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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

DAYTONA Bộ Phanh Ly Tâm Tái Tạo Mặt Chính

I will apply to my car to take me to the desired destination. And to get the engine power I've tuned into my car. I am very confident in this product.
I am very confident in this product. Because mo...

DAYTONA Ripmoseat

Since OEMSeat of ZZr 1100 came breaking, I tried to replace it, OEM Seat was discontinued and I got it without purchase. Other people say, but Sponge feels strong. I do not know if the OEM was stuck o...

DAYTONA Bộ dụng cụ đèn đuôi LUCAS

OEM's Tail lamp corroded and replaced. Installation itself is easy, but it is individual differences or processing was necessary. Although the appearance is no problem, the finish of the invisible...

DAYTONA Thay bộ lọc không khí

For GSR but attached to GSX 250R. The AxelOFF emblem was weakened at a low rotation and the feeling of Torque slightly decreased, but the dandruff rise improved much better. It's a pretty nice fee...

DAYTONA Bơm dầu Mega

Since we set XR 100 MOTARD to 115 cc, we chose DAYTONAMega oil pump to attach Oil cooler as heat countermeasure.I do not know how much discharge volume it is because it is not compared with other comp...


I was worried about what to do when Oil Element's replacement time came down I was attracted only by the cheap price and decided to purchase! The performance was good against the price and I was a...

DAYTONA Power Advance / Bộ lót cực nhanh tốc độ ca...

Speeding up the car does not want to make the car speed up. I know the speed of the new car. Put on and enjoy the fun. Do good times with this happy person.

DAYTONA Noel Reduction Glass Wool (Ceramic Coating...

Yes, simple work can do many measurements. Yes many versions Meet the needs of people who are not comfortable to work hard.

DAYTONA Power Advanced / CDI kỹ thuật số đầy đủ

It is the right equipment for the car to make the car more powerful. More speed The better the fire, the more horsepower. More tip speed


I bought a DAYTONA Plug Cable to connect the CF POSH Racing IG Coil all came up and works fine, the cable looks good, we'll see how it shows itself in business.

DAYTONA Lọc dầu Lọc

I used it for the initial Oil change of bmw R1200GS.However, since the diameter and height of the Oil Filter are different between factory Oil Filter and conventional Oil Filter,When removing the fact...

DAYTONA Black Cover Adventure

Since Motorcycle is in Garage, there is no worry of rain, but I bought it for Dust and anti-theft."Compatible model" MT 0 9 Racer was not mentioned, but judging from the published Motorcycle...

DAYTONA Lọc dầu Lọc

I did not notice that Hiroche 's Filter wrench I ordered in April had been out of print and had been waiting for the arrival.Although I was giving up that the items ordered simultaneously also arr...

DAYTONA Chủ sở hữu điện thoại thông minh rộng cho ...

I used cheap ones until now but as it was cheap, it became unusableI chose thisEven if you look at each part, it is secure and secure


First I have a S1000RR. I write on the premise that Screen is changing to one with height.First of all, when you leave the Motorcycle at the Touring destination or say briefly, it is troublesome to do...

DAYTONA Chuyển đổi Pin 6V / 12V

If you set the Terminal that comes with Battery, you can easily charge it, and it is a good product that is easy to use as it is durable with Large. Because it takes time to fully charge, if you charg...


This Compact Bolt Meter is very good, easy to install and do not take long time, and the monitor is clear, i recommend this stuff.


As the name of the product CompactThe thing itself is pretty small but it is easy to see because only the display you want to know is displayedSince the installed Motorcycle is SUZUKI 's GS, I tho...


My own MIDLAND Income (BT X2 PRO) So I could not connect to Bluetooth but I was giving up I was able to connect with Updater and Farmware of the latest version of Income of MIDLAND!Especially in HP of...

DAYTONA Bộ phận hỗ trợ Side Back

In the description, "Can not be installed simultaneously with Fender Eliminator Kit" Although it was written, it was able to be installed without problems. It did not interfere with Number.E...

