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Service Manual for Cylinder Head, Cylinder & Piston for APE Series Vertical Engine KITACO
Phù hợp: HONDA APE100 (VOL.01)
  • HONDA APE100 (VOL.01)
  • HONDA APE50 (VOL.01)
đăng Jan 13, 2018

You had better be there, should you buy ...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

Challenge for the first Bore up, Service manual and Parts List were prepared but purchased additionally.Since it was described carefully for the shoot, it became Large change reference.It was also nice to have a vertical type only!

Motorcycle Cover Fixing Belt DAYTONA
đăng Jan 13, 2018

I did it.

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

I purchased DAYTONA 's Cover but I was on 1 pc so I did not have to buy it in a hurry ....After adjusting the Length it is easy to stop with Snap and it's easy.

Smartphone Holder Wide for Motorcycle DAYTONA
Phù hợp: YAMAHA Tricity 14 SE82J
  • YAMAHA Tricity 14 SE82J
  • YAMAHA MT-03 16 RH 07 J No ABS
  • YAMAHA MT-25 RG 10 J ABS not available
  • YAMAHA Majesty S 16 2LD2
đăng Jan 12, 2018

Is good.

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

Simultaneous purchase with Multi Bar, simultaneous installation.250? I tried running, but it does not appear to be disengaged.It will be FirmlyHold..It's easy to install, the price is cheapest.

KOVIX USB Charging Function Equipped with Alarm Disc Lock KNL5 RISE CORPORATION
Phù hợp: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
đăng Jan 11, 2018

I can not charge.

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

Charging is impossible because charging is done and the USB is inserted and the sound is turned on for a long time.Even if you read Instruction Manual ...Is this broken?

Aluminum Trolley/Wheelchair/Bike Stepped Slope MINIMOTO
đăng Jan 10, 2018

It is okay

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

It is strong enough if it is a moped such as NS-1.I tried raising and lowering while straddling the Motorcycle, but it was possible without problems.However, Chinese Buggy was a bit short of width, so we could not use it because Tire protruded slightly.Sorry to have a bit of BALI in part.Since there is a little weight, it is a dangerous category of...

UT-Net II (Utility Net II) DAYTONA
Phù hợp: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
đăng Jan 10, 2018

good and beautiful

Bởi Zeva (15)TừHong Kong

Second buy in webike, it is very beautiful when i receive it, And install the cap is very easy. Anyway i am very successful in this transaction.

đăng Jan 9, 2018

It looks nice but

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

I am in trouble because my watch gets crazy.The Thermometer has a temperature display of the road and a gap but the allowable range.Button is hard to push down Small.The lighting time of Back light is short and it is difficult to see at night..Condensation may occur in the liquid crystal on a cold day.It is troublesome to replace batteries because ...

Tank Lock [XS320] GIVI
Phù hợp: HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin/DCT (16)
  • HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin/DCT (16)
đăng Jan 9, 2018

Adventure was installed with Small remod...

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

I bought it for R1200 GSA LC.I remodeled the original Easy Lock and installed 90-degrees rotated.Because it is not difficult to say the remodeling, because the position of the hole is only different, cut out two places so as to enter Screw, cut out a part which is slightly covered so as to open the fuel cap, and place two triangular marks in an unn...

Motorcycle Cover E Type YAMAHA
Phù hợp: SUZUKI BANDIT1200 S、GS1200SS、GSX-R1100、GSX-R1000、GSX-R600、GSX-R750、RGV250r、SV1000 S、SV400 S、SV650 S、TL1000R/S、BANDIT1250 S
  • SUZUKI BANDIT1200 S、GS1200SS、GSX-R1100、GSX-R1000、GSX-R600、GSX-R750、RGV250r、SV1000 S、SV400 S、SV650 S、TL1000R/S、BANDIT1250 S
  • KAWASAKI ER-6f、GPZ1100、GPZ900R NINJA、Ninja1000、NINJA250R、NINJA400R、ZRX1200S、ZX10R、ZX12R、ZX636R、ZX6R、ZX7R、ZX9R、ZXR250、ZXR400、ZXR750、ZZR1100、ZZR1200、ZZR250、ZZR400
  • HONDA CBR 600 RR
  • ...và hơn thế nữa.
đăng Jan 8, 2018

Buy if you get lost

Bởi Japan User(translated) (155388)TừJapan

Because it is CB 1300SB, I was worried about Size feeling, but Size - I am satisfied with COSPA. The Blue part of Front is very easy to understand, even when my 6-year-old son helps me, that is said to be before. Durability Partisans do not know, but easy to use.

[VALENTI] Jewel LED Bulb T10 Cool White 6500K OGUshow
Phù hợp: Others NV 350 caravan etc. TOYOTA
  • Others NV 350 caravan etc. TOYOTA
  • Others 200 series Hiace TOYOTA
đăng Jan 5, 2018

It is a good product.

Bởi LEE SUK MIN (15)TừSouth Korea

I used this product in my previous car, and I was satisfied.
I bought the car again and ordered it again.
Luxurious white light. The amount of light was also satisfactory, and the car was passed without any problems even when it was inspected.

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