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Daytona là một trong những nhà sản xuất và bán sỉ lớn nhất tại Nhật Bản, họ luôn cung cấp những sản phẩm phụ tùng, phụ kiện phong phú dành cho các tay đua với nhiều loại xe khác nhau.

DAYTONA Trung tâm Chân đứng

I installed this on my 2018 SR400 with an aftermarket slip-on muffler. It bolted on easily to the old stock muffler mounting point. It has to be mounted at a bit of an angle, so test fit it before tig...

DAYTONA O-ring cho thay thế Cap Nắp dầu

My Oil filter cap O-ring is lost, I afraid it will lack the oil, so i buy it to reinstall the oil filter. This O-ring is good in condition. Although I still not yet install, But I think this is fit s...

DAYTONA Đồng hồ thăm nhớt DAYTONA

The oil thermometer fits well, supplied without an o-ring. I used the original oil dipstick.
Used for the Daytona Anima 190cc engine.

DAYTONA Siêu ly hợp trung tâm mùa xuân

good daytona spring for suzuki zz engine without muffler and bore up kit. good repair for original spring is this one isnt enough strong

DAYTONA Gương ngang BSC

Very sturdy and they look great. If you want a very nice lookong aftermarket mirror but do not want to use bar end mirrors、these are for you. They are purchased individually so you will need to buy 2

DAYTONA Siêu ly hợp trung tâm mùa xuân

+3% spring for my suzuki zz with daytona belt nice choice. this one +/- like a STD spring i guess. so ist good replacement for std spring on stock engine


Very good quality belt.
used in my suzuki zz. after installing i got a some power from this one. mileage more than 2000km and this one is ok!

DAYTONA Bộ lọc nguồn điện nâng cao

This air filter is very good, texture, in the use of air intake is very smooth. No matter from the appearance or appearance are my favorite, observation for a long time, finally bought back, did not d...

DAYTONA Băng khai thác

Nice and thick tape for wraping wiring looms. Material is very strong and is easy to use. Appears to be alot on the roll and is easy to cut.

DAYTONA Bộ cảm biến tốc độ không liên lạc

The Daytona non contact speed sensor works perfectly with my Dayton Velona Gauges. They are easy to set up and also easy to wire in. They are also much more clean looking on the bike compared to other...

DAYTONA Bộ kết nối HM

I but it because i want like to change the light of my motobike, but the original one is not suitable, so i buy this connector hope it can suitable for my bike. the codition is good.

DAYTONA Máy phát điện không khí 12V

Since Motorcycle is kept by Car, purchase with the aim of utilizing Car's Cigar socket power supply and put in Tire air of Motorcycle.I actually used it, but since Cable is too short, I got the Mo...

DAYTONA Khóa ly hợp Khóa ly hợp (Dành cho Xe đạp M...

With the incorporation of DAYTONAMONKEYHydroClutch, you must not tighten Nut with this.It will be very helpful if you come with Clutch Kit Mr. DAYTONA (Lol)

DAYTONA Bộ sạc ắc quy DAYTONA dùng cho Switching B...

Made with reliable DAYTONA. Manuals are easy, it is excellent also in COSPA, and the quality was surely Made in Japan quality. If Power Cord is designed a bit longer, handling within Garage may be use...


It is "good" as the overall evaluation.Compact does not have extra features and is simple.For those who want voltage meter "only"It is the best.If you can process WiringBy cutting ...

DAYTONA Khớp van khí

In other Extensions such as L-Type, I heard that the air will escape when removing, but this can not be missed. Large I'm strong.. One thing to worry about is that it is a little difficult to type...

DAYTONA Bộ sạc ắc quy DAYTONA dùng cho Switching B...

I was looking for the same thing as the item I bought before, but I did not find it for this item. Manufacturer also has the same price range, so we decided without hesitation. However, the explanatio...

DAYTONA Ổ khóa ổ khóa

Impact wrench mounted in no problem at all3 KJJOG 's Clutch disassembly unavoidably purchasedWhen setting again etc etc. I think that there will be opportunities to use again Since it is better to...

DAYTONA Ly dầu với nắp

Because I used it for the first time, I can not compare it with others, but it was comfortable because it entered the necessary amount at the same time.Because it is with a lid, is it easier to store ...

DAYTONA Bộ lều lốp

Off I bought and tried to change the car's Tire so I can do it myself.It is advantageous to have all necessary items. I think that it is more user-friendly if there is another Tire Lever.

DAYTONA UT-Net II (Utility Net II)

I covered the Size of Large Kimono on the Touring bag and I used about 60,000 kilograms over 5 years.? Since the luggage is covered with the surface, even if multiple packages such as souvenirs are pu...

DAYTONA Mặt trước gốc lên đứng

I chose it in COSPA!For the goods of this time, though the attached Pin also has 6 different SizeIn the 18-inches vehicle, the Slide hole was missing.I did not worry about strength, so I add holes and...

DAYTONA Bìa đen 2 tiêu chuẩn

What you used before (Another Manufacturer) Purchased due to deterioration. The thickness and tactile sensation of the fabric started using without problems, Timing well? Rain. Next day, Dada leak. Ju...

DAYTONA DT - 01 【Ditty Owon】 Kết nối Bluetooth

Made by the company "Just listening to Bluetooth" Although I was using, because I became uneasy with aged deterioration, at this time Income ? ? Although I was considering Mid Land, Beekom b...

DAYTONA Bộ máy quay kèm phụ kiện DDR-S100 [DORAREK...