DAYTONA Loại bảo vệ găng tay da dê

I've been using GOLDWIN's Gloves forever, but somehow I bought it for adjustment of shipping costs.I was happy that it was easier to use than I thought.When you take your age, your thoughts be...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

One size Large with just fineIf you apply Oil for baseball Gloves, it is so soft that it is this price that no one knowsMidsummer is also routinely used except for midwinter

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

I only choose things that will not hurt when I fall.I used Goat skin for the first time. Feeling soft, I was worried about durability.It is only use of Touring season of spring and autumn for over 3 y...

DAYTONA HBG - 030 Con dê Da Đánh đòn Lưới thép GĂN...

I liked the Fit feeling of HBG-010 for spring and autumn so purchase for summer.In summer it is often hot, I'm making Size one size Large.It seems that there is no problem with the operation feeli...

DAYTONA RIDEMITT : # 003 Găng tay chống thấm nước ...

Somewhat, it is stiff and operability drops, but it seems that rain does not soak in about one hour. Therefore, it will be useful in commuting in winter. Conversely, there is no turn in the summer. Al...

DAYTONA Loại bảo vệ găng tay da dê

I have a slightly narrow palm and long fingers ... When choosing the size, I chose the largest one to make my fingers comfortable. With a total palm and finger length of 21 centimeters, the size of th...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

I tried to XL size because there are more imprinting sizes smaller.. Certainly it is small - - - What is "Slim Fit" written on the base! It seems originally tight design. Although wearing is...

DAYTONA Da dê da dập lụa loại bảo vệ găng tay

DAYTONA Goat Skin Punching Mesh Glove Protection Type, Glove This pair I bought a second time, which I first measured the size fit the table. I can not put it, ฺbecause it's too tight. The second one,...

DAYTONA HBG010 Găng tay da dê Bảo vệ Loại

Hi Webike, bought it in Sep2016 to get the retro feel on my CB400SF and CB1300SF and hooked to it. I have been using this glove since bought it and my other gloves are now in the closet. FYI, the bra...

DAYTONA Loại bảo vệ găng tay da dê

Besides midsummer and severe winter, it is Gloves which is wearing the best.Leather is also familiar with the second year,It's not flashy, but Pad is useful as well.In addition, it is a product th...

DAYTONA Loa Stereo Helmet

Mounting on SHOEI X-13It will be attached to the X-13 on the Mesh cloth and can not be adhered to the Helmet by any means.Although it is possible to attach it in half-attached state, it is for Helmet,...

DAYTONA Loa Stereo Helmet

If you only listen to Navigation audio, it is enough for performance. Because it is made for Helmet, it is a good place to have less code play. Two kinds of thickness of with Double-sided TapeSponge a...

DAYTONA Loa Stereo Helmet

I thought that it was useless to stick to the sound quality and purchased it.It depends on Helmet's Speaker's built-in position, but because it is limited in position it is Out unless it match...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

OEMHelmet holder of CB 400sb is near Rear tire, it is hard to get caught, and if the Chain cover is dirty Helmet's pad will inevitably get dirty.Since it is troublesome to use the attached Wire, b...

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

GSX1300R Hayabusa 's Mirror' s Base will be tightened together and the lock body will be tightened with the attached Hexagonal Wrench, but the included hexagonal dish Bolt (Red arrow of photo)...

DAYTONA Bộ giữ nhiều thanh nắp của Mount Kit

I bought it for Multi Bar Holder installation.I was able to install Firmly more than I thought.I am satisfied without losing by vibration during traveling

DAYTONA Mũ bảo hiểm Kẹp Clamp

Ninja 250 has a Holder under the Tandem seat, it is hard to use.At first I was using Tandem Footpeg co-clamping type, but it got disappeared by attaching Side Back, Top caseBracket.It became this item...

DAYTONA Loa Stereo Helmet

I am attaching it to the full face now, but since it is troublesome to replace it until I bothered to remove itI made a second purchase again for dedicated use at Jet helmet all the time.Installation ...

DAYTONA Bộ giữ nhiều thanh nắp của Mount Kit

Purchase to install the company 's Stem clamp to the 2014 model ZX - 14R.Hexagon rod Spanner is necessary, installation is easy and it is easy.

DAYTONA Loa Stereo Helmet

Previously I used HD Helmet Speaker twice. The first time it was usable for about 11 months, but the second time it was about half a year ago the cable was broken. Since I use it almost every day at w...

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