X-14 MARQUEZ4 Helmet

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Mô tả
Color: TC-1 Red/Black
Helmet for Motorcycle
Born from Racing

SHOEI's RACINGFull face, which has been trained with the highest peak Road race represented by MotoGP "X-Series".

With a high level of safety, we introduce state-of-the-art know-how obtained from Top category's RaceSupport without any limitation, Shell, Shield, interior decoration, AeroDevice, renewing them all.
RACINGFull face for winning in Race, exactly in the form of REAL RACING SPEC, "X-Fourteen" , Marc Marquez player 2016 SeasonSpec. Graphic model "MARQUEZ 4" (Marquez 4) Newly Lineup.

Construction : AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
Plus high performance organic fiber with high elastic performance based on composite laminated structure of tough Glass fiber and organic fiber made into three dimensional shape Plus, a high performance Shell structure excellent in rigid elasticity despite light weight.
standard : SNELL / JIS / MFJ official recognition
Included Parts : : Breath Guard J, Chin Curtain D, Lower Air Spoiler, CWR - F PINLOCKR © lens, Silicone oil, Sticker for Shield (No. 11 Sticker) exclusive use cloth bag

Main features of X-Fourteen


Science the Racing position
Improve aerodynamic performance at high speed

X - Fourteen, which emphasizes Circuit use, sets the Riding position at which the Rider strongly advances to BasePosition.
In that Position Helmet We scientifically analyzed the wind tunnel experiment with the running wind flowing from the forehead to the back of the head and to the back of the Racing suit, and completed the design of Shell.
Rear stabilizer and Lower air Spoiler equipped with interchangeable RearFlap according to Edge & Shape, Condition on the surface of Shell have optimized to increase aerodynamic characteristics.
As a result, in comparison with the wind tunnel experiment, Lift : -3%, Drag : -10%, Yaw Ing : We achieved a value of -50% (Internal reference value).
The aerodynamic performance improved to the Large width also contributes to Large for reducing Rider's fatigue.


■Shield system■

Correspond to attachment of Tear-off Film
Adopt quadratic surface CWR-FShield

X-Fourteen has a newly developed quadric surface Shield "CWR-F" Newly adopted.
CWR-FShield made by Polycarbonate which thoroughly improved optical characteristics by optimizing subtle curvature and thickness according to part secures natural and clear view and improves shield rigidity and is suitable for Shield Eliminate deflection and kink of.
Easily secure attachment and detachment with Combination with QR - EShield base, and secured high airtightness with variable shaft Double action mechanism.



Preventing shields from cloudy at low temperatures or during rainfall is an essential condition for comfortable riding.

X-Fourteen prevents fogging of the shield PINLOCKR EVO lens to Standard Equipment.
Cover almost all of the field of vision, PINLOCKR © EVO lens keeps cloudy and ensures comfortable visibility in every Condition.


■ Interior ■

Corresponding to the Racing position
Adjust "wearing angle" of interior

Upright riding posture NAKED and upper body tilting forward SUPER SPORTS 750 / In the Racing machine, the angle at which the Helmet naturally lies is different.
Focusing on this point, in X-Fourteen it is possible to adjust the covering angle of the interior in two stages according to the riding position.
By changing the mounting position of the Cheek Pad and the center pad, even in the Racing position where the covering angle rotates about 4 degrees forward with respect to the standard position, as a result, the upper view can not be obtained as a result, it is effective in securing sufficient front visibility Demonstrate.
The field of view that allows you to look over the way to the exit of Corner when you are knocking down Machine with a deep lean Angle creates Large Merit for every Rider.


内装1503By exchanging dividable Pad
Offering outstanding Fit feeling to every Rider

X - Fourteen adopted a new interior system that can be replaced independently, with the center pad, which is the essential part of comfort to wear, divided into six. With this system, the pads of the forehead, occipital region, temporal part, crown part and neck part are made by changing the pad thickness according to the shape of the rider's head (option) , It has become possible to further enhance the fit. In addition, the material of the interior surface has gained popularity in the past, "HYGRAR" excellent in hygroscopic quick drying property and adopts a nice raised material with a nice touch in the hybrid. The cheek pad has E to facilitate removal of an emergency helmet. Q. R. S. Equipped with.


■Emergency Quick Release System E. Q. R. S. (Emergency Quick Release System) ■

Emergency Helmet removal system in case of emergency accident

In the unlikely event that an Accident has occurred, it is more difficult for a third party to perform a rescue operation to remove Helmet from Rider.
Not only shock absorbing performance and comfort but also supporting such relief work in emergency is one of Helmet's Large Off function.
E developed by SHOEI. Q. R. S. (Emergency Quick Release System) It is easy to pull the exclusive Ribbon, it is possible to easily remove the Helmet while keeping the burden on the neck with possibility of injury the smallest limit.

* Usually, when removing Cheek Pad for the purpose of Maintenance etc. E. Q. R. S. Please do not use.

■Ventilation system■

Actively guide the running wind to the inside to efficiently discharge heat and moisture,
Ventilation that can feel the wind

X-Fourteen's Ventilation system is equipped with Air Intake in two places, Front and Upper, in order to demonstrate sufficient effect even in a strong forward-looking posture.
Using the negative pressure efficiently from the Outlet hole in the Top and Rear stabilizer to exhaust hot air.

Furthermore, in X-Fourteen, LowerAir Intake installed at the bottom of the Shield was separated into two lines and a new Air Route was created.
As in the past, the upper Intake has Defferential Gear Ro Star function that guides the running wind to the inner surface of the Shield, and the lower Intake arranges the Air Route to the Cheek Pad where heat and moisture are likely to be trapped, leading the running wind.



Size setting of X-Fourteen is to provide 6size up to XS-XXL with a combination of Shell of 4 Size and shock absorbing Liner of 5 Size in order to provide the best feeling for every Rider.

Shell of AIM + structure composed of laminated strong glass fiber and organic fiber can afford clear safety.
In addition to the JIS standard, it also conforms to the latest SNELL standard.

Introduction video of X - 14 is here ↓ ↓

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