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KIJIMA is now a general parts manufacturer representing Japan. With outstanding processing technology, they develop not only rubber items but also metal press modification, resin molding, die casting and casting products!

KIJIMA Khung biển số KIJIMA

I totally removed the factory tail light and support as opposed to cutting it down S per the instructions.
Very easy instal and it’s a quality piece for sure. I ran the generic eBay LED tail light w...


Harley seen in Catalogue is Side number and slender Tire is bareThe impression was strong, and Harley who purchased was uncomfortable with the purchase.This is now the same as Catalog.

KIJIMA Chân cao su

Playful Red color with Kick starter Rubber and Quantity : Purchase with Set.It was Footpeg Rubber, but rather than Rubber, it looks like PVC and on rainy days, it slidesThat's it.. First of all it...

KIJIMA Bộ đèn LED Blinker Kit TRL 2

It was installed in DL 1000 V-STROM 1000.Refreshing compared with NORMAL well appearance and Parenthesis well.Just a bit, compared with NORMAL, I feel a little dark but I am satisfied.

KIJIMA SP1 Loại Grip

【What made you decide the purchase?】I saw a friend exchanging a grip, I envied and bought it.【How was it actually used?】I never got on a car that replaced Grip so far, but I did not expect much, but i...

KIJIMA Lọc dầu

As you can see, you can buy it cheaper than the discount price of OEM.Installation work can be done without difficulties, I think I will continue to purchase from now on.For now it's sold with two...

KIJIMA Dán dán nhiệt

My car used to be too hot before the exhaust. After using this heat-resistant paper, the shape ...

KIJIMA Đơn vị đèn LED Đuôi

The atmosphere of NORMAL's Tail lamp was not good, I found this product, but posting on other sites has posted by someone who was dissatisfied with installation precision and hesitated but I bough...

KIJIMA Sponge Grip

Easy to install, if you have Rubber hammer Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I think that it will be installed in less than five minutes. I do not need to install a Grip end, I think it is an affor...

KIJIMA Chân đế Đèn Chớp

I purchased this Bracket because I replaced the Blinker of ZX - 9R from Type..Although it was said that it corresponded to M8 ~ M10, if it was M10, I cut a hole a little and it made it Large.The insta...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

I already bought the second Kijima key holder in the Webike store. Good quality and very much like. I will order one for the third motorcycle. I also recommend this product to others.

KIJIMA Tay vịn gắn khung

I installed it in VFR 800F. Since OEMHandlebarAdjusterPlate is used, Bolt that was packed briefly closed with another Bolt. I think that it can be installed without problem if the original Handlebar h...

KIJIMA Tay cầm thanh nẹp

It is still useful to have a smartphone or USB power supply installed in Motorcycle.When exchanging, because there is a case that the Spanner touches the tank excessively, I think that it is good to p...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

Beautiful key holder! Works great with the key for my 1988 Yamaha YSR. It is made out of aluminum so it is light weight and feels good.

KIJIMA Túi hỗ trợ bên trái

Although it is natural, you can firmly install Side bag.It is good not to be so conspicuous even when Bag is removed (Black)

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

I bought a Kijima key holder.
Very good product. Blue anodized solid aluminium.
Fits My other parts. I recommend it others. ...

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

KIJIMA Key Holder CNC Type หัวกุญแจงาน CNC จาก Kijima ดีไซน์โดนใจ ใช้งานดีมาก สะดวกสบาย ถนัดมือในการบิดกุญแจ พกพาง่าย
KIJIMA Key Holder CNC Type The Kijima CNC key pad is very comfortable to use.

KIJIMA Thắt lưng tandem lao du lịch

Excellent! :) MADE IN JAPAN!!! First class touring with my son! :) Perfect quality... Luxury Made and look! Maybe I will bux second later!

KIJIMA Hỗ trợ Saddle Bag (Bên phải)

Item came within days, Installation was easy and quality is excellent for the price I paid! Would definitely buy again from webike!

