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Phụ kiện bảo hộ

SK-490 Extreme Elbow Protectors KOMINE
đăng Nov 17, 2017

Short velcro adjusters for me

Bởi Anonymous (4)TừUkraine

Not a bad quality, but my height is 1m 88cm and I'm not a fat but big man. For my hands, the length of the velcro adjuster straps is short. When I put on the elbow protectiors that it is difficulty Not very comfortable, very presse. The lengthof the velcro adjuster should be made longer by at least 1 cm, then it will be excellent.

GK-169 Titanium Racing Gloves - JULIUS KOMINE
đăng Nov 16, 2017

Excellent quality!

Bởi Anonymous (4)TừUkraine

Excellent gloves from the Comine. Ones are very comfortable, as if these gloves for my hands were sewn. There is excellent ventilation, for summer, for early autumn and late spring, when will not be very cold these ones fit perfectly. Gloves are smart wonderfull and qualitatively, made with a mind and soul.(sorry for my bad English)

đăng Nov 15, 2017

It is convenient when you can easily des...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

Since I knocked my knee in the moss by suicide bomb in the past, I came to be able to wear it instead of an amulet.Fortunately I can not test the effect, but I think that it is convenient because it can be easily detached with Magic tape from above Jeans etc..Also, my knees do not get cold in winter.

RSJ707 MOTOREK Winter Jacket RS Taichi
đăng Nov 14, 2017


Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

With commuting taken as Main, I got on PCX 125 for 4 years, but when purchasing SR 400 in addition, I decided to purchase Winter jacket dedicated to Motorcycle in consideration of safety.Until now, in winter, I have mainly worn a Patagonia das Parka worn. It was excellent in cold weather, it was a satisfying thing if only looking at the countermeas...

Neck Warmer TSDESIGN
đăng Nov 13, 2017

It is almost satisfactory ♪

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

I bought it because I was doing Sale.As this thing becomes seriously cold, it will be short, so I bought it earlier.It is a very good product because it gets warmer firmly though it is light.Where to worry about only one, the feeling of Fit is strong, so I am concerned about the tightness of the neck.I do not think it's painful but I was curiou...

BK-204 TPU Shift Pad KOMINE
đăng Nov 13, 2017

Very slippery

Bởi Anonymous (1)TừHong Kong

Not a good stuff to use. The pad was very slippery and cannot hold on the shoes no matter the leather shoes or sport shoes. Extremely easy to loose when cruising.

Waterproof Bagpack [GRT701] GIVI
đăng Nov 12, 2017

GIVI box is not GIVIPack

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

When I was on the Motorcycle in the rain I noticed that I was covering muddy water from my head.It is not very pleasant that Backpack sucks muddy water.WaterproofBackpack was also purchased from the rare scenery called Givi's Backpack.As the name of Gravel-TSeries street full-fledged Off-road - It seems that it is considered to operate in scene...

Windstopper (R) Wrist Warmer for Arctic Weather ROUGH&ROAD
đăng Nov 12, 2017

Pretty good

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

In the middle of the winter wind was intruding from the cuff and it was cold until the shoulder, so I used Neoprene's Wrist band,I tried buying this because the tightening was strong.I feel comfortable to wear is soft and warm, it is quite nice to have proper wind protection.But since the surface is a fabric like Jersey, did you catch on Jacket...

GUNNER WATERPROOF Jacket 6815 alpinestars
đăng Nov 12, 2017

Ah which is cool

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

170CM 63 kilometers, since Alpine is overseas it bought 1 Size dropped S Size but I was using it because I was tight, I will use the Protector of my chest and use it, If you are suffering with Size Let's buy M Size. The cold weather performance was used at around 15 degrees Celsius, while the inside was warm with a thin clothes. It was warm as ...

Riding Jacket ROUGH&ROAD
đăng Nov 12, 2017

It is roughly as expected products.

Bởi Japan User(translated) (153718)TừJapan

The zipper of the same manufacturer jacket that had been loving for more than 15 years finally broke so I replaced it. I chose S size with a body size of 163 cm 54 kg, but I feel a little tight fit by wearing the best type protector inside. I was planning to buy an optional warm weather inner, but it seems to be a bit cramped when I wear it, so I a...

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