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DEGNER Dụng cụ biker, phượt

Xếp hạng 13 của 748 hãng  trong Dụng cụ biker, phượt
(126 Khách hàng đánh giá)
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DEGNER presents product with originality, such as leather jackets or pants of KAZAN (used Japanese traditional fabric) brand, and is much favored by various fans. Their company's slogan is to stick to idea of valuable quality, design & price

DEGNER Túi điều chỉnh

I attached it to RearSeat of 2018 Ninja 400.Fixed Strap is too long. Because Ninja's Rear Sets are Small,Even if it is the shortest it seems to insert about 2 boys Jump under Seat and Back.Even Ninja, which is not even an SS, is in this state, so it is better to think about installing the small ...

DEGNER Túi Nylon (Trơn)

At first I thought that it was Large again one more timeThings that did not protrude so much as Side number,I thought that it will give up even if it gets broken, I purchased it.Since Large has more capacity than it looks with chicI like it very much..If the mouth of the Drink holder gets a few mill...

DEGNER Túi chống thấm nước

I use it for one night Touring etc..Until now, 25L Completely WaterproofBackpack was carried on other than commuting but my friend Present at my birthday would be tiring then.Although this is a Side bag, it is a type that is easily attached to Seat, it is a thing that allows the length of Belt type ...

DEGNER Vòng lõm hút chân không

It is Sucker-Type Fuel Tank Bag which I used strongly for 1 year, but a new Motorcycle (BMW R1200RS) So we were unable to stop all six Suction Cups, they got disengaged on acceleration and deceleration and even if we put Suction Cup in hot water it did not work so we purchased Changeable Sucker.Ther...

DEGNER Túi điều chỉnh

? 【What made you decide the purchase?】 Anyway, it's Design! I think that there is not a design that fits Off thin body.? 【How was it actually used?】 it's the best! (^^) Since I am a woman at all, I also carry about things not related to Motorcycle (^_^;). Include usual usual Back, Coffee'...

DEGNER Túi chống thấm nước

I was looking for a Side bag that would suit XSR 900.I think that I become a Motorcycle like a photo.I think that this is enough, but I think that you can Plus Seat bags when the capacity is insufficient.* In my case, it is not a problem because Blinker is shifted behind, but at X Blocker position a...

DEGNER Túi đựng nhiên liệu đa năng

Although it is not the original usage method, I use it for a cash card and a toll ticket on a highway.Because Side bag is Main, storage is not necessary in Tank as we use Tank Bag because we use Side bag Main, but I wanted storage that can pick out cards and tickets from around Tank but I bought it....

DEGNER Túi xe tăng loại đai

I was using Magnet's company's products, but I felt it needed a high speed stability feeling replacement.○ Good point; BasePad has a sense of stability and as expected. Body also has a solid fabric and convenient for inside partitions. Even if you put in a spare winter Gloves, iPad-mini can ...

DEGNER Túi chống thấm nước

In the case of SR 400, since Blinker interferes, it will become in a bad state as it is.I tried variously and devised to install it like a picture. No need for Side Back Support at this. However, since the position to attach the Belt is different from the usual case, it is self-responsibility to the...

DEGNER Túi Nylon

I installed it in CROSSCUB.Especially, there is no place to interfere, it is user-friendly.I put Rain Suit and a folding umbrella and an in-car tool.

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