According to the reputation, Wind Cutting sound is noisy. Wind Cutting sound reduction filter for Option products Filter (https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 23886759 / ), So it was somewhat reduced (...


Outside the XJR 1200 Swing ArmCustom.Sometimes it is a brand-new one, I'm not satisfied with Size feeling, use feeling, water repellency for now.It is regrettable that the heat resistant Pad of on...

DAYTONA Dễ dàng nâng lên đứng

Previously I was using ChainMaintenance with Roller stand to place Tire on and rotate,Because I was bad about walking around, I searched for something else,I knew for the first time that there was som...

DAYTONA Giá đỡ thanh đỡ màn hình

I am satisfied with the mounting position, but I am concerned about vibration during use.When the vibration of Motorcycle is Large, the smartphone also vibrates Large, so it may be hard to see the sma...

DAYTONA Nguồn cung cấp đa năng cho USB Multi Bar 5...

I feel uneasy about the moving part of the lid from the beginning of purchase, trying to hold down the root and slowly remove it will not be removed by Solidly.Pura Quantity of the same thickness as t...

DAYTONA Đen Bìa Water Resistant nhẹ L

I am using it for kawasaki W800.Previously I used the company 's Standard,About 1 year, I used it in the outdoor with a coat, but although it is not tornSince it is getting old, something of new h...

DAYTONA Hỗ trợ Saddlebag cho Chrome cho Bên Trái

I bought this because I installed the Assist Grip made by DAYTONA. However, it could not be used together. I am sorry but I will give up with Grip.

DAYTONA Loại da dê bảo vệ găng tay

Since Gloves can not be purchased without Fitting, purchase at a real shop. I do not think that the hand is too big for Large, but it was Just fit at XL.There are some empty thumbs, but if you hold Ha...

DAYTONA RIDEMITT : # 003 Găng tay chống thấm nước ...

Because the beginning of use was summer, it is not breathable (Waterproof Why) Even if you wash your hands, it smelled with steam and sweat and Rubber smell mixed "This smell of what from around ...

DAYTONA Da dê da loại STD

I ordered these gloves based on the dimensions given in the listing. The extra large was the correct size for my hands. When I received them it was obvious they were too small. As can be seen in the f...

DAYTONA RIDEMITT : # 003 Găng tay chống thấm nước ...

I used the high speed of heavy rain for 2.5 hours without a break.There is no inundation and Waterproof property is no problem.Since 4 mm and fabric are thick, close contact is desirable in considerat...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

가성비 조아요 적극 추천합니다 사이즈는 약간 작가서 한 사이즈 크게 구매하시면 됩니다 가죽도 부드럽고 여름에 쓰기에 무리가 없네요 단지 스마트폰에 인식이 안되서 따로 인식할 수 있는 무언가가 있어야 됩니다 이외에 다른 것은 마음에 듭니다 마음에 듭니다
It is recommended that you buy a bigger size one by one. T...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại tiêu chuẩn

It was familiar and easy to drive Gloves. 4Season 3 hands on both sides Tear on the palm side became unusable. Is not it a lifetime?. Thank you for your good work.

DAYTONA Saddleback Hỗ trợ Chromium cho Phía bên tr...

I regularly use Degner's 12-saddle bag, but I was concerned about the collapse of the bag. I was using Keigama's bag support, but the lower part of the bag that protruded beyond the support bu...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

I could not maintain the state I grabbed with too much fit.Do you feel L in XL?I was sorry that both texture and design were very good, I made Present.

DAYTONA Da dê da loại STD

These Goatskin gloves are very soft and comfortable . Fast shipping to another country . High quality and have a good design .

DAYTONA Người giữ mũ bảo hiểm

Installation is easy and there is no problem with use feeling. Originally the installation of Helmet was using Wire, I still do not know where to do.By installing this product you get a familiar Helme...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

CRF250L mugenSpec. Mounting on.I installed it in Right Side.After installing, one day, on the road "Helmet disappears?" It is said, go ahead,There was a person who was trying to bring Helmet...

DAYTONA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm

A hetmet lock is one of the items that should come with every motorcycle. Usually they're lock and key type which can be a hassle because you need to carry an extra key. So this time I as looking for ...

DAYTONA Tay vịn Helmet Holder Handlebar Clamp

Because it seems that Helmet is hurting in the vicinity of Tandem Footpeg, I chose Type attached to Handlebar Post. You can use vSTROM without trouble because the top of Tank is wide with Flat.

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

The installation is inconvenient. I'm nervous about the strings being hit. It is also a pain in the ass to store and pack them separately. The iron rusted easily. It is easy to get a scratch on the sc...

DAYTONA Khóa mũ bảo hiểm + Hook tiện lợi

Combination Nifrek and Helmet lock can be used without problems, but I think that it can be satisfied if the quality is better a little more.Since Helmet lock rotates 360 degrees, it is a pity that we...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

Helmet, Wear is multiplied by Mirror, but the attached Wire is useful.As a burglarproof we are upset if Mirror is removedThere is a sense of security for fall prevention when leaving a bit.

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

Until now I used a Wire type lock, but since it was taking out from Bag when I used it, it was good that I did not have troublesome work with this product

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

Africa Twin's OEM has to remove Seat one by one.Cover Mirror with Helmet and lock Helium D ring and attached Wire through the collar collar together.

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

Attach to LeftMirror Holder.Doing so makes it possible to use Handlebar Lock when you just put Helmet in Tank.Although it is a simple lock, it is convenient for touring because the lock will be lost e...

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