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Tất cả điều kiện
2,302 Đánh giá Xem dạng:
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SF 14-
    • CB400SB
    It was installed in CB 400 SF in 2016. Because it was not cheap Motorcycle's haiku because it did not have a Helmet holder, it is purchased in Aftermarket parts but it seems like it is quite expen...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA X499 [SC 38 - 1200001 and after] Front double disc car / front : 2 sets used
    • X498 【SC 38-1100001 and after】 front : 1 set use
    • X497 【SC 38-1000001 and after】
    • X400 【From SC 38-1210001 onwards】
    • X4 <2C38> 00
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Golden Pad is backed by many Riders.I use it with Ritter OverMachine both in this model, but I am not dissatisfied with fee Ring and braking performance.However, I think that it is impossible for othe...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SF 08- H-V REVO
    đăng Jun 11, 2017It looks good.
    I knew that the Engine Guard made of iron is more durable but I bought it with emphasis on appearance. Jack-up and install Engine part by yourself. I recently heard it when I visited, but it seems tha...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SB 05-13 NC39 NC42
    • DUCATI CB1300SB/ST 05-13 SC54 Universal 12V
    • SUZUKI Monster S2R 05-07
    • KAWASAKI GSR250 12-16 GJ55D
    • Others Zephyr 750 / RS 91-07 ZR750C
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 11, 2017bright!
    Halogen's Yellow Unlike the sexy color, I feel Motorcycle has become new with Refreshing White. It is bright enough to worry that oncoming vehicles are not dazzling.As the number of Couplers incre...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KAWASAKI REBEL (MF06) (MF08)(MF10)
    • SUZUKI KSR110 ZX
    • YAMAHA CB400SS (4HC)
    • XL230 SR
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 8, 2017oh dear
    Well it's probably because it's a product of Maid Inch Yina - - - It's a price item. It looks like an eye d. The detail making is somewhat - - - that's all.Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CL400
    • YAMAHA KDX220 SR
    • KDX200 SR
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 7, 2017Low price
    I purchased it by exchange from OEM. Bolt diameter of installation is also exactly good, Wiring's Length does not matter, Size likes it with Compact. And Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. This time Quanti...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • KTM 250DUKE [Duke] 15-16 For front use
    • HYOSUNG GT125 Displacement : 125 cc front
    • MZ 125SM   Displacement : 125cc Front
    • KAWASAKI Ninja 250 ABS 13|15 For front use
    • HONDA CBR300R 14 For front use
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 7, 2017I am looking forward to it.
    I purchased and installed RX - 01 before. It was very comfortable to use in town riding, touring. Recently I got a lot of opportunities to go to Touring with a lot of wadding so I was concerned about ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA XR400Motard [ND08] 2008 【Frame No. 】 ND 08 - 1200001 or later 【Usage place】 front : 1 set use * Remove insulation board and shim and mount
    • SUZUKI XR400Motard [ND08] 2005 【Frame No. 】 ND08-1000001 to 1099999 【Usage place】 front : 1 set use
    • YAMAHA RF400 [GK78A] 1996 【Frame No. 】 GK78A-106628 or later ■ Front double disk car (front : 2 sets used)
    • IMPULSE (Impulse) [GSX400] 1995 【Frame No. 】 GK79A-109492 or later ■ Front double disk car (front : 2 sets used)
    • RF400 [GK78A] 1998 【Frame No. 】 GK 78 A - 108722 or later ■ Front double disk car (front : 2 sets used)
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 6, 2017easy to handle
    I used GoldenPad for SRX before, but this time, I was dissatisfied with the performance of NORMALPad on Free Way and exchanged it. Because NORMAL is a Scooter on the descending pass, emblem can not be...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CBR600RR [PC37] 2003 【Frame No. 】 PC 37-1000001 to 1099999 ■ Rear : 1 set use
    • YAMAHA YZF-R1 2004 ■ Rear : 1 set use
    • KAWASAKI XJ6SA 2011
    • SUZUKI XJ6S 2011 【Frame No. 】 RN 46J-
    • XSR900 2016 ■ Rear : 1 set use * Frame NO. JYARJ19M000000818 or later
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 5, 2017Is it as effective as OEM
    Red Ku stands out Cool.Was the effect a little better?I wonder if I should have made it more effective.Brake dust is a little.Crying has not come out.Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA VFR250
    • VTR250 99-00
    • CBR250R 80-83
    • JADE 92-98
    • NS250 97-99
