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DRC offers various maintenance parts and repair parts mainly for off-road motorcycles.

Các thương hiệu đang giảm giá! Khuyến mãi trong tuần này!

DRC Nhông xe sau DRC

It does not complain about strength and durability.If you are going to raise the drawback, (Here are opinions) , And where exclusive Bolt, Nut must be, such thing?I think that it is a good product

DRC Bộ phận chính Jet Kit

I bought it to take 3MA setting.Anyway it is cheaper than other companies and it will be saved.Even though it is cheap, accuracy is not bad either.

DRC Bộ Lọc Radiator

색이 하나밖에 없어서 좀 아쉽다 나는 파란색이나 검은색을 원하는데 없어서 선택할수없이 빨간색을 골라서 구매를 했다 알맞는 사이즈로 재단이 되어 있어서 아주 만족 스럽다 그냥 볼트온이라서 누구든지 편하게 장착 할수 있을것 같다. 제품은ㅇ 만족 스럽다.
I only want one blue color or black color. I did not want t...

DRC Sprocket Bolt / Hạt

WR 250X I exchange Bolt at the same time as Sprocket exchange of 2007 year.I am driving without trouble for now without looseness.

DRC Bộ phanh phanh bằng thép không rỉ

Removed OEM RetainerBolt, although there is no step, but rust and dirt are conspicuous, I think that I can reuse it if I polish But dare to exchange it to DRC.Easy to install, just remove and replace....

DRC Tay côn DRC

I purchased it because I used the Clutch lever broken.The portion hitting the finger of Lever felt wider than the OEM.I thought that I wanted a fit feeling of the finger a bit more curved.

DRC Bộ Lọc Radiator

Three years after installing it faded Red became Pink like red hamExchange along with waist OH.There is a hang to tighten the Thermostat side Band, even a beginner can exchange it.Just regularly check...

DRC Bộ dụng cụ cầm tay nhựa MOTOLED Edge

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】Since the Lens of the Tail lamp of other Brand Product which had been attached up to now has broken, it seems time has passed since the manufacture is already fin...

DRC Bộ kết nối treo sau Ly nâng cao

It was installed in the year 2008 ETRACKERX.Although it is a very simple installation, it is sometimes referred to as the Parts being used around the legs and is very tightened with Torque.With the si...


使用车型时是HONDA CBR600RR 2010

DRC Túi Boots

Not using Off-road boots but Racing boots (SIDI Cydi : Used with Vortice Air On-Road BootsWhen carrying the equipment when running Circuit with Transporter, I could not put together only Boots and it ...

DRC Túi Boots

I was worried that there is no underlay, but I responded with Corrugated cardboard, because it got soiled anyway I wonder if this is OK, until now I have put it in the Garbage bag, but because the ins...

DRC Túi Boots

Until now I have carried OffBoots in a Garbage bag, but it is convenient to have it. Well, with the corrugated cardboard piece underlayed, Garbage bag is still inside, but I like it well and I like Co...

DRC Ống chống sương cứng cứng

Fitting was not a problem.It is a shame that the Replacement Lens for MAIN is only Clear.Next will be to buy Goggles with abundant selection of Replacement Lens.

DRC Túi giặt

Although I wanted to buy it from before, I replaced it with other things, but I purchased it unexpectedly because I could not use it.Besides, Laundry bag of DirtFreak was cheaper, but because there wa...

DRC Túi Boots

This is the third purchase.Did not the old ones have lost their bottom?Although it is not a fraying translation, the thread on the Reverse side is also very good.However, COSPA is the best, so I will ...

DRC Ống chống sương mù cứng

I could install it to the 83X without problem. Inside - There is no outside clarification, but it seems to be the one with Yellow color Film stuck inside. Since Lens is a consumable item, it will be s...

DRC Túi Boots

I use TCX 's off - road boots, but I'm Large enough to fit comfortably.I think that most off-road boots will go in.Since the upper part is Mesh, I think that Muret after using Boots will go ou...

DRC Ống chống sương mù cứng

This time, I tried purchasing Mirror Lens of DRC for OAKLEY's Clover.Goggles, but I also use Mayhem of the same Manufacturer, this is OAKLEYOEM's FireWindshield IRIDIUMLens (Orange's Mirro...

