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ETHOS offers not only parts for customization but apparels, maintenance kits and special tools as well. ETHOS is a reliable brand which supports satisfyingly customer who enjoy customizing a motorcycle.


Installation is easy if you can remove OEM Product. Since Blinker becomes LED, high flasher measures are essential. I am sorry that One Side Tail ceased to exist in a year. I was disappointed not to b...

ETHOS Hyper Grip hợp chất trung bình

Like Gloves, it is a classic Items of old TRIAL.It is hard to get tired and it's hard to slip. Compared to other grips, it is hard to slip even if it gets dirty with mud.The price was affordable, ...

ETHOS Xích phía trước

I bought 13 valuables for precious NSR 250 R.It is necessary for Gymkhana and ShortCircuit, but it is not handled by SUNSTAR or ZAM.There is also a molded hole in the shape, it is light weighted and i...

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

The previous Gauge leaked out of the air and replaced it. It is half the price of the previous one, but I feel that it is easy to use Large by pressing Valve on Exactly.

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

Before going to Touring with the influence of a certain testRider, I always drop to GS and check the air pressure before leaving.However, I always thought that Gauge attached to the GS Air pump was no...

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

I used the same thing so far. Because it deteriorated a bit after several years passed, I purchased the same item again because it is familiar and superior to COSPA.

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

For Air Check Emon (I wonder if it was?) I used cheap Air gauge of for Vehicle.For Vehicle so the angle is not good for Motorcycle.I bought for Motorcycle to eliminate Stress.At the moment I used it f...

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (100kPa)

4? / ? Although it has more measurement Gauge, I purchased it for TRIALTireMeter part which can feel the accuracy with good texture part Because the rotary type, the pressure relief valve which does n...

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

It is saved because the Disc Plate is not disturbing that it is in the way. I am relieved that it can be used without air leak without relation with direction of Valve.

ETHOS Máy đo không khí cuối cùng (400kPa)

Until now I was using cheap on other Manufacturer, but I felt quite a stress when measuring air pressure.When I used this place I could stick firmly even in the direction free and narrow, so the Stres...

ETHOS Ống thở không khí

It took hours to remove Air from Brake so far, but using Syringe I put Oil from Breed of Caliper and hydraulic pressure started to take about 5 minutes of thing.It is not disposable and I think that I...

ETHOS Mô hình Nhận Con nuôi Caster

I used cheap products of Manufacturer unknown, but because it was hard to use, I replaced it with ETHOS.good pointSince the rigidity is solid, even if the car body is shaken, it does not go guyagguha....

ETHOS Mini đôi Caster đứng phía sau cao su Đặt Arm

Purchase for Grom without Center Stand.Thanks to a simple structure and a quadruple Caster with Bearing, it lifts with a light force.

ETHOS Đế Đứng Đế Caster Đầy đủ điều chỉnh

I was using Shorter Type STAND manufactured by another company, but because of rust I could not support the weight of GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA and it got twisted. The price was slightly higher, but I bough...

ETHOS Mini đôi Caster đứng phía sau cao su Đặt Arm

Purchased like Hara 2.Until now, I used Side Stand and stayed on the wallLet me hang it and remove Rear tireI wish I could buy it sooner.Large type has for Hook bolt, but it does not matchSo it was im...

ETHOS Mini đôi Caster đứng phía sau cao su Đặt Arm

I think that I did a good shopping.. Cost performance is also good, even though Side Stand has no problem, I use this easily and are using it for Maintenance and Custom easily.

ETHOS Mô hình Nhận Con nuôi Caster

It is easy to use as usual. It looks pretty good too. The Rubber of the Mount part is also thick and relieved.Pipe diameter is also large and secure. I do not feel dissatisfied, but I wish it was a bi...

ETHOS Đứng trước

It is explained that it corresponds to most Motorcycle, but it was not usable for GSX 1100S. Because the position of the vehicle's Stem hole is high, Front tire will not float even if the STAND is...

ETHOS Mini Caster Phía sau Đứng cơ thể

I thought it was cheap and purchased Rubber arm did not come with it."Body only" And that's it.But the quality is good.

ETHOS Mặt trước

Purchased at DUCATI's Front forkfor Replacement. Anyway it's great. Take Space for storage. Product accuracy is bad and the Slide part does not operate on Smooth. There was no Reverse side Pro...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

I have favorite mont-bell Touring Gloves, but I bought it for trial because the price is cheap. As stated by the product information, it is easy to grasp easily. The operability is outstanding with th...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

About 30 years ago, I purchased Ethos' Exhaust Chamber on NSR 250, I purchased it, I purchased it, because it is for TRIAL it is short but it is easy to use.I think Gloves is familiar and durable ...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro TR81P EZ Glove

Since Leather Gloves became old, I found it for 3Season and found it. Because Motorcycle is 400ccSingle and oscillation is Large I am interested in the utility of AssistPad and purchased it.Product ma...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

As expected Trial Gloves. Lever, Throttle can operate with a feeling close to bare hands.Since it was made by the manufacturing method which can not do Wrinkle in the palm of hand when it grips, it ha...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro TR81P EZ Glove

The old MODEL was used.
The MODEL of the last direction had the bad result of the Velcro of a wrist, and it stopped using it.
Since a new MODEL came out, he bought it....

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

Although the TRIAL is gnawed lightly, since thinness fits a hand well exactly, you may be easy to carry out delicate operation of the Lever.
> appearance is also good.

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

[Webike Monitor] It is used by extreme Motorcycle.
Although various Gloves, such as a on-road 、 Motocross and a TRIAL, were tried, there are no other products which excel this Glove.
It is preemine...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

By TR71 of the front MODEL, although it was a time-tested product as an object for TRIALs, although it might be an individual problem, there is a portion whose sewing is not so very well, and it might...

ETHOS TRY-1 Pro Glove TR81

When it actually uses, it is operativity preeminent with a feeling of a Fit which exceeds expectation considerably.
Most wrinkles of a palm when the Grip is grasped cannot be found, and lever handlin...

ETHOS EZ-ON Touring Glove

It is easy to carry out operation by soft and thin Ikuji. The portion of a palm is thin and durability has uneasiness.

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