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YAMAHA Majesty S (XC155)

Cung cấp bởi Motor Magazine Ltd.
Xếp hạng 6 xe được xem nhiều nhất trên 95 xethuộc YAMAHA 126cc-250cc
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Sản phẩm tốt nhất

PROTEC Bóng đèn LED Cyclone

Halogen's Yellow Unlike the sexy color, I feel Motorcycle has become new with Refreshing White. It is bright enough to worry that oncoming vehicles are not dazzling.As the number of Couplers increased, I had trouble putting it inside Light Cover, but it fits by letting the Coupler out a bit from...

DAYTONA Tấm vàng

I used GoldenPad for SRX before, but this time, I was dissatisfied with the performance of NORMALPad on Free Way and exchanged it. Because NORMAL is a Scooter on the descending pass, emblem can not be used so I rely on Pad and when I ran to Hard it felt dangerous as I became Spongey Touch. Therefore...

DAYTONA Lắp nhiều thanh FE

My Motorcycle, GSR 250 is for Separate Handle,You can not install Smartphone Holder or USB power supply like Pipe Handlebar. (Image 1)There is a mount bar with Mirror bolt attachment and Lever holder attached Stem hole attached,Mounting position and difficulty (Parts must be prepared separately) The...

KITACO Thành phần không khí

I thought it was not different from OEM Parts Number. Air Element I've been using, of course, was black. The mileage also changed to 9529 km, so I exchanged it. This can improve fuel economy.

OVER RACING Thép không gỉ Carbon Exhaust

The deciding factor is that the shape of the cylindrical Silencer and Bracket fixing the Silencerliked it. (Hinomaru as well)The sound is not noisy as Japan Government Certificated. I think that it is just right as it lives in a residential area.Growth improves after replacement, fuel efficiency is ...

DAYTONA Chủ sở hữu điện thoại thông minh rộng cho ...

I wanted it from the front, but it is easy to use as I thought it would have been better to buy it sooner.I installed it on the Handlebar Brace but I also bought a thin Rubber mat at home center because the outer diameter of the Motorcycle's Handlebar Brace is Small, I caught it and rolled it up...

DAYTONA Chủ sở hữu điện thoại thông minh rộng cho ...

Unlike what I used to make this product, it is totally solid and strong.Hold feeling is good and it is stable.If possible, up and down Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was awesome if you could rotate freelySo it's star 4

DAYTONA Tấm vàng

I changed Pad of Front brake of SEROW 250 to this Golden Pad.Mileage is 20,000 KM and it is an exchange from OEMPad.A while ago, Rear's Pad changed to Golden Pad.I ran for thousands of kilometers from there, and I felt that there was no problem with braking on Rear, so Front also did this.OEM wa...

DUGOUT Bộ lọc Loại Fender

Time and preliminary examination are necessary for Rose and installation.The way to remove Cowl is thought to be fun to work though it takes time to look it up in advance in Net.Instruction Manual is very kind and easy to understand.It is closer to the instruction manual removal than mounting (Lol)W...

World Walk Điều chỉnh SF Mirror Phong cách độc quy...

The LeftMirror's angle adjuster was staggering when I left the box.At that time, I was wondering if it was not tightened but it was soft and strange in the lightly tightened place, but when I tried to remove it, the Screw mountain was completely crushed.It was annoying that the result of being k...

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