DRC Tear Off Film

Form is also solid and there is also no difference of being pure.
although a authentic positive one has few places to purchase -- the thing of DRC -- Webike -- -- it can purchase easily and is conv...

DRC Người giữ hạt

I found this tool as I was looking for a good Tool because I improve Tire exchange.I looked at your review and purchased it by trial to the honma I tried using it and I was able to shorten the exchang...

DRC Bơm Bơm Mini C302

It can be used sufficiently as Inflator's tool.It is firm and easy to use for the price.It is convenient to carry because Large is also Compact.

DRC Kiểm tra Sag

It is good to have troublesome sag out, but it is easy to do it alone by using this ~ (=゚ω゚) ノBecause it is convenient to carry small items as commodities themselves, from now on you can carry i...

DRC C301 Bơm Mini 2WAY

I received the product and was very surprised. I was surprised at the size and how it works.
Now it seems that tire worries will be less wherever they are.
I brought relief to me....

DRC Đai rèn Ratchet

Purchase frequently for Plug replacement trucks.I can only access from the sideThe swing width of the tool can not be securedPlug position vehicle said that Recommendation.It is thin because it is eas...

DRC Bơm sàn F503

Although I was a bit uneasy as to whether Impre reads fixed Lever or not? F is not a problem at all! Rear is just like a normal choice of ~ Choi and diagonally raising Lever there is exactly RWheel...

DRC Van điều khiển không khí

【What made you decide the purchase?】- When releasing the air at the time of Tire exchange, I pushed Air valve with Slotted screwdriver, but because it is not a high price, I decided to buy a special t...

DRC Chai dầu di động

I am using it for Touring with HUSQVARNA 2 st Machine.After refueling with the service station, first check the Oil amount relative to Gasoline refueling amount in the mixture ratio comparison chart. ...

DRC Bảo vệ đầu cắm Spark

I use it in BR 8 ES of CRM 250 AR.Insertion was quite cool, but it fell securely.I carried it in the Backpack of for Off-Road and carried well, but it is falling pretty well, but the container and Plu...

DRC Bơm sàn F503

Motorcycle, for MTB, I tried purchasing it.Although I had predicted largely, the Lock lever is large and it interferes with Wheel.You can put in air without setting the Lock lever, but if you are sayi...

DRC Núm hàng hóa neo

As SEA BASSM 109 R rearwarder hook.I use it to fix the Large type TouringBack.The attached M8 Bolt is about 10 mm This car body is short, use the stock thing.Making is light, but intensity seems good ...

DRC Chân vịt Gyro

It is necessary to use while lubricating Bearing etc..If you forget it, each part seems to be damaging in the blink of an eye, I feel that I need attention.

DRC Chân vịt Gyro

I bought another BalancerSTAND before but I am replacing it here because there is no good point that the accuracy of the product is badly unnoticeable as the large and disturbing Large.I do not take a...

DRC Gyro Easy

There is no better way to exchange Tire by yourselfBecause there is no foundation storage is also taken placeI am using a horse for Car on the foundation

DRC Van kéo không khí

Even if it is not necessary, it will be anything else but it is convenient.Especially when you become a Puncture repair in the mountain instead of Garage, promptlyI'm putting it in an in-car tool ...

DRC T2 vòng đai đinh tán

I posted it three times with the first Transporter and dropped it downWhen releasing Ratchet, ReleaseHook will not get caught.Once I thought about cutting at Knife.After going home, I immediately made...

DRC Tie Down Hook 50 độ

I wanted to add Tie DownHook to caravan's luggage room and purchased this product so that Tie Down can be applied to 6 locations in total.Especially, if you have a motorcycle that is always loaded...

DRC Ống kẹp ống

Although I bought it for the E25 Caravan's Second seat, but Pipe was too thick to use it. Well, conformance is High ace and of course it is within expectation. I thought that if I changed Bolt to ...

DRC Gyro Easy

I purchased with Tire exchange of ZrX 1200R. How to use prepare 2 STANDs, take a level and pass Gyro Easy there and use it.Especially it is a good item that you can use Balance as well as ordinary for...

DRC Bánh xe máy xe đạp đường tắt

Since Rear has a Basket for storage, I chose L on One size from M of XL 230 Standandard.This Cover seems quite tight, and it felt Tight in a nice meaning from Front tire to around Handlebar.You can al...

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