is attractive, also

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

MINIMOTO Stop Nhiên liệu Nhựa Universal (ON / tắt)

I replaced it because the OEM switch of KDX 125 SR was broken by rust and degradation of plastic part.I was able to attach it without any problems with shape, performance, price.OEM is a push type of ...

MINIMOTO Trục bánh xe siêu nhẹ

I bought -14 T and 15 T in 6 vGORILLA.It was only about 55 kilometers faster than the maximum speed on a flat road, the engine sound was also breaking, I was turning. Because it is late ...Because NOR...

MINIMOTO Thanh điều khiển GORILLA loại thấp

It arrived and installed it was 4 cm longer than the marking size It is Cut It is due to that the mounting hole shifted Other than that it is price.


I wanted the brightness a little more during the night driving, but if it was LED it could not do anything with anything expensive ... this product was cheap so I tried installing it with only eight.I...

MINIMOTO Dax Xoay vòng quay 30T

This sprocket fits the Skyteam Skymax 49cc wheel perfectly. Fit with less than 1mm clearance to hub but hasn't touched at all. Absolutely smallest possible without modification. 18t/30t sprocket combi...

MINIMOTO Chân đèn pha Φ26 Nhôm CNC

Do not be deceived by the image.I opened it and Big Li. Regardless of Clamp, Arm, the most prominent aspect is Bokoboko dent and Wound in the amount of Large, obviously cutting out a rough plate mater...

MINIMOTO Ống lưới thép không gỉ

The price is cheaply lower than other Manufacturers It is pleasant to sell 10 centimeters, but it seems that Rubber quality is not very good and it may be earlier than other Manufacturers to become Fi...

MINIMOTO Hệ thống xả thải cổ điển loại MONKEY Z

This texture, Recommendation at this price.I am using it for NORMAL's MONKEY, but I am satisfied with both appearance and performance.The sound is thicker and lower compared to NORMAL, and the vol...

MINIMOTO Chu trình đua Chrome cho OKO

Because I was looking for a funnel that can be used for OKOSeries and using Anodized processing things with other things, I thought that I would like to change to something with Impact, Timing well be...


Encore un bon article de la part de mini moto. la selle est arrivée correctement emballée. C'est une selle de bonne qualité. Aucun problème pour la monter sur mon GORILLA. Bonne densité de mousse et u...

MINIMOTO Công cụ kết nối dây đầu cuối Loại B

It works great with mini and junior-sized terminals. I only had trouble with connectors whose locking tabs were far too deep. I would be ideal to have one of these with longer pins.

MINIMOTO Dây pin DAX (cho 3. 0Ah)

its 2nd buying with webike
recommended seller :...

MINIMOTO Bộ dụng cụ lắp trục vít gắn trục vít Mini...

I bought it for Screw Mountain play of Rear hub of GORILLA. Drill of the hole which I did was not used and purchased separately. Because Insert and Tap can be used normally, is it a reasonable price. ...

MINIMOTO Xe máy Jack Tải trọng tối đa 500kg

It is better to think that it is almost impossible to use for the MODEL where the Exhaust pipe passes under the Engine because the Body and the support part have less clearance. I think that it can on...

MINIMOTO Stud Bolt Installer Remover 3pcs. bộ

I bought it for use in maintenance of NSR 50.Up to now I've been using the Double nut method to attach or remove Stud bolt, but the Stud bolt at the base of Exhaust Chamber is short, the Double nu...

MINIMOTO Khóa Khóa Nut 20 x 24mm

JA 07 Primary side of SuperCUB 110 (Centrifugation) Used for maintenance of Clutch. Pulley holder etc. are necessary to prevent co-rotation, but it was possible to use without problems.It may be a sto...

MINIMOTO Pullwelel Puller Opposite Thread Screw M2...

I used it with XR 100 MOTARD.Making is good, Bolt part can be turned thrill by hand.I do not get stuckBecause it does not take up space with Compact, there is nothing to worry about the storage place ...

MINIMOTO Bộ công cụ điều chỉnh bộ điều chỉnh công ...

Since the Head part attached from the beginning can not be replaced, if there is no Space it can not be used. It was a mistake to purchase thinking that the head part attached at the beginning can als...

MINIMOTO Bộ công cụ điều chỉnh bộ điều chỉnh công ...

Depending on the type of Carburetor, the position of Screw may be downward, and it can not be turned by a normal Driver. So I bought this tool. It is convenient to use even one shot Engine even 2 to 4...

MINIMOTO Máy cắt đột ngột Aadti

Bead margin allowance.Although it may not be necessary for a dexterous person ...People who would like to try Tire by themselves will not lose it by buying.Also need hang pearI push it giggly.

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

I bought an electric wheelchair on the Trunk room. Since it folds and can be placed, the width is just fine, just Cut it because the length was too long. I am working with two cars by car. I am please...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

It is definite and very light and easy to use. I am using it a little better and improving it a bit.. From this I will use Don Dong. Good shopping was done..

MINIMOTO Universal Xe máy & ATV, Snowplow Nhôm...

Until now I used wooden board instead of Slope. T company R vanWhen I changed it my luggage space was slightly shorter and I was struggling to store the board.Since Compact is a syllable phrase, it be...

MINIMOTO Độ dốc hợp kim phổ quát (Dài) Cho xe máy

It's cheap! It's a bit heavy, and the finish is stubborn.Well I do not mind the price is the price. I think that it is probably for mopeds, but there is also a little uneasiness in strength.I ...

MINIMOTO Phổ biến đến đứng Bảo trì Trước và sau

It is too large for Mini bikeWe used it for NSF 100 but it can not be used.Front stand can not be used for Full cowl at all.So welded and shortened.

MINIMOTO Đứng Loại A dành cho xe mô tô Mini Moto

Strength, construction is no problem.It may be good for use in Garage or display for shops.I do not care if the paint is weak, but I feel that it is really not possible without impossibility.

MINIMOTO Loại Mini Đen Bảo trì Đứng trước

JAZZ 2 times Lift, boss Shaft broke. When I contact Minimoto, Parts on Single Body Reply without saleIt was a product that was not usable.

MINIMOTO Phổ biến đến đứng Bảo trì Trước và sau

As Front stand, I used it with GSX-R1000.Especially it can be used without problems.I do not have much opportunity to use it so I do not have a problem, but if it is used a lot, it might be better to ...

MINIMOTO Loại dốc nhôm dẻo cho xe máy toàn cầu

Arrived in about 4 days after ordering.The entrance is 16 in. It was Garage of the height where the Front tire of half hidden, so order quickly and it was saved because correspondence was early..I was...

MINIMOTO Phổ biến đến đứng Bảo trì Trước và sau

When opening the package, there was already rusted part, but in actual use, the functional side is no problem. Although the details such as the Plating part and the price range are higher than the STA...

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