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KOWA Pin Spanner

Simultaneous purchase when Rear suspension is exchanged for Other Company Product.There is no cheapness, the making is solid and the feeling of use is very good.There is no use scene after setting Rea...

KOWA Tua vít Mini (Phillips / Rãnh)

As other imprints are easy to use and easy to turn.Hondorogo seems to be like it and you can soak your sense of superiority.Idle Screw, I'm leaving in Bag to turn Air Screw.

KOWA Máy kéo rotor

I bought it to remove Flywheel of HondaGL 700 Interstate.As expected there were only OEM tools, Flywheel could easily be removed.Easily, because the handlebar part of the CROSS CROSS is short, it is d...

KOWA Máy đo mức dầu

The Kowa Oil Level Gauge helps you to perfectly set up the float level of your carburetor. It's an easy thing: the more accurate the set up is done the better your motorcycle runs.

KOWA Cờ lõm 45 độ Offset 10 x 12mm

Take this wrench in your hands and feel the wonderful quality of this perfectly made Kowa tool. This should definitely be in your tool box when you work on motorcycles.

KOWA Chủ Universal

Getting off the flywheel rotor is an easy thing with this tool. Just apply the holder to your flywheel and you can easily loosen the screw that holds the rotor in place without the rotor turning.

KOWA Tua vít Mini (Phillips / Rãnh)

Not only is this stubby screwdriver extremely small but also it delivers a perfect fit to the Japanese Phillips screws on your Japanese motorcycle. Which means you won't damage your screws anymore.

KOWA Bánh xe bay / Máy kéo rotor

If you love to work on your motorcycle with original tools instead of aftermarket ones you should get this one.
This fly wheel puller from Kowa is part of the original Honda shop tools that Honda mec...

KOWA Cờ lăn 45 độ 12 x 14mm

The look and feel of this 45 degree offset wrench is easy to describe: simply perfect. Take it in your hands and you know what I mean. It is perfectly chromed and polished - a pleasure to work with. ...

KOWA Tay lái chữ T (Phillips) Không. 3

With this T-handle Screwdriver you will never again ruin any screws on your bike. It is shaped to perfectly fit the so called JIS (Japanes Industry Standard) Screws on most Japanese motorcycles of the...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

I use it for exchanging Tire exaggeratedly with this Rim protector,Very easy to use and durable.If you use cheap products elsewhere, this will last long,In the long run, I think that this product is a...

KOWA Lốp xe 2pc. bộ

As a Honda collector I of course love the Honda logo on these tire levers. Don't forget to buy the Kowa rim protectors if you change tires on your motorcycle. They will avoid nasty marks on your rims ...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

If you change tires on your motorcycle on your own don't forget to buy these inexpensive rim protectors.
Without these it is nearly impossible to change a tire without leaving heavy marks on the rim ...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

I thought that there was not much difference between products like such as Rim protector that seemed so simple, but the ease of installation on Rim was completely different. We used Webimg Garage '...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

Purchase because I do not want to hurt Rim. We thought of buying a set with Wee Big's Lever but I wanted to use 3, so I selected 3 items of this item.I think the price was the most affordable.Leve...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

I purchased Repeat.When KOWA Kowa Seiki Rim protector is attached to Wheel rim, it snaps and sounds, so it is definitely a very good feeling!Not to mention the scratch prevention of Wheel rim, Tire Le...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

Although I do not feel like using here, the price is also easy, I am favorite with Kowa Seiki.I have not used it yet, but I used to use Manufacturer unknown Material : It was not good with Rubber.The ...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

The other day I ordered Taro's Protector, but it was useless.It was a mistake to see such a Manufacturer as a similar thing.Tallow-chan, plastic quality, shape, strength of string, everything is u...

KOWA Lốp xe 2pc. bộ

Thinness, shape, moderate Length etc., every point is a tool that is very easy to use.Previously, Tire Lever, ordered by a parts store, had a similar shape, but it hurt Tire and Wheel, and it did not ...

KOWA Bảo vệ Rim (3pc. Bộ)

I used it for Tire exchange of OEMWheel of Ninja 250R.The meat is thinner than what I purchased before "Snatch!" As it firmly engages, it is difficult to shift and Tire Lever is easy to ente...

KOWA Máy đo lốp xe 2 bánh (Với Chì chì Chì L)

Since the life, degree of comfort, and movement engine performance of fuel consumption and a tire will seemingly be affected, air pressure is periodically checked, so that it may be said well. Since i...

KOWA Máy đo lốp xe 2 bánh (Với Chì chì Chì L)

When getting an air compressor, I will want an air impact wrench, an air duster, and a pressure gauge. Since having used for a motorcycle was hot just for a moment when the pressure gauge was an objec...

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