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GIVI lineups items like hard cases from Italy. They manage from a design to production throughout. Their tail boxes adopted as a genuine option are reliable.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!


Installed in S1000XRMounting Bracket was not webike, so I imported directlyConsidering shipping costs for OBK 58, webike saves moneyWe already installed SIDEPannier of OBK 37, and at that time the key...

GIVI Hộp đựng Mono-lock E250N2 WILDCAT

I bought it for Rain jacket and tools.Considering Design and functionality, I bought a little Small one. If it is the same Manufacturer, you can exchange immediately with One-Touch so you might as wel...

GIVI Lắp [541FZ] Cho Mono Rack

I think that honest top case 's Bracket alone is 20,000 yen rushing but because there is nothing else that looks good,.The order of inserting Washer and Spacer at the time of installation is diffe...

GIVI MONOLOCK Case E470 Series

Until now, I used E370, but I got it here in a certain Oakon station and exchanged it.The difference in capacity is not as large as Large, but the Large is getting better in the horizontal direction.Y...

GIVI Khóa Mono Trường hợp B 32 N DŨNG CẢM

【What made you decide the purchase?】As the title, rectangular design. TouringSEROW Width is Exactly places.【How was it actually used?】Usability is good. Especially, opening and closing of the lid inte...

GIVI Khay đặc biệt [SR371]

this is a very good product and fit my yamaha xt1200 super tenere like it come out from the factory. all the screws and brackets fit nicely to the exisiting mounting hole hence no modification needed....

GIVI [Bộ phận sửa chữa] Khóa bảo mật (1pc. ) [GIVI...

GIVIMonokey case for V47 for repair key.Exchange from the inside of Case + 4 Screws to remove Lock set, 10 mm Nut 1 pc. If you relaxCan exchange.I think that it is not necessary to see though the Inst...

GIVI Khóa xe tăng [XS320]

Because Africa Twin's dedicated Attachment was also necessary, it was over 2,000 yen in Total, but I am quite satisfied considering that it is convenient to use. Easy and reliable desorption with ...

GIVI Hộp đựng Mono Lock [E43NML-ADV]

It is truly the quality and loadability.At first, I had a hard time opening and closing, but if you get used to it, it is Large changeable.Currently attached to h2sx and Touring.

GIVI Hộp đựng Mono Lock [E43NML-ADV]

I purchased it together when purchasing MotorcycleSince I often go Tandem, Backrest has made it to ADV that comes with it from the beginning.I like design because I am not good at round.I want 47L whe...

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI

Catalog photos of product introductions are not cool, but the style after installation is outstanding.Screen became wider even with Rider's eyes [Color] Smoke is reasonable, I exchanged it from OE...

GIVI Khung kim loại [E96B]

Effective use of Dead space on Top case.Although it is useless long for a person not doing Camping touring, when loading things that can not fit in the Top case or moving objects in the Top case to th...

GIVI Khung kim loại [E96B]

The top cover surface of the GIVITop case can be effectively used by rack mounting.If you can improve it? Quantity Rack Size : Pair (for Left and Right) I would like you to expand it by 5 cm each furt...

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI

Used for SR 400 Purchase for high speed Touring,I decided on price and Large Ki.Because height is high Screen can be floated above Light and higher Quantity : Set, let's wind down on Helmet with a...

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI

For MONKEY has been looking for Full Cowl for many years and I have endured it with Bikini cowl, but I knew the existence of this product the other day and purchased it immediately. The effect as Cowl...

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI cho SUZUKI V-STROM 650 (DL650)

Since it is an overseas product, installation is no problem Level, but since it is easy to attach Wound when using it, Clearer needs moderate Care. Also, it is good to be able to set the upper and low...

GIVI Tựa lưng GIVI

Managed to fix it to my Kappa K25N box. I was unable to find a backrest for my box model and tried my luck on this Givi E88M universal bracket. Fits alright for a universal backrest. Thanks.

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI

The cheapest thing I tried to buy was distorted when I gave Speed ??and I was a little worried.This is solid..Although you can see the effect when riding at high speed, Large Yu Cowl's Tourer (BMW...

GIVI Bảo vệ Động cơ Hạ [TN1144]

Since I've been experiencing standing even in Motorcycle that I was riding in the past, I tried wearing it as a stubborn cane.I installed it myself. Working time is about 3 hours. The work was qui...

GIVI Chắn gió GIVI cho YAMAHA TDM900

отличное стекло. доставка около месяца в РФ эконом вариант, без отслеживания. пришло в отделение почты, все приехало в полном порядке. упаковка выполнена была в коробку.
Google translate:

GIVI Túi chống nước UT803

I bought it for Camping touring.When I was young, it was TwoBackStyle when I was Two, and I put a Camping tool in this Bag with capacity 40L.Another clothes change to about 20 L of Back and bath Quant...

GIVI T 513 WaterproofEngine GuardBag

I like this bag. It can be mounted almost anywhere on a motorbike.It's waterproof. The GIVI logo can reflect the night. It also protects the motorbike from crash on dirt road.

GIVI Túi chống thấm nước [GRT701]

When I was on the Motorcycle in the rain I noticed that I was covering muddy water from my head.It is not very pleasant that Backpack sucks muddy water.WaterproofBackpack was also purchased from the r...

GIVI Túi không thấm nước PBP01

Waterproof Bag is a necessity as it can rain whenever you ride Motorcycle by commuting every day..The fabric is solid and waterproof seems to be high. I have never used it on a pouring but it seems La...

GIVI Áo huỳnh quang CSV01

Before and after Reflector (With GIVILogo) It also comes with a.Although it is hard to understand in the image, the Black part of both SIDE is surprised to be able to narrow down by Velcro and also ha...

GIVI Túi đựng nước không thấm nước GIVI

good point- Characteristic Design- I hardly covered it with other people- Size in the vertical direction can be changed somewhat according to contentsA bad point- The function as Holster bag is close ...

GIVI Túi chống thấm GIVI

although 80L thought the kana ~ which it was a size beyond anticipation and was too large at first -- -- when the Camping tool etc. were packed, it was an exactly good size.
> greater hides the less...

GIVI Bảo trì mũ bảo hiểm

Helmet's Maintenance is also used for storage. Helmet If you put it in the included bag, you do not have to worry about dust in storage upside down. Perhaps it is best not to load the Income worn ...

GIVI Bảo trì mũ bảo hiểm

Of course when Maintaining Helmet, it is useful not to roll and keep it when you keep it. Also, since we are wearing Income, you do not have to worry about hitting the surface you put directly when yo...

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