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PVC Rubber Cell Phone Strap HONDA RIDING GEAR
đăng Jul 20, 2017


Bởi Kelison (20)TừSingapore

Fast delivery. Received in good condition. Great as gifts. It would be better if item in available in different colours.

150-piece Tool Kit with Tool BOX EASYRIDERS
đăng Jul 17, 2017

It is evenly contained but one more step

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

Ratchet relationship is fulfilling.Case can also afford a little, so you can store the tools you have.You can use it without problems with light work.However, there are places that I personally complained about ...Slotted screwdriver, not independent as Phillips Screwdriver.→ In order to use and replace Bit, you must exchange each time you use Plus...

Waterproof Cigar Socket Single with USB Terminal Rible
Phù hợp: Others 12V car Universal
  • Others 12V car Universal
đăng Jul 17, 2017

It is more than I expected..

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

There is no discontent at this price with 12 V Cigar socket and usb terminal.Because Waterproof power supply adapter is attached, it does not seem to worry even in the rain.

K33 N Side Box KAPPA
đăng Jul 16, 2017

Sufficient capacity, usability

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

I am using it with VFR 800X.It seems to be compatible with GIVI's V35 MODEL (unconfirmed).There is a difference in the presence or absence of Reflector, but this is cheaper than 10,000 yen so it will be a victory in terms of Cospa.SHOEI's GT-Air will stay Limit (Pushed in) I was able to do it..To remove it, just push the Button push with th...

Phù hợp: HONDA Crossrunner 800 (15-16)
  • HONDA Crossrunner 800 (15-16)
đăng Jul 16, 2017

Blinker relocation is Large strange but ...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

Have the installation time been around 3 hours.The way of installing Bracket is not so difficult,Relocation of Blinker Removed Rear Fender - It was quite Large strange with drilling processing included.The necessary tools are Ratchet, Wrench, Hexagonal Wrench, Driver, Drill.Bracket is fixed at one side 3 points, Both Sides as Quantity : I am connec...

Catalogue (MONKEY SERIES ENGINE) Vol.4 for MONKEY/Super CUB Series New Type Engine KITACO
Phù hợp: HONDA MONKEY Horizontal engine
  • HONDA MONKEY Horizontal engine
  • SuperCUB [Super Cub]
đăng Jul 16, 2017

It's written clearly

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

Watch local MotorcyclePartsShop selling at fixed prices, buy from hereOrder together with various things, shipping fee is free, reasonable priceFor the day we can open the Engine, it is preparation of knowledge.

EURO Seat Bag MFK-063 14L TANAX
Phù hợp: Others capacity : 14L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 14L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
đăng Jul 16, 2017

I purchased it for touring use, but I li...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

The shoulder type seems to be hot ... Tank Bag seems to get in the way ... I tried selecting SeatBack.I thought that there were lots of day trips but I tried to make this Large, but I was satisfied with the Style not too bad, not too much Large Tiny Small!

By vehicle type Multi Bar Holder DAYTONA
Phù hợp: HONDA GSX250R (17)
  • HONDA GSX250R (17)
đăng Jul 16, 2017

Let's check the thread pitch before ...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

Purchased for long-awaited GSX 250 Rt exclusive Multi Bar Holder.If you are doing the installation work today, the screw will not advance at all and the work will not end.As I became concerned, if you look at the Red Baron, it handles Instruction Manual M10 × P1. 25 Bolt is supposed to be attachedP1. The pattern of 5 containing Bolt - - -.I trusted...

Hybrid Inn Camshaft BT-NEXT-PRO Single MIDLAND
đăng Jul 16, 2017

It is the first Income

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

Since it is the first Income, it can not be compared with other Manufacturers, but everyone's impress etc. I bought it with reference to.My friend used B + COM from before, I bought BluetoothPairing but I can Pairing without problem and can talk without problem while driving.(Experience value on expressway, communication distance was about 50% ...

Titanium Cup indigo MAVERICK
đăng Jul 16, 2017

Tickle the man's heart

Bởi Japan User(translated) (149338)TừJapan

The moment I saw it I went shopping Basket.I use it for myself.Large Although it may be good to decorate it, please do not use it if you do not use it?In a structure with a bend indeed it is unreasonable to have a hollow double structure.

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