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TTPL Trang phục đi xe & Giáp phượt

Xếp hạng 45 của 521 hãng  trong Trang phục đi xe & Giáp phượt
(14 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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Materials, process of manufacturing and loading, all of which are specially selected for the waterproof bag of TTPL, touring40. It prevents intrusion of rain or dust to keep your luggage clean. Can be easily installed

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

Waterproof function is proven Battle pro Roof. I can not get wet at all.. This year I was able to run under the influence of the typhoon.Easy to install, the load does not collapse. It is the strongest in Bag I used to date. It is disappointing that it can not be selected because it is in a thin sta...

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

I am using 40L,I think that the current Motorcycle is difficult to pass through the tightening Belt and that Belt is a little longer.As for this Back as it is, fill the contents properly, if you do not make a shape the tightening Belt will not go well and it will become easier to loosen.For that rea...

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

Looks fashionable. And Waterproof sex is perfect. It is unlikely that the interior gets wet.There are just a few shortcomings.- Although it tends to be fixed in such a fixed system, if the loading surface is not horizontal, it will deviate while driving.- Desorption is quite a hassle. It is troubles...

TTPL Touring5 túi du lịch không thấm nước

Wallet and Handkerchief, Small items to use immediately.The dough is also good and durable, but there is a big question in Waterproof nature - - -Even if it rounds the opening twice, it loosens quickly and waterproofness disappears (probably - - - ) I do not want the thing inside to get wet so I wil...

TTPL Gói giải trí tiện nghi dành cho Touring Serie...

I use a 40L one. Because it is Large, it gets bitten gradually as I carry it with the state packed in various conditions gradually, but it resolves if there is even this!Required for BackpackStyle

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

Not used in the rain.Even with touring at high speed, there was no gap.Body did not gap, even if you loosen Belt by taking out the package.However, if it is possible to do, if it is possible to loosen Belt by picking up baggage like Base type, it is fixed to Seat Spec. I want you to.Magic tape which...

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

Purchase for long distance touring.Installation is normal. but‥In my Motorcycle, the part turned to Rear is too soft - -.I have no choice but to do a slight irregular handling.If it is a Type attaching Base to Seat, it was better. (Since the explanation of the site is also simple - - )

TTPL Touring 40 túi du lịch không thấm nước

I bought it for the year-end and New Year holidays, to go back home..Because it was 40 L, I entered clothes for 4 days and souvenirs enough for 3 nights. I wish I had Inner Pocket when I wanted greed.Thanks to the video on the product detail page, it was easy to install and it was not troubling at a...

TTPL Gói giải trí tiện nghi dành cho Touring Serie...

I used it for a long time with no shoulder styling and I was not complaining, but I bought it.It was attached with no difficulty as it had a nice Instruction Manual.Performance - - - I have not used it yet (sweatIf you use a diagonal cliff, shoulder rest may be in the way.I feel better using the sho...

TTPL Touring 25 túi du lịch không thấm nước

"Waste-free functional design, Completely Waterproof, looks good-looking. "Bag that you want to take out on a trip whether you want to ride a motorcycle or not to ride.I bought Black 25L with gloss although it was abandoned.I think that Pastel color of current VERSION is also good, but bec...

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