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Cung cấp bởi Motor Magazine Ltd.
Xếp hạng 1 xe được xem nhiều nhất trên 130 xethuộc HONDA 126cc-250cc
Thương hiệu tốt nhất
Sản phẩm tốt nhất
Sản phẩm tốt nhất
Water-cooled, 4-stroke, OHC, single cylinder engine "eSP" which is superior in durability and quietness, fuel economy performance, to the stylish and high-class appearance which adopted LED for all lighting equipment such as headlights and taillights, Equipped with. In addition to setting clipper yellow of active impression with vivid coloring, set candy rosie red (two tone), poseidon black metallic (two tone) which applied two-tone body color that makes PCX better quality more prominent did. Two-tone body color is made more silverware by making the lower cover silver, besides applying a stripe with dynamic feeling to the body cover and two tone (black x gray) which treated red stitch Adopt seat. In addition, we arranged red on each part such as front brake caliper, rear suspension spring, front part Honda logo sticker, and are producing a sporty image.
Dung tích 152 Loại động cơ KF18E/Water-cooled/4-stroke/Single Cylinder/OHC
Công suất cực đại (ps) 14ps(10kw)/8500rpm Mômen xoắn cực đại (kgf/m) 1.4kg・m(14N・m)/5000rpm
Trọng lượng thô của xe 121(概算値) Dung tích bình chứa nhiên liệu lít 8

DAYTONA Khay bản đồ giấy trượt

Put this item to cut the Rear Fender of Address and angle it to a near vertical number.Is it because the vibration is Large in Single? Another Fender Eliminator is a strong Type that also fixes SIDE and more than double the price. Is that necessary?Certainly, when running after installing, the numbe...

DAYTONA Vành đai tăng cường V

We attached Belt of PCX 150 to TIGRA 125◆ Issues and Prospects? In TIGRA I would like to manage CVTBelt's early damage when it is easier to output the largest Large output by rearranging Pulley etc. which governs the shift characteristic - - - -Compared to TIGRA OEMBelt, long life is aimed by in...

NGK Cáp Iridium CPR7EAIX-9 4848

Engine startability, fuel efficiency, Torque can be expected to improve, so we can not return to OEM anymoreBecause I am exchanging between 3000 and 5000 km, I exchange 9000 km / year, so I exchange 3 times a year. As 1 pc 1500 yen4500 yen A little, Cost it takes but I am satisfied


Idling's expiration has improved. I felt like running Torque had gone up again. Even though I made Downshift a little rough, my running in the city became a little easier. As for installing, since I was watching the Video of Site beforehand, it was completed in a blink of an eye. Aside from that...

IRC SCT001 [100 / 90-14 M / C 51P TL] Lốp

SS-560 was also selected and was a mistake-free product. This time it seems that unifying the Brand makes it easy to understand the character of Tire.It is perfect for using with STREET.Compared to SS-560, there is a little sense of mochi.It seems that we are considering ride comfort.This Size is ma...

DAYTONA Bộ chớp đèn blinker

I bought it because it was the cheapest in this type of product ...Press Valve to twist and setWipe the ball with Beauty DustclothWith only this action I got almost Platingwhy?China

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Bộ phận bảo v...

非常完美的水箱盖,就是有些贵,如果价格可以在两百元人民币左右那就最好了,非常精致,我希望webike网站可以多一些pcx150新款的配件那就更好了。Perfect the tank cover, is a bit expensive, if the price can be in two hundred yuan or so that is the best, very delicate, I would like to have more pcx150 webike site on the new parts so much the better.

DAYTONA Drain Bolt Gasket

When Drain bolt is removed (It is time to exchange Oil) I always try to replace it. Oil It seems that it plays a solid role because there is not always evidence of leakage or bleeding. Because it is cheap Parts, let's exchange it all the time!

NGK Cáp Iridium CPR7EAIX-9 4848

Because Plug is a consumable item, it is Sale, so purchase. Planned for replacement at plug replacement. If you exchange for overseas Plug of OEM, select Japan quality plug which is easy to obtain. Let's do it with Torque if you do not want to destroy the Plug screw mountain on the Engine side. ...

ENDURANCE Bộ lọc không khí hi-POWER

I bought it to solve the shortage of air at high speed.Although it is proven with old PCX 150 to solve by attaching Power FilterI bought this product because of a pain..I was wondering if there was more air volume than OEM, I could not feel it.Clearance is Limit when you turn on this product.

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