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HenlyBegins Dụng cụ biker, phượt

Xếp hạng 14 của 752 hãng  trong Dụng cụ biker, phượt
(108 Khách hàng đánh giá)
Xuất sắc
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HenlyBegins develops style wears more enrich motorcycle life and prepares 3 lineup fulfilled necessary function at a high level. They meet every customer's needs.

HenlyBegins DH - 719 Du lịch Ghế bagL

It is a replacement from Field Seat Bag so it will be a feeling of use comparedThe width is a few centimeters wider, but there is no dramatic change to that extent. There is no Small object Pocket that was inside of SIDE here, so we need to think about the place.Side pocket on the outside is small w...

HenlyBegins DH - 722 A 4 Ghế Túi

Purchase SeatBack for the first time.It is a good feeling that I make it solidly.I also attached the Magic tape which also gathers the extra remaining Strap by also tightening the strap of the car body installation and feeling it is not felt as if it is clattering while running.It was the first purc...

HenlyBegins DH - 716 Ghế Túi

1. What is the deciding factor of purchase : The back which I used to date has been bought newly as it faded and the movement of the chuck became worse. 2. Actually using it : Since I felt a little small when I got used to 9L to 15L in front, I felt a little small this time 13L ~ 24L I thought that ...

HenlyBegins DH - 716 Ghế Túi

It is a replacement for Seat bag. I faded using 3 years and opened and closed Zipper also did not go to Smooth so I decided to purchase it newly. Last time was the capacity of 9L ~ 14L of rough & Road, this time it is the capacity which will fit up to Helmet unless you put A4 Size in upper and l...

HenlyBegins ShellSeat Túi DH - 721

Since I am on the SS I chose this because I wanted a Parenthesis nice Seat bag.Price was cheaper compared to Tanax and Nankai, Forme was sharp, so I made it here.I think this is convenient for capacity and shape at this price.Please note that we will not enter anything with excessive roundness or ta...

HenlyBegins DH - 717 Du lịch Ghế TÚI

Purchase for use in Summer Shinshu Touring. Although it is for one night from the day trip in the explanation of the product, because it is wearing a Side bag, I used it for Touring for two nights.Capacity is 20 L (26L during expansion) However, if it is not autumn / winter, it seems that you can st...

HenlyBegins Túi yên ngựa quân đội xanh / 10L

I really like it.It is good to choose various ways to install,It is troublesome to install.Once attached once it is too much trouble to remove.I think that it is a really good product if a Strap that can be attached more easily.

HenlyBegins DH - 710 Ghế Túi

I bought it for attaching to our DiavelInstallation string is too short for Seat installation.So try buying KBelt from other ManufacturerAs Bracket does not fit, change only BracketFinally I could use it.It is impossible for Seat to be thick.Seat's thicker one is Kwith Belt's Seat bag of oth...

HenlyBegins Khóa quay số

Dial is loose.Therefore, the PIN changes unknowingly.When trying to unlock to lower the luggage after Touring at home, the PIN changed.I manage to remove it by somehow but do not use it again as I think that the same thing will happen again.

HenlyBegins DH - 724 Du lịch Ghế BagLL

I replaced it from motofizz Touring Seat Bag.Consideration for ease of use has reached all the details, all the points that I felt were dissatisfied have been solved, I will list the points I noticed.? The motofizz was Belt passing outside both SIDEs and opened and closed the Side porch, Capacity Ex...

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