6,438,765.6VND (31,320 JPY)
5,802,906.66~VND (28,227 JPY) (10% OFF)
4.2 (15 Đánh giá )
6,438,765.6VND (31,320JPY)
5,802,906.66~VND (28,227JPY)
(10% OFF)
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  • BMW  S1000RR  15-
4.2  (15  Đánh giá )
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magical trim screen
đăng  Mar 12, 2017
this product very awesome and
Although the price was expensive, I bought it by being drawn by other looks.
Carbon and Super coat are so conspicuous that they are satisfactory to the eye.
However, Super coat part is considerably brittle, and it will scratch immediately.
Because there is a Carbon part, visibility in the screen is quite bad though it is natural.
It took a long time to deliver the product, the delivery schedule was stretched twice and it took 1 month from the order.Although a difficulty is comparatively high-priced compared with the Screen of. thank you
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