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Removing Cowl, removing Wheel, removing Front fork, and removing Stem, how Bearing did not match.I'm sorry.Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB1300SB
    • YAMAHA CB400SF
    • Others GROM [Grom] JC61-1000001-1299999
    • CB400SB
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 4, 2017Separate handle quickly
    Excellent which can be made into Separate handle without removing Top Bridge. It is 10-16 conformity with ManufacturerHP, but as for inquiries 17 years MODEL is also OK.Without exchanging wires, Handl...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB1300SF 03-07、CB1300SF -02、CB1300 SUPER BOLDOR 06-07、CB1100 10-14、CB750(RC42)、CB400SF 08-15 Revo、CB400Super BOLDOR 08-15 Revo、CB400SF VTEC 99-07(SPEC1-SPEC3)
    • YAMAHA XJR1300 03-06、XJR1300 -02、XJR1200、FZR1000 89-95(3GM)
    • SUZUKI GS 1200 SS
    • KAWASAKI BANDIT 1200 S - 05
    • BANDIT 1200 S 06
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 2, 2017It is safe to have it
    Since OHLINS Front fork was installed, it was installed at the same time.The meaning as a decoration is stronger.I wish I could bake with Color a little more with Color.Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CBR600RR04 【PC 37-1100001 to 1199999】 Front double disc car / front : 2 sets used
    • CB400SF SB ABS14 【NC 42-1600001 and after】
    • CBR600F99 【From PC 35-1000001 onwards】
    • CBR900RR98 【SC33A * WM200014 onwards】
    • CB400SF SB SE13 【NC 42-1500001 and after】
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    It is an exchange from Redpad made by the company ... but this person likes Touch Fee Ring and braking power personally individually!I think that the price is cheap also attractive!I also want to purc...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA V-TWINMAGNA [V twin Magna]
    • FTR250 -04
    • STEED600 [Steed] 03-
    • STEED400 [Steed]
    • MAGNA750 [Magna]
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng Jun 1, 2017It got better.
    It is often based on Black, I found this item and bought it quickly. But if you do not make Nut size the same as OEM, you will have to buy a SocketĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SF Revo 08-
    đăng May 29, 2017so cool!
    It was quite Large strange to install. Put a lot of strength and align the holes and tighten Screw Large is durable. Tighten the Screw lightly one by one and finally tighten it. I need hang! LolĐọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • YAMAHA XT 660 X SM 04- Used place : Front required number : 1
    • MOTOGUZZI V7 750 08-12 Used place : Front required number : 2
    • DUCATI California 1100 All models 03- Using Position: Front
    • HUSQVARNA 1100 Multistrada/S 07-
    • KTM 1200 Multistrada/S 10-
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    đăng May 29, 2017Be careful when you are cold
    I use it on the combination of SUNSTAR rotor and RadialBrembo caliper for ZX9R. I used bremboOEM before this Pad so I would like to try imprinting as a comparison with it.Although it is the characteri...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA 2003-2012 CB400SF REVO
    đăng May 28, 2017Makeover
    It will certainly be lighter compared to OEM. I can not tell you the difference, but I definitely upgraded the lightness for seeing. Installation was installed with OEM Bolt. Instruction Manual is a c...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA JADE25091 【MC23-1000001 and after】
    • YAMAHA Hornet25097 【MC31-1100001 to 1149999】
    • GROM13 【JC61-1000001 to 1099999】
    • FTR22305 【MD 34-1400001 to 1499999】
    • FTR22300 【MD34-1000001 to 1099999】
    • ...và hơn thế nữa.
    Purchase to attach portable Holder and USB power supply to ZX-6R '13.I fastened the Fuel Tank to the fixed Bolt and fastened it together. In the case of Bracket's Length and Mounting Position,...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB400SB 14
    • CB400SF Revo 08-13
    • CB400SB [Super Bordeaux] Revo 08-13
    • CB400SF
    đăng May 27, 2017I finally got it!
    It is a change from Slip-on Silencer of MORIWAKI.It is my favorite Brand, but anything high - - - Even in OakontoThere were a lot of people to compete and it was quite expensive so I could not get it ...Đọc thêm
  • MỚI
    Phù hợp:
    • HONDA CB 400 SF
    • CB 400 SB [Super Bordeaux] / Revo
    đăng May 27, 2017Rear Sets
    I am wearing Red.Installation is relatively easy, there is no dissatisfaction at all, but about 2 months or so, only the change side hit the sun has fallen color only.Perhaps I am bad, but I think tha...Đọc thêm
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