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Cung cấp bởi Motor Magazine Ltd.
Xếp hạng 3 xe được xem nhiều nhất trên 74 xethuộc SUZUKI 126cc-250cc
Thương hiệu tốt nhất
Sản phẩm tốt nhất
Changed the road sports bike "GSR 250" coloring, released.
The new color is "Pearl greasher white No.2 / pearl nebula black" (white / black) and "Triton Blue Metallic No. 2 / Pearl Nebul Black" (blue / black), "Candy Cardinal red / pearl We set all four colors of "Nebula Black" (red / black) and "Pearl Nebula Black" (black), and it was continued sales as a naked model with reduced price as 456,840 yen (tax included).
The design of GSR 250 adopts the shaping of a wedge shape that jumps from the fuel tank with volume feeling and the tank cover to the rear cowl, and adopts fearless impression.
Equipped with a compact, sharp designed cowl around the headlight, the front turn signal is embedded in the fuel tank cover, giving the body a sense of unity.
Rear blinker adopts a double lens rear combination lamp that covers the outside of the red lens with a clear lens.
The design of the muffler employs two left and right outsides of the design spreading towards the rear, and is producing a powerful rear view.
Dung tích 248 Loại động cơ J509/Water-cooled/4-stroke/2-cylinder/SOHC/2 Valve
Công suất cực đại (ps) 24ps/8500rpm Mômen xoắn cực đại (kgf/m) 2.2kg・m/6500rpm
Trọng lượng thô của xe - Dung tích bình chứa nhiên liệu lít 13

WebikeMode Loại ống lọc dầu

The fact that you can choose a filter with inbuilt magnet is great, because the magnet will pick up and attach any loose metal that the filter fails to catch. Good buy.

DNA Bộ lọc Moto cho mỗi mô hình

It will be exchanged from OEMSince it is not a car that runs with high revolutionUp to now I was riding at around 5 to 6,000 rpmI changed the filter so much so I tried it at 9000 rpm at high speedRotation rose without StressIt is pleasant to run and runI was glad to exchange it.

IRC Người chiến thắng đường PROTECH RX-02 [140 / 7...

I tried actual running immediately on arrival today. If it is Dry, first Large will be durable, Wet still I do not know yet Compared to BS Tire, it seems that BEET is somewhat rigid and it feels like I feel it has gone a bit and I got a bit of trouble to actually do it. Anyway, since TireBody is che...

World Walk Điều chỉnh SF Mirror Style

Sorry it is cool but the texture is good, but the movable range is narrow.I knew and bought it. Even if it looks hot, it is good.Handlebar is definitely not recommended for low Motorcycle.

Hirayama Industry Nắp xe máy chống cháy F-1

Reasonable weight, guaranteed durability .. second purchase.
It is suitable for use with xsr900.
The price is a little expensive, but it is satisfactory.
It would have been very satisfying if you sold it a little cheaper.

DAYTONA Drain Bolt Gasket

Regular time to change motor oil in my Suzuki VanVan was coming. I used this Daytona drain washer and it works fine - have no leaks at all. Good price and useful. Highly recommended.

SUZUKI Chắn gió SUZUKI cho SUZUKI GSR250 (GW250, I...

Excelente producto, calidad del material, con su manual de instalación y todos sus componente!!!
Estos accesorios tendrían que estar incorporados a la moto cuando uno hace la adquisición.
Excellent product, quality of the material, with its installation manual and all its components !!!
These acc...

ZETA Thanh kết thúc / Universal L

OEM's Bar End dropped twice, so I thought this time as Other Brand Product and encountered this product as I looked at this site.There were places where other Manufacturer 's things were also attracted, but since they seem to be light, I'd like to have a heavier feeling here. I put it in...

AGRAS Điều chỉnh ban đầu

I bought it at the Sale price, but the original price is too highI wanted it to be sold separately.(Because we used Thrust bearing, because we used our own color)I am satisfied with the function as Initial AdjusterThe adjustment width of Adjuster is 15 mm or more and it is enoughI wish it was a shap...

BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX BT39 [140 / 70-17 66H] Lốp

I have never used Radial (Lol)Also, because I have not run Circuit,It's enough high grip (Haha for me)I put it in the time of GW, fairly in the middle has decreased, so NEWTire is Order.Also, since I decided to organize myself from now on, Compressoretc at AstroPRO Daktsu. Also order (Lol)Bias S...

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