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Special Rack [SR371] GIVI
Phù hợp: YAMAHA XT1200Z 12
  • YAMAHA XT1200Z 12
  • YAMAHA XT1200Z 14
  • YAMAHA XT1200ZE 15
  • YAMAHA XT1200Z 13
  • ...và hơn thế nữa.
đăng Oct 13, 2018

givi sr371

Bởi NO NAME (1)TừMalaysia

this is a very good product and fit my yamaha xt1200 super tenere like it come out from the factory. all the screws and brackets fit nicely to the exisiting mounting hole hence no modification needed. installation is so easy. you just need the remove the oem bracket for the top mount, basically 4 screws and install the givi371 bracket. it will fit ...

[SUPER CUB 100 Million Memorial] Cub Key Holder HONDA RIDING GEAR
đăng Oct 11, 2018

Excellent product!

Bởi Timur (7)TừRussia

Great quality. Fully metallic. Pleasant to the touch. The drawings are engraved and filled with paint. Very heavy, maybe too much to be on the key in the ignition.

MotoGP Brake Reservoir Protector Shroud MotoGP APPAREL
đăng Oct 2, 2018

It is Moto GP!

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

I tried to attach the Moto GPWrist band! Maybe they are going to make me feel like running fast! (^ ^)But I'm sorry I can not see it when I am on a ride.

Bag Support Set KIJIMA
Phù hợp: HONDA SUPER CUB 110 (2BJ-JA44) 18-
  • HONDA SUPER CUB 110 (2BJ-JA44) 18-
  • HONDA SUPER CUB 110 (2BH-AA09) 18-
  • HONDA CROSS CUB50 (2BH-AA06) 18-
  • ...và hơn thế nữa.
đăng Oct 2, 2018

i like the design very much,

Bởi LaLea (4)TừSouth Korea

I bought a Kijima back support set in chrome. There are some parts that do not fit in the Korean super curve. You have to give a lot of power and assemble. The assembled part is a hexagonal wrench, so if you do not have a tool, it can be a little tricky to assemble.

Mono Lock Case [E43NML-ADV] GIVI
Phù hợp: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
đăng Oct 1, 2018

To enter a lot

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

It is truly the quality and loadability.At first, I had a hard time opening and closing, but if you get used to it, it is Large changeable.Currently attached to h2sx and Touring.

Portable Half Cover DAYTONA
Phù hợp: YAMAHA MT-07 ABS B4C6 18
  • YAMAHA MT-07 ABS B4C6 18
đăng Oct 1, 2018

Large Not useful for rain or strong wind

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

Parked outdoors while working because commuting is used.Buy with purchase if you can protect the car from sunshine and rain.It protected us from the sunshine in the summer, but the rain was water repellent or a pond was made before.Also Cover storage bags literally stick to Cover itself, but this is hard to use again.Materials are considerably shor...

COOLROBO Easy Talk 3 (1 Set of 2pcs.) DAYTONA
đăng Oct 1, 2018

for Tandem is enough.

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Functionality【How was it actually used?】 It is only use in Tandem, but there is no problem. It is very useful in smart phone Navigation, music, and Tandem conversation.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 It was relatively easy to do because there are also optional mounting movies.【Please tell me the...

Long Roller Rear Stand (Body Only) J Trip
Phù hợp: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
đăng Oct 1, 2018

Stable JTrip

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

I am using it for Ninja 1000 in 19 years.With JTripHP, Ninja 1000 has become L-shaped STAND recommended,I bought an L letter instead of a Y letter.Certainly Normal muffler, Y may interfere with the Exhaust System.I changed to Nojima's Exhaust System, so I think Clearance is OK with either Y or L letters.As Y letter can easily be lifted up, we r...

GSX250R Exclusive Smartphone Mounting Bar World Walk
Phù hợp: SUZUKI GSX250R
đăng Oct 1, 2018

It is very easy to see because it is on ...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (161302)TừJapan

Unlike Bracket attached to Handlebar, smartphone is very easy to see because it is on Meter.I think that it is safer than having it in Handlebar because I can see the smartphone without noticeably diverting my eyes from the front.Just Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Screw began to rust in a month. Since other parts are not rusted, only Screw i...

SA-214 Touring Tank Bag KOMINE
đăng Oct 1, 2018

Very good product

Bởi LEE SUK MIN (20)TừSouth Korea

I mounted it on the xv950 bolt.
It is perfect for tank size. It is a compact size, but it can be expanded so that a proper load can be stored.
It is a really good product for the price....

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