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Tất cả điều kiện
1,613 Đánh giá Xem dạng:
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI Estrea / RS Custom / W400 / 650 / 250TR / Eliminator 250V / Barrios / Zephyr 400 / Χ / Zephyr 750 RS / Zephyr 1100 RS / ZR-7 / ER-5 / ZRX400 / ZRX1100 / ZRX1200R
    • SUZUKI Bang bang 200 / Grass tracker / Big Boy / Vorty / ST250E / Banded 250 / Bandit 400 Inazuma 400 / Bandit 1200 / Goose 250 / Goose 350 / SV400 / GSX400 Impulse / Inazuma 1200 / GSX1100S / Katana / Desperado / 250SB Universal
    • YAMAHA SRV250 / Renaissa / SDR200 / SR400 / TW200 / TW225 / R1-Z / SRX400 / XJR400R / XJR400S / XJR400 / XJR1200 / XJR1300 / V-MAX Drag Star 400 / Dragster Classic 400
    • HONDA NS-1 / GB 250 Clubman / JADE / Hornet / VTR250 / CB400SS / CL400 / CB400SF / CB750 / Hornet 600 / 900CB1300SF / CB1000SF / X11 / X4 / Magna 250 / Steed 400 / Shadow 400
    đăng Aug 17, 2017Cheap and Small LED Blinker
    It's cheap anyway. Quality is also expensive.But it's so good!What really got interested when it arrived- Wiring is slender- Bullet Terminal Male is attached, but Size is SmallIs not it such p...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI KLX250R (For competition) 93-12
    • SUZUKI KLX250SR 96
    • YAMAHA KLX300R 98-14
    • HONDA D Tracker 99-13
    • D-TRACKER-X 89-90
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 17, 2017It was useless with SKF
    High-performance suspension Oil seal's synonym is SKF, but the suspension has leaked Oil so I tried replacing it with a trial.As a result, even if it is SKF, it has leaked out."Plating if it ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI ER-6n (06-14) 【Model】 ER 650 - A 6
    • HONDA 8 * ZR 250 - A1 to 6 / B1 to 5
    • YAMAHA 9 * From ZX400-K1 to 3 / N1 to 7
    • SUZUKI VZ750TWIN (85-87) 【Model】 VN750A1-3 *ZR400-E / F4 to 10
    • Balkan 1500 / Classic / Tourer / drifter (96-99) 【Model】 VN1500-A etc *ZR400-E / F1 to 3
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    When Drain bolt is removed (It is time to exchange Oil) I always try to replace it. Oil It seems that it plays a solid role because there is not always evidence of leakage or bleeding. Because it is c...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • Others GPZ900R Universal
    • 【Model year】 -80
    • ZRX400
    • GPZ750R NINJA
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 15, 2017very good
    Because of the Showa 59 ceremony, even if Reflector burned and changed to HID, the light intensity fell into the vehicle inspection, so it was fitted together with the LED Bulb of the same Ray Brick. ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • BMW MULTISTRADA 1100 (RC45)
    • bimota K1200ST (Water cooling)
    • YAMAHA R100RS
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    We are using Blue Sky parking, covering HORNET 250. In terms of Size this is the best to have a little margin.Previously I was using Yamaha's Cover. I bought this product because it started to get...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • APRILIA RSV4 R APRC ABS 14 For front use
    • HONDA VFR 1200F dual clutch transmission 10-12|15 For front use
    • KTM 690DUKE [Duke] 16 For front use
    • KAWASAKI ZRX1200R 01|03-08 For front use
    • YAMAHA XJR1300C 15 For front use
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 13, 2017I think it's good
    I thought that I could use it before, so I did it this time as wellThe price is also cheap and I think that Cost performance is also a very nice one. I think that the pass and so on can be attacked to...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI ZZR1400(06)
    • HONDA CBR1100XX(97-98)
    • SUZUKI CBR1000F(93-00)
    • YAMAHA CBR1000F(89-92)
    • VFR800(98-00)
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 5, 2017Very good
    Four months have passed since I installed it, but nice items are still nice ヽ (^o^) Radical 4It looks better than OEM Product GOOD !!It is dish of Recommendation!<a href="http : / / www. webik...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI ZRX400 05-08
    • ZRX1200R 01-08
    • ZRX1100 97-00
    đăng Aug 4, 2017Not at all
    - The shape does not match at all.- The hole position does not match.- Although it is possible to forcibly install it, the position does not match, arrive distorted, if you tighten Screw to force it w...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA YZX750 【Genuine links】 108
    • TRIUMPH YZF-R7 99- 【Genuine links】 118
    • SUZUKI YZF-R1 98-03 【Genuine links】 114
    • KAWASAKI YZF-R1 09-14 【Genuine links】 120
    • HONDA YZF-R1 (RACE BASE) 06-08 【Genuine links】 116
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 4, 2017No problem with Screw joint
    When installing, select Screw jointType for the reason that Special Tools is unnecessary. If you work according to instructions you can do it without problems. When opening the product, a strong Greas...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • DUCATI 750F1 85-86 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 98
    • CAGIVA MHR900 81 Displacement : 864cc Genuine links : 100
    • HONDA 750 Elephant 93-97 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 108
    • KAWASAKI ELEFANT900 -97 IE displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 110
    • SUZUKI V-RAPTOR1000 [Laputol] -97 Displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 108
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Aug 4, 2017Highest peak
