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Xếp hạng 2 xe được xem nhiều nhất trên 78 xethuộc KAWASAKI 126cc-250cc
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Estreya debuted in 1992.Cabuton muffler, saddle type seat and spoke wheel are adopted as air-cooled single engine. It has become popular as a "neo-classic model" with a nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of the former British car and the prototype of Kawasaki now.Fuurmodel change was carried out in 2007, and the fuel supply system was changed from the carburetor to the FI system to the present. Although the brake system is drums and disks according to the year, changes are seen in the seat shape etc, but it is a rare model that has been living forever for almost 25 years since birth. The engine features an upright cylinder with 249 cc air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder SOHC 2 valve.Although the appearance is classical, FI system is adopted as the intake system. Information such as intake air temperature, throttle position, intake pressure, vehicle speed, crankshaft angle, etc. are picked up by a sensor and analyzed, realizing stable power in various situations mainly in low and medium speed torque.
Dung tích 249 Loại động cơ Air-cooled/4-stroke/Single Cylinder/SOHC/2 Valve
Công suất cực đại (ps) 18PS(13.0 kw)/7500rpm Mômen xoắn cực đại (kgf/m) 1.8kg・m(18N・m)/5500rpm
Trọng lượng thô của xe - Dung tích bình chứa nhiên liệu lít 13

Vesrah Lọc dầu

I use it for ESTRELLAFinalIs it the real pleasure of riding a motorcycle to exchange Oil yourself?When exchanging, the existing Filter contains a stick of Gold genusWe will also use it for the next Filter so do not throw it away even if you make a mistakeIt is a conforming product, so there is no pr...

NGK Cáp Iridium DR8EIX 4816

Idling of SEROW 225 is a little unstable so buy it for trialAs a result, it has become Idling properlyI did not feel acceleration or Power up but I am very happySince it is not so high for single cylinder EngineWe recommend that you try installing it on a trial

World Walk Điều chỉnh SF Mirror Style

Sorry it is cool but the texture is good, but the movable range is narrow.I knew and bought it. Even if it looks hot, it is good.Handlebar is definitely not recommended for low Motorcycle.

DAYTONA Bìa đen 2 tiêu chuẩn

Since I used to use it before, I was satisfied with the cost, so I replaced it with a new one as a result of transferring Motorcycle.But when I use it, the white dirt spotted on Motorcycle the next day after rain. Apparently water sticks to the back of the fabric so that something stains and it is a...

Vesrah Lọc dầu

Keep quality and performance, Cospa best.Buy it and change it for every Oil exchange!I only have it once in two times.

GOODS OEMFlange / Gioăng bộ

Flange distorted Exchanging the Exhaust pipe became difficult and replaced with this product.There was no problem with mounting precision.It is recommended because it is also Accent of One point because the color is Black.

BRISK RiskZC / ZSPlug [BR 14 ZC]

Improvement of startability, improvement of Throttle response, and elongation from medium to high speed became very smooth. It is more expensive than other companies' products, but I think that it's worth using. I think engine sound and exhaust sound has changed since idling. Especially Big ...

Hirayama Industry F-1 Bọc xe đạp chống cháy

Usability is normal and fixing method is also not easy to use Belt through the Motorcycle, but durability is totally bad and direct sunlight is not hit Apartment's roofed bicycle park is not hit On the inside WaterproofCoating It peels off and it gets rumbled ...Coating peeled residue gets stuck...

BRISK RiskZC / ZSPlug [BR 14 ZC]

I used BOR 12 LGS of RISK so far, but I tried to change it to BR 14 ZC this time.Torque is thick in LGS, but ZC is still going up to the low speed Torque further, the vibration of the Engine is also reduced to LGS or more.Anyway, it turned into Smooth, Torque fully engine.This is Recommendation.

KEIO PARTS Blue Meter BK2 với chức năng Trip Meter...

Firstly, the attached Wiring color drawing and the color out of the body are different.The number of Wiring with FIXG 250 TRICKER was originally different, so it was hard to connect.For the time being, I tried externally attaching Indicator light but it was somewhat vulgar and visibility was not so ...

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