KIJIMA Chì chìa khoá kiểu CNC

คุ้มค่ามากๆ สวยงาม และ แข็งแรง ติดตั้งได้ง่าย ไม่เกิน 5นาที แต่ต้องมีเลื้อยสำหรับทำการติดตั้ง ใช้แล้วกุญแจดูดีขึ่นมาก
(translated by Google Translator)
Very good value, beautiful and strong, easy ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Good quality, mounts are firm. Loops are large enough and easy to hook through a helmet d ring. It looks like it will withstand any attempts to break it

KIJIMA Chân đế Tái định cư Mũ bảo hiểm

New Model NINJA 400, Helmet holder is Standard Equipment Although it is unavoidable for Large change, the location is too bad.Helmet catches a footpeg.Moreover, it is a serious Damage because it is wi...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I bought a CRF 1000L for not thinking deeply, but AdventureSports was not able to be attached to Manual as Seat Cowl became Large.Wait for a compatible product or universal product with Handlebaror Ca...

KIJIMA Hell Lock Wire

Until now Helmet 's D Ring was hung on the hook on the side of the car body was small and the workability was bad, but with this product you can easily install it so it is now easier.Because Cover...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

V-strom650 (2018MODEL) It attached to.Because Tandem Footpeg is also Black, it's like a sense of unity like an OEM.If there is a Helmet lock, it is still useful after all.Because the Screw Lock ag...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

It interfered with the OHLINS operating device and could not be installed in the place according to the Instruction Manual.I searched for a way of attaching and fixed the Plate so that it attaches to ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

I bought Motorcycle for the first time in about 20 years, but now the Motorcycle isI was surprised that the Helmet holder was not even attached.(Well ~ Actually I will tighten to RearSeat ? ? ? )This ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

【What made you decide the purchase?】 I attached the OHLINS Rear Suspension YA 535 to the MT - 09 Tracer, but the Rear suspension 's Reserver Tank Bracket was replaced by the conventional Helmet ho...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Instruction Manual Although installed as stated above, it is said that Helmet is on the footpeg when installing Helmet. It is a mystery that there is no Helmet holder on the outside of the Motorcycle ...

KIJIMA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

Since I bought a spring and summer Jacket, I have already locked the KITACO in the Right Side Handlebar part because I can not put the Helmet in the Top case, but I wanted to use the Vise guard 2, so ...

KIJIMA Đầu dây

There are so many similar injectors. I think they're all by the same factory in China. So why buy this one? I bought it simply because of the cool colors. The red silicone or rubber inside looks diffe...

KIJIMA Dây quấn lọc dầu

Used with R25. I tried to replace the Oil Filter at the time of Oil replacement, but did not turn around and I could not use it just because the Oil Filter was recessed by tightening.

KIJIMA Dây quấn lọc dầu

I purchased KIJIMA 's Oil Element exchange. When exchanging it was Exactly to Oil Element, but because it was loose it was easily loosened by hand. I closed it a lot by hand, so it seems necessary...

KIJIMA Dây quấn lọc dầu

In order to wind the band around the Filter and turn the Filter with its sliding resistance, you must tighten it with Band firmly. Hang is necessary for tightening method, once push the tip of Handleb...

KIJIMA Dầu phanh

Double disk If you are planning to use it on a car, it is usually faster to do it only with Air hose.When pulling out with a syringe, Tank collapses at about 10 times (lolBreather Valve will do the ai...

KIJIMA Dầu phanh

I used it for Brake fluid exchange of Daytona 675R.Usability is not bad (It is better not to use Cylinder but Gun type negative pressure Pump better ...) Although it is fatal that the Fluid Tank of th...

KIJIMA Bộ van hút

It is Z50JjNORMAL of MONKEY.Although I purchased it for Overhaul, it was still impossible for the Small Valve on the exhaust side.So I tried to stick with Double-sided Tape. I used 100 thick thick typ...

KIJIMA Cáp màu Tie

It was unexpected. "Colored Cable Tie".I knew Motorcycle was cooler if I knew it sooner - - -.Thank you for selling Manufacturer..

KIJIMA Cáp màu Tie

It is possible to choose various colors by changing the Large in fiddling with Motorcycle.I hope the more color variations increase, the lower the price.

KIJIMA Cáp màu Tie

This Red Tie Wrap is perfect for the Red part seen from the outside of the car body.Tie Wrap hides like a camel on.It is very helpful.

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

If the Stay currently sold at a Home center something is used well, it will become a Side bag [ Just size / a MONKEY ]! If the Chain lock something is put into the Side bag, it will come on the loadin...

KIJIMA Túi công cụ cổ điển

Texture is quite high at the product made from leather thick [ firm ].Although the price is carried out so so, it is the quality corresponding to it.An easy tool and Chain lock enter in respect of sto...

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