    I think Chain is.The previous Chain used RK, but it feels lighter than that.There is no difference in the Large difference between feeling held by hand, so there is not much difference in actual weigh...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI ZRX1200R 01|03-08 For rear use
    • HONDA ZZR1100/ZX-11 93 For rear use
    • MV AGUSTA ZX-9R 94|98 For rear use
    • TRIUMPH CB1300 SF 03-10|12|14-16 For rear use
    • YAMAHA ZXR750 93-94 For rear use
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    We are wearing the wheel of CBR 900 RR to Rear of VF 750 F. Especially when you are driving in Touring you will only be in the middle when running on a highway! It is a waste for fast touring!Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • BMW S1000XR 16-17 for Front
    • DUCATI 749 03|06
    • APRILIA MONSTER1000 03-04
    • MV AGUSTA SMR250 01
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Until now, I have used the high grip of Mezzler, Pirelli. It was my impression that I tried using domestically produced Manufacturer for the first time this time, but first I felt the ride was rugged....Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • BMW K1200R 05-07 for Rear
    • DUCATI HP2 Megamoto 07|09
    • TRIUMPH Multistrada 1100/S 06-07|09
    • SUZUKI HYPERMOTARD1100/S 07-09
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Because it is a used car, I was worried that I was wearing the same Michelin, so I exchanged a car inspection for aircraft.I think that it is extremely normal Condition if it is the heat of this time,...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • APRILIA MANA 850/GT 08-15 【M5 base (90140) + monorail fitting 732FZ (67745)】
    • BMW SHIVER 750/ABS 10-15 【M7 base (91332) + monorail fitting 732 FZ (67745)】
    • DUCATI SRV850 12-16 【M5 base (90140)】
    • HONDA C650 Sports 16 【M7 base (91332)】
    • KAWASAKI F650GS / Dakar 00 / 8-03 【M5 base (90140) + special rack SR 6708 (91708)】
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jul 31, 2017Just right for Size.
    Used as Pannier case. Because it is a Monokey case it also becomes a Top case.The texture is good, but the place I touched sweaty is somewhat suspicious - - -Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • NINJA H2 15-
    • ZX-14R 12-15
    • ZZR1400 (ZX-14) 06-11
    • 1400GTR 08-15
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jul 30, 2017Good! No problem.
    In order to install Babyface's Engine slider, it is very troublesome to remove Under Cowl every time Oil is replaced and to remove Slider, so purchase decision. This conical shape does not interfe...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI GPZ900R 90/91/92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99/00/01/02/03 Domestic / Overseas mounting position : double
    • ZZ-R1100 90/91/92 Mounting position : double
    • ZRX1200 R/S 01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08 Mounting position : right
    • ZRX1100 /? 97/98/99/00
    • ZEPHYR1100 /RS 92/93/94/95/96/97/98/99/00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jul 30, 2017Sounds good~
    I bought it with Brembo caliper.I am satisfied with the compatibility well! I was worried with other Manufacturer but after all SUNSTAR is good COSPA ^ _ ^Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • DUCATI R nineT Pure 17
    • HONDA R nineT Racer 17
    • KAWASAKI SCRAMBLER Limited Edition/Italia Independent 16
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    I like the Dunlop's Road sports and it is an exchange since I wear three pieces.I tried to change the mood a little from the Road sports I just bought a TS 100.Although there is no lightness of de...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI GPZ1100 ABS 95-99 (E / F) 【Compliant Position : ALL】
    • GPZ1100 95-99 (E / F) 【Compliant Position : ALL】
    • 1400GTR 08-09 [Compliant position : ALL】
    • ER-4n 11-13 (B) [Compliant position : ALL】
    • Ninja 250 SL 15 BX250A
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jul 27, 2017As expected!
    Since I do not like the Oos Position, I introduced the Back step, but when I travel a long distance, it is a heavy burden and I exchange it with Multi Footpeg. I got the best position for me. To older...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • DUCATI HYPERMOTARD1100EVO [Hyper Motard] 11 For rear use
    • TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE 85 [Street Triple 85] 13|15 For rear use
    • APRILIA SHIVER 750 [Shiver] |15 For rear use
    • HONDA TIGER SPORT [Tiger Sports] 13 For rear use
    • YAMAHA Gold Wing F6C 15 For rear use
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    First of all from the conclusion "Tire that does not diminish feeling bad" is.Rear tire holds 20,000 kilometers. Front also 1. We have 50,000 km at Limit.Because it will not decrease Do not ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • SUZUKI TL1000S (97. 2-98. 11) VT 51 A Required number : Two
    • YAMAHA GSF750 (96. 1-) GR 7EA required number : 4
    • Vespa FZ6R (Reverse Import) (09-) Required number : 4
    • KAWASAKI RF900RR (94. 3-) GT 73 E required number : 4
    • VERTEMATI FZ6-S phasor / -N (04-) Required number : 4
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Other manufacturers also have Windshield IRIDIUM,Because NGK's price is also cheap and quality is stable, I always use this.It is rusty for every consumable item and it is instant exchange as soon...Đọc thêm
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